Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elliptical was OK

This morning I did 45 min on the elliptical, and it was all right! My knee was a little sore, but not any more or any less sore than before I did it. It felt SO good to get some cardio activity in. I really need it now that I do it all the time. Keeps my energy level up and helps me feel good. Funny how different that is from how I used to be! :)


In other news, if you are local we need your help. The Today Show said it will fly Loren to NYC with me! That is wonderful, but it means we need some people to watch the kids, house, and dogs while we are gone. We need help on February 9th-11th, so if you would be willing to do 24, 48, or 72 hours (with pay!!!) please e-mail me or call me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big news!

I'm going to be on the TODAY show! That's right, on February 11th I'm going to be featured on the Joy Fit Club, whose members have lost at least 100 lbs. The segment runs during the 4th hour of the show.

I don't watch much TV, but back in September I was canning pears from our tree and watching the noon news. At 1 pm, the TODAY show came on, and I left the TV on for some background entertainment while I was canning, since the kids were napping. They featured a woman who had lost 100+ lbs, and announced that others who had lost weight should go to the web site and apply to be on the show. So I wrote a 100-word essay about losing the weight, submitted a few pictures, and promptly forgot all about it.

In November, they called me and had me FedEx some old clothes and before and after pictures to them. I sent them, and thought they were going to use my story then. But they didn't, and I figured maybe they weren't going to. Until today... when I got another phone call, and they said they had chosen me for the show to air on February 11th. I'm going to do an interview next week here in SLC, and then on February 10th they will fly me to New York for the show on the 11th! It's so exciting!

I'm hoping I'll get to say at least a little bit about racewalking :)!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


No workout today; resting the knee. Tried to sleep in this morning (well, until 6:45) but woke at 6:12 and couldn't get back to sleep. Oh well. I am resting the knee today... as much as work will allow. The drive in was simply horrible. What was with the snowplows yesterday? I mean, we didn't get THAT much snow, and the roads are still terrible this morning. Then the sidewalks were horrible here at the U, and my 0.5 mile walk from car to lab was NOT fun. I was slipping and sliding all over, and by the time I got in here, yup, you guessed it, my knee was hurting again. Not as bad as yesterday, but darn it, it was doing better until then.

Sorry if I'm sounding like a griping broken record. I guess I'm just fed up with life this week. I am going to try to have a better attitude today, because even though I don't feel like it, I know it will help.

On the bright side, I started reading Sara's YA novel "Sweethearts", and it's excellent. I'm only about halfway through, but it's really hard to put down. I was up a bit too late reading it, I must confess. I really identify with the main character in the story, as she has lost weight yet is struggling with old eating habits when new stresses come into her life. That's me, especially this week with the knee thing going on. I rely on my activity points to be able to eat enough to not feel deprived, and I'm really scared about what might happen when I don't have them. So far this week it's been a struggle. I'm staying within my points, but it's not easy. Anyway, like Jenna/Jennifer in "Sweethearts", I am wondering who I really am - the old me or the new me? I know I've changed a lot, but I still struggle with the food issues and probably always will. One thing I know for sure: I do not want to go back to who I was before. I was miserable, and the new me knows that it's worth it to put forth the effort to stay thin. Besides, my knee will get better soon hopefully in a week or two) and then I can get back to exercising. See, that's the new me talking - I want to exercise! Definite evidence of change, for which I'm really grateful.

Thanks, Sara, for your book.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Tried 15 min on the recumbent bike this morning, and by the end, my knee hurt. It was OK to start, and even though I tried to push harder w/my other leg, it was not enough.

Then I went to weight training class. I did arms, chest, back, and calf raises (straight knee is fine - no pain). So far so good. Then we did abs, and did crunches on the ball. Big mistake. You use your legs to stabilize - did not realize how much until I tweaked my knee again.

It's not any better after walking 0.5 mile from the parking lot to where I work. I've been trying to sit, though with my job, that can be hard. I do need to be up and down a lot. However, sitting seems to make it worse in some ways. Regardless, it's feeling pretty awful right now and I sure as heck wish I had my heating pad (that helped a lot yesterday).

