Saturday, September 30, 2006

The good news

The good news is that despite the lousy race, I lost 2.2 lb this week, bringing my total to 92.8 lb lost. I have ONLY 2 lb to go!!!

The Race

Well, it was a bit of a disappointment all around. After doing a mock 5K in 31:42 on Thursday (an average 10:12 mile), I did the race in only 35:06. Turns out that a couple people w/GPS gizmos said the race was actually 3.26-3.27 miles (seemed like it to me anyway), but that still puts me at a 10:44 mile, which is very disappointing.

To add insult to injury, there was a problem w/the prizes. Every division was divided into men and women, EXCEPT walking, where we were all lumped together. How unfair is that? I placed 5th when combined w/the men, but if they had only counted women, I would have placed 2nd (a 19-year-old woman walked faster than me). Unless they change the way they do things, I don't plan on doing this race again.

All in all, a disappointment. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To work, or not to work?

On Thursday I got an interesting phone call. S called and asked if I wanted to work part time again. The position sounds very intriguing and like a great opportunity in a lot of ways, career-wise. I think I'd really enjoy it. L is all in favor of me doing it, with certain conditions I won't detail here (suffice it to say, it will make things easier on him in terms of babysitting at inconvenient times). Calvin LOVES Cove Care (the school we had him in before), and so the big question mark is Michelle. Will she like it? Is it good for her too? We can't really ask her. Today I'm going to leave them there for the afternoon so I can shop for clothes (yeah!) and we'll see how she likes it, that is, if we can tell. If the job was FT, I would not even think about it, because I don't want to be away from the kids that much and I don't think it's good for them either, w/L working FT also. But a great PT job? With the exact hours/days I want to work? It's tempting. I have prayed about it quite a bit, and while no booming voice from heaven is speaking to me, everything seems to indicate that this might be a good thing to do. Input from the readers of this blog is welcomed :).

Interval workouts

Since I'm training for a 5K, my brother recommended interval workouts to help me go faster. They are brutal so far. It is quite the workout. This morning, for example, I did a warm-up then alternated 2 min very fast with 45 sec recovery. By the end of the 2 min I think I'm going to die, and then 45 sec later I get to do it again. It is tough, but the results are going to be good. This morning I went 3.36 miles in 35:52, which is a 10:40 mile - and that INCLUDES the slower pace. I am now hoping maybe I can do a 10:30 pace for the 5K, which would be about 33 min for the race.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I somehow have been very busy and I'm not sure where all my time has gone. I guess the regular household stuff just takes lots longer w/2 kids, and I'm not used to it yet. It's been fun, though.

Good news about L's job - things seem to have stabilized for the moment. I didn't post much about the details of the job stress etc because of some confidentiality worries, but I'm happy to say that things are better now. To celebrate, we went to Log Haven on Saturday night. It was really good, but I have to say I think I like the Paris better. Plus we can walk there from our house! We'll have to go there again soon, that is if we can afford it - big expenses last month with buying plane tix for my brother's wedding in October (we had to buy THREE tickets because Calvin will be 2 and has to have his own seat!), paying for Michelle's hospital bill (about $1000 we had to pay, which is not bad considering the total bill was about $40K), and also paying for repairs to one of the cars ($723). Ouch. It's been an expensive month.

We took Calvin to the state fair Sunday night and that was a BIG hit. He absolutely loved the animals. He was running through the cow barn saying "moooo moooo". So cute! He also loved the pigs, the sheep, the goats, the birds, and the rabbits. The carnival rides and games were fascinating to him as well - he walked around wide-eyed, taking it all in. Side note - usually fair food is a HUGE temptation to me, so I brought my own snacks and was able to totally stick to them. I have no idea how, except that the grace of God was reminding me how good it feels to have self-control. It was wonderful.

Exercising has been going great, and I've decided to only bore all of you with my habits when something of note happens. I've entered the Young Alumni 5K at the U on Sept 30th, and am hoping I will get a prize in the women's walking division. I think I can do it - I'm pretty fast these days. Anyone want to join me for the race?

I'm only 5.4 lbs from my WW goal now! I have lost 89.4 lb and want to lose 94.8 lb total to get to 155 lb (yes, I used to weigh 249.8 when I started WW - scary!). I feel like a new person. The only problem is that I literally have almost NOTHING to wear now. I have bought a few pairs of jeans and a few short sleeve shirts at the thrift store to tide me over, but I'm thinking it might be time to buy some new clothes now that I'm almost at my goal and I have nothing to wear. When we went to dinner last Saturday night I had to wear big baggy stuff because otherwise I just didn't have anything nice that was warm enough for a cold night up Millcreek Canyon. I'm excited but not sure how much $ I want to spend right at this moment, since I'm feeling rather broke. I'll probably just get a few things now and save $ to get some more in a month or so.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Being in shape has a big down side

After a marvelous bike ride partway up Millcreek Canyon tonight with Dorothy, I came home thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could talk L into biking some with me. After all, he really does love biking more than just about any other exercise. But no. He is flatly not interested in biking with me at all until he gets in better shape. How is he supposed to get in better shape if he won't go? I suggested we could bike flat rides, like the Jordan River or over by the airport. Nope. No dice. I am not sure I get it... I mean, it's not a competition. I would go as slow as he wanted. I just would love to have the company and hang out w/him some. I guess he feels threatened by the fact that I'm in better shape, though I'm not sure why. I did stuff with him when he was in better shape, and he waited for me, and that was great. Can a man in the reading audience help me understand what the deal is here? I'm just not getting it. :( I'm sad. I wish things were different somehow.