Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My top 10 for 2009

Here are my top 10. I want to know what yours are!!!

1. Get more sleep. I know how important this is. Go to bed earlier. Corollary: stop wasting so much time on my computer instead of sleeping.
2. Do NOT be alone after the kids have gone to bed. Hang out with Loren so I don’t eat so much, and so that I get more time with him!
3. Set goals with Nancy for fitness and weight loss. Accountability is good.
4. Do NOT let my ability or inability to racewalk keep me from eating well. I can always swim for fitness!
5. Do NOT use family disagreements as an excuse to eat. This is stupid and useless – it will NOT make anything better, and will only make me depressed the next day.
6. I am not happy when I eat a lot. Repeat this mantra: Food does not make me happy. Food does not make me happy. Food does not make me happy. Food does not make me happy. I need to spend a little more time pondering what I *really* want.
7. I know I really want to spend more time reading books for pleasure.
8. I want to spend more time scrapbooking.
9. I would like to spend more time journaling, reading scripture, and in prayer/meditation.
10. Do I want to go back to the way I was in 2004? Enough said. Now go have a great year.

Halfway is better than nothing

I only made it halfway through my vacation before the treats crept back in. And then the floodgates opened. OK, it could have been worse, but still, it wasn't pretty.

We're going home today, and that is a good thing. I need my familiar environment to get focused, and you know what? I'm very excited about what the new year is going to bring, even though I know it's going to involve some learning and growing in ways that are sure to be uncomfortable at times.

So, my conclusion? Halfway through the holidays before meltdown was a good thing. OK, so things went downhill after the Jelly Belly factory visit. Lesson learned. Let's move on.


I am still not the same person I was 4 years ago. I love to racewalk. I love exercise of any kind, actually. That was never true before, and it surely is now. On Monday I decided to push my luck and racewalked for an hour. I didn't have any pain, though my IT band did get a little tight and I stopped 3x to stretch it. Later in the day I had some soreness, after sitting in the car a lot (we drove to visit some friends in another town). Other than that, I was OK.

Because of the soreness, I decided a little more rest was in order. So yesterday I biked with my brother on the "landfill route". Um, yeah, that didn't sound like a very nice route. However, the trip from his house, past the landfill, down road 105, and back to his house was quite scenic. It was a bit foggy as we started but it was patchy fog, so there were bits of sun along the way. We biked past what seemed like endless farmland, with cows, alfalfa growing (yes, even in winter stuff grows here!), horses, farmhouses, you name it. It was beautiful, and we enjoyed some great conversation. I wish we lived closer. Anyway, we did 11 miles in about 42 minutes, and his bike computer said we did 15.7 miles per hour on average. Not bad considering that I was riding a mountain bike with some serious gear issues (it needs a tune-up!). My heart rate was about 140-145 most of the time. Perfect :).

Today I'm taking the day off. We need to leave in 30 min to drive home, so no time to work out. If I'm in the mood when I get home I *might* do something, but I'm leaning towards a rest day for my leg.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

kids in the park :)

We took the kids to the park and had a great time.

Seen on my walk today

Um, yeah, I walked today. No, I racewalked. I just couldn't rest any more, and I decided that since everything is feeling really good that I'd try 30 minutes and see how it was. The first 10 min were pretty awful - slow, and uncoordinated. Wow, it only takes a week to get really out of shape for walking. But after another 5 min I was in the groove. I decided to turn around then to be sure I didn't overdo it. I got back to my brother's house after about 30 minutes, still feeling good. No problems with my IT band :). Yay!

While I was out, I saw this FLOCK of about 20 wild turkeys, in the middle of the city of Davis. It was very cool!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas pictures!

a mixed bag

Off the wagon. Sigh. It started with a visit to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. Loren and the kids really wanted to go, and I knew it would be tough, but I agreed, not wanting to break the family harmony. I'm not unhappy I agreed, because actually I didn't do too badly. I did eat some jelly beans, but not a terribly huge amount. Still, I am supposedly off the junk.

Now the good news - I actually like the Jelly Belly Sport Beans, which are basically sugar with some electrolytes & vitamins to fortify one on those long walks/runs/bike rides/whatever. In fact, I was thinking of using them for my next series of long walks. Guess what? They had a case sale at the factory, and for a case of 120 pkg it was only $24. The retail price on these is $1 per pkg - so I got these for 1/5 of the retail price! WOW! What a great deal! I'm set for the year as long as I don't get too bored w/lemon lime flavor :).