To top it off, we're getting a huge snowstorm right now that's going to make the evening commute a total nightmare.

Oh, and I think I lost my DNA pellet again. I'm making fragment for in vitro transcription and for some reason the DNA is not precipitating well. I probably need to do more PCR reactions so I have more to start with. It's not a good day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Darn it. I felt totally FINE on my walk yesterday, and fine afterwards. Last night, however, walking around the outdoor mall w/Loren, I had pretty severe pain in my right knee. I have NO idea how I did it, other than that I felt a slight twinge in it Friday morning doing one particular exercise in weight training. Didn't have any other problems Friday or Saturday until Saturday night.

This morning I woke up feeling decent, knee-wise, so decided to try a short walk. I got about 9 minutes out from my house and it really started to hurt. So I turned around and slowly walked back. After a bit, I tried a little running, wondering if that would help. It was a little better than the walking, so I ran most of the way home, but it still hurt.

It's so weird because I have no idea how I did it, really. The good news is that it does seem muscular in nature. I think some rest and anti-inflammatories might do the trick. Meanwhile, for exercise, I will have to see what I can do. I might try the stationary bike (my friend Dorothy who has knee problems swears by biking) or swimming.

How frustrating!!!


In other news, I did pick up a copy of Sara's new book last night. I can't make it to her party at The King's English, so I'll have to have her sign it for me another time.

While we were at the Gateway last night, we also wandered into Sur La Table, to spend the gift card that MIL got me for Christmas. That was really fun! I picked out a new garlic press with a removable plate for cleaning, a new colander (mine is a cheap plastic one from Taiwan (literally from Taiwan from 20 years ago when my parents lived there) and it's on its last legs), and a funnel for canning. It was great to get some useful items for cooking.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mystery yellow

The other day I got Calvin up from his nap and he showed me a yellow crusty hand, saying "Mommy it's yellow". I was mystified until I saw the M'n'M, mostly denuded of its candy coating, sitting next to him in his bed. He actually fell asleep with the candy IN HIS HAND. Amazing. How you could NOT eat it right away is just beyond me!!! I guess that's why I had the weight problem and he's a skinny little guy :).


Here they are, in all their blue beauty. Poor little guy! Doesn't seem to be bothering him at all today, though.

Saturday easy 60

I racewalked an easy 60 minutes this morning. I went to Liberty Park, did 2 loops, and came home. Nothing too remarkable. I took it really easy, because I was tired and grumpy, but hey, I did the workout. Felt better afterwards, too. It was warmer this morning (upper 20s) and is actually really warm now (49?!?! but the thermometer is in the sun a bit so it's probably not that warm) because a big ol' storm is moving in tomorrow. Ugh.

WW: up 0.2 lb this week. Didn't end up doing weight loss points, mostly because I was moody and undisciplined (I did stick to my maintenance points, however!). SO, next week, I am going to go back to my no-eating-after-the-kids-are-in-bed rule (unless I'm out, of course - this is only a problem at home). That made a HUGE difference in sticking to the plan the previous week. I would love to lose the rest of the holiday weight (only 1.2 more lb) and then take off 5 more for summer walking season. That could take a while, so I'd better get cracking.

Things seem to be a bit more stable on the financial front, so maybe if I'm lucky we will be able to take a trip for me to compete. Keep your fingers crossed!

First stitches

Well, it had to happen sometime. Calvin got his first set of stitches yesterday. He tripped at school and fell onto a dollhouse, cutting open his forehead quite nicely. I received a message at work that he had fallen but that all was under control and he was playing happily, so I finished my work normally and went to pick the kids up. Turns out the message got watered down in transmission through my co-worker, and while he was playing happily, the message on my cell phone (no reception in the microscopy core!) said he might need stitches. Took him home promptly, had Loren look at it, and he immediately pronounced that Calvin definitely needed stitches. Loren took him to the InstaCare near our house, and Calvin was apparently a model patient (I stayed home w/Michelle and made dinner). He now has 7 stitches in his forehead, and seems no worse for the wear.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday tempo workout

Today I did a 10-30-10 (minutes) tempo workout: 10 warm-up, 30 tempo, 10 cool-down. Did 2 laps of Liberty Park for the tempo part, at 14:15 per lap (1.4 miles; 2.25 km). Not too bad, considering I could (and probably should) have pushed a little harder and done a 14:00 pace. However, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning, so the fact that I got out there and did it at all was pretty darn good, I thought. Oh, and it was 16 degrees F this morning (-9C)! I could have gone to the gym, but it's so much more interesting to be outside, even if it's cold.

