Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring is here!

Yeah! It's been beautiful this week. Before I hit the sack, here are some photos I took from our house.

Sick and pregnant

This is NOT a good combination. Pregnancy takes a lot out of a person as it is. Today I have been SICK. Lying on the couch all day kind of sick. Went to work for 1.5 hrs but came home ASAP because I was VERY ill. Thing is, I thought I was OK enough to work when I went in, but promptly discovered that I was NOT. I am really nauseous, have lots of heartburn, and have hardly had any appetite all day. Plus I'm super weak, dizzy, and sleepy. Sitting is better than lying down, because of the heartburn, but being on the computer for the past hour has taken its toll and I think I need to hit the sack. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


It's been a while since I've blogged. Things have been pretty good here. Here's the general update:

Loren - doing well w/his job. They are moving him to another building next week, which he is excited about. He thinks that will be a more stimulating environment.

Tammy - getting larger at 28 weeks 6 days pregnant. Still feeling pretty good, and all is well with the pregnancy. Passed the glucose screen this week (in fact, it was low!).

Calvin - had his 18 month appt this week and is 24 lb (25th %ile) and 33 inches tall (75th %ile). Got some shots and was a bit under the weather the next day, but seems to have recovered.
Calvin is having a drink w/the guys (Danny and Eric are in our Sunday Night Fellowship). Posted by Picasa