Yesterday: 15 min easy walk & weight training, and tomorrow will be the same.


Other stuff today: Loren took the car to get the safety inspection. $700 later, all is well. Sigh. I took the kids to the library, walking the 1 mile in the cold since the car was in the shop. It was a good walk except for the #$*&^ snowy sidewalks. I do realize it's hard for some people to shovel, but you know that some people are just too lazy to do it. Annoying, especially when pushing a stroller. Then this afternoon I dropped my cell phone and now the screen is blank :(. UGH! I am not able to upgrade for a year, so I am going to have to get another one. Just one of those days I guess.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little red wrap

I ordered some sports bras (sorely needed... mine were all too large, and I hadn't gotten around to replacing them yet) at, and while I was there, could not resist this little red number, at only $17. I have to say that the rewards of losing weight are many, and this is definitely one of the better ones.

By the way, to the left of my head are some of my racewalking medals :)!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new-to-us TV

Thanks, Bryan & Sarah!!! It's perfect!

sledding 2

sledding 1

banana-chocolate-peanut-butter smoothie

Turning a corner?

Today I did a really hard interval workout. What was interesting was that my LEGS were burning and aching before my lungs were. Usually, my wind gives out before my leg muscles do. I wonder if I finally am in good enough cardiovascular shape to really begin to truly go up against my lactate threshold and make my muscles truly exhausted? Either that or my legs were just really tired today.

Regardless, I was going to do 4 sets of the following but just couldn't fit it in my time slot allotted, so I did 3. That was just as well, since my legs couldn't handle another anyhow! Our track is 211m, and I did sets of 1) 5 laps (1055m) in 6:00, 2) 2 laps (422m) in 2:19, and 3) 1 lap in 1:08. My heart rate was probably in the 170s after each set, and I let it drop to 130-135 before starting again (which didn't take very long! I'm in good shape!). I came pretty close to my goal times for most laps; the 3rd set I only did 6:08 for the 5 laps and 2:24 for the 2 laps, but pulled it together for a 1:07 for the last lap.

I was very tired afterwards but felt glad I'd finished all of that. I felt good the rest of the day and don't feel sore (yet!).

Monday, January 21, 2008

new-to-us TV

Our friends Sarah and Bryan are getting a brand new HDTV, and thus needed to get rid of their old but still nice projection TV. It's got a 57" screen, and is in good condition. They offered to GIVE it to us if we wanted it, and Loren being the movie buff that he is, it was too good a deal to pass up. The only snag was moving it to our house. We had to rent a U-Haul truck because it sure wasn't going to fit in either of our cars. At a little over 4 feet wide, 5 feet high, and almost 2.5 feet deep, it was going to be tough to move. Not only that, but it is heavy. Very heavy. AND we had to move it out of their basement (yes, up a flight of stairs) and down into our basement. Yikes. We got an appliance dolly with the U-Haul, which turned out to be essential. After much pushing, pulling, lifting, angling, and taking at least 4 doors off their hinges, we were able to accomplish the move. Oh, and the U-Haul got stuck where our driveway joins the street because of the 10 inches of snow we got today; fortunately, it wasn't too hard to get it unstuck. It took a little over 4 hours total to rent the truck, move the TV, and take back the truck, but we're done now and it looks great. Now I'm going to BED!

Sunday & Monday workouts

Sunday morning I did an easy 8 miler, but it sure as heck didn't feel easy for some reason. I don't know what it was, but my legs just felt really heavy, and I got tired probably 4 miles into the workout. I did the whole thing anyway, and felt fine the rest of the day, so who knows? We had a really relaxing day the rest of the day - basically did absolutely nothing except watch football and play with the kids. I needed that.

Today it snowed a lot in the morning (probably 10 inches by the time the storm was over), and the field house was not open until 9 am, so I decided I'd go for my walk during the kids' naps, since Loren and I were both off work for Martin Luther King Jr Day. By 2 pm, the roads were clear enough that I could walk on them, so I did an easy 1 hr walk around the neighborhood. I felt great today - legs were fine. Don't know why yesterday was so tiring.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekly progress; Saturday workout

Lost 0.6 lb this week; total of 2.4 lb gone since the Christmas splurge. 1.2 lb to go to get to where I was before.



Friday: 15 min easy racewalking to warm up; 50 min vigorous weight training.

Saturday: 60 min easy racewalking. Did the same route as last Saturday - from my house to Liberty Park, around the park twice, and back home. Took 1:00 and change, about 2 min faster than last Saturday when it was so icy. I felt great and made it to my WW meeting just on time. It was 24F and calm; nice weather for a walk, actually.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organization project

I bought some new Tupperware (they're having a 40-50% off sale on storage containers this month) to organize my pantry & shelves. It made a big improvement! This was my naptime project on Wednesday.

Before, then After:

Back to normal, I think

Yesterday I did 5 laps of the HPER basement (1.5 miles) to warm up for my weight training class. All seemed pretty good, and I didn't have much stomach trouble the rest of the day either.

Today I had planned a Norwegian fartlek workout (thanks, Sarah), and cut it back a little because I haven't been training as hard this week. I did 2,4,6,5,3,1 minutes fast with 2 min recovery in between. It was a good hard workout, and seemed the right length. My ave pace was a 10:14 mile, according to my iPod, which is usually pretty accurate on the track. I was glad I didn't do the full thing (2,4,6,8,7,5,3,1) since 1) the time involved (got up a little late) and 2) I'm still recovering from the bug I got, whatever it was. I'm pleased that I was able to get out and do a hard workout, regardless.

I signed up for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon today, officially. Should have done it before Christmas and saved $10, but I guess I wasn't 100% sure I was going to do it. That will be my next race (April 19th), except for possibly a 5K before then.

a new Calvin-ism

Last Friday we attended the Utah-Georgia gymnastics meet, which seemed to be a big hit w/the kids. Then the other day Calvin was talking about going to the Little Gym for Katie's birthday on Saturday. He told Katie's mom that he likes gymnastics "because it's my favorite restaurant". Hee hee hee :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not giving up

Today I woke for the 3rd day in a row with that nasty rock in my stomach. Actually, I woke up like 3 times with it. Once at 2:25 because Calvin was crying (a very rare occasion); he had somehow fallen out of his bed despite the fact that we have a bed rail, and had wedged his little self between the head of the bed and the wall. I helped the poor little guy back in bed and comforted him until he settled. Then I took some antacid (is this heartburn? too low for that but, hey, the antacid won't hurt and might help) and went back to bed. At 4 am my 2 cups of tea had gone through me so I got up again, took more antacid, and went back to bed. At 6 am, I finally hauled my behind out of bed and went for my walk. The stomach pain was definitely still there, though better than yesterday. At least I made it through my walk, though I had pain pretty much the whole time. If I wasn't walking, it was going to hurt, so I figured I might as well get the exercise. I have no other symptoms, so I have no idea what this is. The only clue is Michelle being sick on Friday. I surmise that it's some kind of virus and that it will pass.

So, today's walk was just an easy 40 minutes. I'll get back to the hard workouts when I'm feeling decent again, whenever that is.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday weights

Did weight training this morning. I still felt a bit sick when I woke up, and I tried a little racewalking, but it did NOT work with my stomach at all. After 3 minutes I gave up. I then did the weight training, and that went fine. My stomach still hurt a bit, but not too bad. I was able to complete my normal workout.

My stomach is mostly better now, late in the day, but still not quite normal. All the same, I'll take it.

I would like to do a hard workout tomorrow - I had planned some speed work. However, if I don't feel 100% I'm going to do an easy day of walking instead.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I was going to get up and do a long slow distance workout today, about 8 miles. But I felt crummy. I went to the symphony last night with my friend Dorothy, and we had a great time, but near the end my stomach felt horrible - it hurt like there was a rock just sitting there in it. I thought it would feel better this morning, but no, it still hurt a lot. So I stayed in bed as long as possible. I skipped church and stayed in my pajamas all day. Didn't eat too much, either. No nausea, but I just felt lousy. Had to take care of the kids, though Loren helped out a fair amount.

So basically, I watched football, took a long nap, and tried not to do too much. Did make dinner for everyone, but that was pretty much it.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I have to work all day, and I'd like to work out again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday & Saturday workouts

Yesterday I woke up a little late, so I just did 1K racewalking to warm up for my weight training class, and then attended class.

Today I walked outside because the gym doesn't open until 7 am on Saturdays this semester (darn it!), and I had to be done by 7:15. I walked for 1:02 and change, and did about 9K. I had to take it VERY very easy because it was super icy outside. It snowed lightly all day yesterday and we didn't get much accumulation at all. However, the roads were wet and then froze overnight. I walked to Liberty Park hoping the sidewalks would be clear, and they were clear but were covered with a thin layer of ice, like everything else outside. Still, I was able to walk fast enough (barely) to keep my heart rate in the low 130s. Good enough.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday tempo time

It's was a Thursday tempo workout. Not a long one, since I'm just ramping up the training again, but I got it in. 8 laps (211m) warm up (11:30ish), 16 laps tempo (20:09) at 85% MHR, then 8 laps cool down (didn't check the time; probably about 12:30?). I usually hate these, but it wasn't too bad this morning. I felt really fast. 15 laps was 18:50 or so, which is a 9:25 mile for 2 miles. Pretty good, considering it wasn't all-out.

Bad news. Might have to curtail my summer traveling/racewalking due to financial issues. We are responsible with our money and very careful, but we need to save and plan ahead for some possible work issues that I can't go into in detail in this public forum. Sigh. Suffice it to say that I will be very disappointed if I can't go to the CRIM, but that might be what happens.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weights today

Today I did an easy 20 min of racewalking for a warm-up, then went to my weight training class. The new instructor seems friendly enough, and reasonably knowledgeable. However, he didn't think to have us stretch at the end of class! I did anyway, but it was kinda weird that he didn't remember that. The other odd thing is that the class was all men except for me. My friend Lisa didn't make it this morning, and so it was me plus about 6 guys. That was different, since usually the class is more women than men, believe it or not. I had a great workout, so all of that stuff really didn't matter too much.

Weighty matters

This column is NOT helpful, in my opinion. In summary, Robin Blumner opines that it's basically a waste of time to try to lose more than 10-20 lbs, because weight is genetically determined. This makes me incredibly angry, because she is going to discourage a ton of people from even bothering to try to do something about their weight. That is a travesty, in our country of overweight and obese people.

I do admit there is truth in the article. It is true that there are genetic influences on one's weight, and they can be strong and hard to resist. Fat does run in my family, and I know that it is easy for me to overeat because I don't recognize the "full" feeling as soon as my thin friends (this is quite possibly genetic). And a VERY small minority of the population does have conditions that make weight loss much harder than it is for most people.

I certainly agree that dieting is an American obsession, and a pretty useless one. But the article fails to mention the obvious solution: lifestyle change. Yes, it's an uphill battle. Yes, it's hard. But it CAN be done.

Blumner puts a lot of weight (pun intended) on the metabolism argument. That is, if you are fat and diet, your metabolism will slow down. It is true that if you cut back calories too far, your metabolic rate slows. But even though she discounts it, the bottom line really still is calories in minus calories out. If you cut back your calories too much, you will still lose weight. I don't recommend it, because you won't lose a lot faster than if you cut back sensibly. You will feel deprived, and that might lead to bingeing. However, your fastest rate of weight loss is achieved by a sensible lifestyle change that cuts back calories enough to lose maybe 1 lb per week (certainly not more than 2 lb per week). Trimming calories this much will not cause a metabolic dive! Finally, if you want to lose weight and keep your metabolism going strong, exercise (specifically strength training) will help a lot. Metabolic rate is highly dependent on your % lean body mass, because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat.

My conclusion? You CAN lose weight, even if you have a lot to lose, and even if you are fighting genetic predisposition to fat. Change your eating habits SENSIBLY, do not deprive yourself, and find an activity you like. Burn more calories than you take in, and you will be healthier and happier. I know.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Monday: 5K on the track in 32:38, then weight training & abs & stretching.
Tuesday: 8 lap warm-up (211m track), then flexibility drills, then 12 x 1 lap fast (1:05; equivalent of 200m in 1:01.6) and 1 lap recovery. 10 min cool down & stretch. First speed workout I've done in a while, and it was hard, but felt good. I did most of the laps in 1:05, though lap 8 (1:09) and 9 (1:07) were slower. I was getting tired! I managed to pull it together to do laps 10-12 in 1:05 each.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Photos from walks

Here are a few photos from walks I took in the past few weeks.
First, SugarHouse park after a big snow in mid-December; then, some great views in Boulder City, Nevada, on December 23rd.

New jacket and easy 6 miles

Here are some photos of my new jacket:

I was going to do an easy 6 miles today, but I upped it to 6.5 miles (10.45k) and finished in 1:14 and change. The roads were clear, but there were icy spots at each intersection that I had to pick my way across. I took the dogs, and it was a good workout. I enjoyed listening to an audiobook while I walk, something I frequently do on easy walks. Stayed plenty warm in my new jacket and my Gore-tex gloves (actually, my hands got too hot!).

This is my first week of training for the half marathon in April. I'm going to do some speedwork on Tuesday - first hard training since November. I've had a good rest, so hopefully I'll be up for it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wet workout

Last night the Wasatch Walkers had a meeting, and we got our new jackets! Yay! I should post a pic, but that might involve getting my lazy behind off of the couch. Maybe I'll do that later. I'm watching the Seahawks and Redskins game with Loren right now, and don't want to move.

Anyway, the new jackets are great. I put it to the test this morning, as it was pouring rain when I started walking. About 10 min into the workout, it changed into snow, and accumulated at least an inch during my short 40 minute walk. My feet got pretty wet, but not too cold. My upper body stayed nice & dry, thanks to the superb microfiber jacket. It repelled the rain and the snow, and when I got inside and hung it up, the water just dripped off, and 10 minutes later I was able to put it on to go to my Weight Watchers meeting! It was dry! My hat and gloves were not. I think I will need to get a decent pair of gloves for wet weather. Any recommendations? I have some ski gloves for when it's really cold, gore-tex, and those are great, but I could use a lighter pair for when it's raining.

The Weight Watchers meeting was good. I needed to be there and see my friends and get some encouragement. I gained a whopping 3.6 lb (that's by my official weigh-in) in 2 weeks. Yikes. I knew it was bad, but again, it's just scary that I could gain that much when I was actually exercising a moderate amount of self-control, along with exercising a lot. I have set new goals, though, and I'm ready to roll. I have a 10 week goal to stay within my points (20 for weight loss now), follow my 1/2 marathon training plan (which starts tomorrow), and a few other things. If I achieve my goal, I get some $ towards Dave's racewalking clinic in July, which I really want to attend. If I don't get the extra $, I won't be able to go, so I'm definitely going to work hard on these goals. It's a good challenge to have something to strive for. It will help to achieve these goals, because that will mean that I'm more ready for big races this summer.

I was a bit down before the meeting, but being there and getting a pep talk from Sarah P (I know a lot of Sarahs!) was very helpful. She talked some sense into me and helped me remember that just because I had a bit of a slide does NOT mean that I have regressed totally. I am NOT the same person I was almost 3 years ago when I joined Weight Watchers!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A new twist on racewalking

Very funny video
He probably got in such good shape from racewalking (last 2 sec of video) :)
Warning: definitely PG-13.

Amateur plumber

Yup, I qualify. I just installed this here faucet to replace our old one. No leaks! I rock!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Racewalking goals and races for the year

Inspired by Sarah

Here they are ---

1. Lose 5 lb by April 19 (the SLC 1/2 marathon), and another 5 lb by August (the CRIM) so I can be in top racing form. I have got to get rid of the 2.5 lb from Christmas, so that only puts me at 7.5 lb below pre-Christmas weight, which I think is a reasonable goal. I'll be thin, but I think it might be a good racing weight.
2. Take Dave McGovern's clinic here in SLC July 10-12 to improve my technique.
3. Continue to make and stick to training schedules for each race. Perhaps run them by Jennifer to get her suggestions.
4. Keep my training log on the Nike website current.
5. HAVE FUN!!!

Races (tentatively):
1. Salt Lake City 1/2 marathon, April 19th.
2. Race for the Cure 5K, May 10th.
3. Art Attack 5K, June 21st (unless I end up doing the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay, which is June 20-21).
4. Deseret News 10K, July 24th.
5. CRIM festival of races 5K racewalk and 10 miler, August 23rd.
6. Boise Women's Fitness Celebration, September 20th.
7. Cold Turkey 6K, November 27th.

I may or may not do a race before April 19th. I am enjoying taking it a bit easy right now, and not really training hard. I think I needed a rest after last season - it was my first season racing, and it wore me out a bit. I am going to write up a training schedule for that race, but probably not for a week or two. I need a little more R&R, and I need to recover from my Christmas vacation first!

Wednesday workout

This morning I got up too late to go to the gym (in January the metered parking spaces that are free until 8 am are FULL by 6:15 am, so I'd have to get there right at 6:00) because I'm still on Pacific time, so I took an easy walk instead for 40 min or so. Not sure how far I went exactly. Just took it easy and enjoyed being out. It was cold (12F, -11C) but I actually got a bit overheated in 2 shirts plus my fleece.

Hate to say it, but I look forward to late February, when the New Year's Resolution crowd thins out at the gym. I know it would be better for their health to keep coming, but it's just too darn crowded.

Holiday gain

Not my official WW weigh-in (that will be on Saturday), but just weighing on my home scale.

Could be worse. I'm up about 2.5 lb. At least I know how to get it back off. Besides, I wanted to take off a few for racing this summer... so while I'm at it, I'll lose a few more, I hope.

Amazingly, I did try to be somewhat careful in what I ate. I didn't succeed all of the time, but I know I ate a lot less than if I had thrown all caution to the wind. That's pretty scary. I wonder how much I could gain in 2 weeks if I wasn't trying to be careful???

I have to say that it still makes me nervous to put on weight. I get worried that I'm going back to my old ways and that I won't be able to take it off. However, a little nervousness will probably work in my favor.

I'm VERY VERY happy to be home where I can control what food is around much better. Whew. I love my parents, but their cooking consists of LARGE slabs of meat (very very large) that is not necessarily reasonable in terms of fat content. It also doesn't fill you up as much as mixing it in w/some carbs and/or veggies, and I'm a volume gal these days. Plus the typical holiday snacks were in abundance, and in contrast to previous years on WW, I didn't find the self control to resist. That is what makes me worry.

But now that I'm home, I think it will go better.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

in Boulder City again

Workout: easy ~10K (my iPod said 10.2K; I'd guess it might have been a bit less) in 1:06 and change. Usually an easy 10K takes me 1:08 or 1:09, so that's why I think it wasn't quite 10K.

Scenery: gorgeous views of the mountains and Lake Mead were in abundance as I walked around Boulder City. Got a great view of the lake from Denver St, which had a ton of beautiful homes on it. I walked all around the historic district, which is full of homes built in the 1930s. Boulder City was founded to house the workers that built Hoover Dam. The homes in the historic district were originally tract housing, but have been modified since and are very charming as well as very expensive nowadays. It was quite interesting to see how they had been modified.

Today's plan: After enjoying a couple of mimosas and a nice big breakfast, we are kicking back watching football and the Rose Parade. Sometime around noon we'll undertake the ~6 hr drive back to Salt Lake. It will be nice to be home!