Some more good news - after the factory tour we returned to my brother's house and the kids and Loren napped. I decided that I needed some exercise, and I took a long bike ride on the Davis Bike Loop. Awesome for 3 reasons: 1) it's warm enough to bike here (it was in the low 50s and I wore tights, a long sleeve shirt, and gloves, and that was perfect), and 2) it's a beautiful tour of the city in which I lived from 1993-1996 so it was quite nostalgic to bike around, and 3) I got in probably 14 miles total; the trail is 12 miles but I had to backtrack a couple times and also added a bit on the end. It took me 1:09:xx for the whole ride, but really about 56 min for the 12 miles around the city. Not very fast, but I was riding SIL's mountain bike, which is not terribly fast. I don't care, though, because all I was worried about was getting a good workout, and my heart rate monitor said all was well. My ave heart rate was 137 for the ride. I still miss racewalking a lot, though.

Then, my parents decided to take us out to dinner at Chevy's. I am not a chain restaurant person, but I confess a total affinity for their tortilla chips. They are so perfectly thin, light and crunchy. Ahhhhh. I ate a lot. And then Loren ordered fried ice cream, which I adore. I ate a good amount of it.

So, it wasn't the best day. I had fun, though. And I don't feel totally guilty. I am just going to climb right back on the wagon and start over NOW. I can do this. I want to.

A silly Christmas video

So, my dad gave us (me & Loren, and Alex & Erica) these very interesting almost identical gifts. Here's what happened:

Friday, December 26, 2008

3 workouts!

After swimming, we relaxed at home for a while and then Loren took Calvin to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Meanwhile, my mom and I headed off to Curves while my dad watched Michelle.

Curves would be GREAT for a beginner. If you're just starting to exercise, I think it is a friendly, warm, and inviting place, with very motivating instructors. But for me, it was way too easy. The machines are all hydraulic and don't really give you much of a workout, in my opinion. It was nice to be there with my mom, and I'm glad she has joined and likes it, but I won't be going again.

Then Alex & Erica took us out to lunch at the Putah Creek Cafe. Delicious! I had whole wheat pancakes w/apricots and raisins inside, and a couple slices of bacon. I passed on the great-looking pie (no junk, remember?) but it was still a big meal. So, I decided to take a bike ride (outside) when I got home, as the weather was chilly but clear and not too windy. It was a enjoyable 40 min before the sun went down and I hightailed it back here before I got a ticket for not having a bike light (the bike cops are vicious here!).

Still working on the Christmas photos & video. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something to post.

Swimming again

I went swimming again today. I felt like I was a bit better than on Wednesday. Today I did 2300 yd total in 1 hr; we did a bunch of different sets, some of which were IM. I tried the butterfly for about 1/2 length but felt like I was drowning so switched to free, and did free every time we were supposed to do fly. My breaststroke was fine, but every time I did the backstroke I bounced back & forth between the lane lines. Good thing I wasn't sharing my lane this morning!!!

Anyway, it was a good workout, if not terribly exciting. I still miss racewalking :( but at least I feel like I'm getting a decent workout while I rest my IT band.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas :). We had an enjoyable time here. I am working on some pictures and videos but am too tired to put them up right now, so text is all you get right now, sorry!

I started out the morning with 40 min on the stationary bike, and then I was bored with it, so because it was Christmas, I treated myself to 10 minutes of racewalking. I know I'm supposed to be resting my left leg, and I am, but I just couldn't help it. It felt great. It was SO enjoyable, and I wished I could keep going. Oh well. My IT band didn't give me any trouble, but then again, it was only 10 min, so I didn't expect it to be a problem. I did stretch thoroughly afterward, and had no pain or anything. I have been taking ibuprofen, and that seems to be helping too. Hopefully if I continue staying off it for a while longer I will be able to racewalk again pain-free pretty soon. We'll see.

The food today was delicious. I did OK, considering the temptations. Not great, but OK, and I did allow myself to have some of Erica's Yule Log (chocolate cake w/peppermint ice cream and chocolate ganache). Yum!!! That was fine, except I also had some baked brie (snack), a bunch of wheat thins (also snack), and a moderate amount of our traditional Christmas cinnamon sugar bread. Then Loren offered me a few of his chocolate covered caramels, and I did have some. It was more calories than I should have eaten, but it wasn't horrible excess and I didn't binge eat. All the same, I am glad to be going back to the no-junk-until-Epiphany rule for 2 more weeks. It was nice to have a one day holiday, but I am ready to feel healthy again! Seriously, I'm happy to be going back to being more careful. I feel better that way.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Went swimming this morning for a workout for the first time since I was in college. That would be, oh, about 20 years ago, probably in 1988.

I did all right - I swam with the Davis Master's club that my SIL Erica and brother Alex swim with. I was able to do the whole workout, minus maybe 2 laps (I'm lousy at counting them!!!). The pool is outdoors and it was chilly (40?) and raining, but the water was perfect for laps. I swam about 500 yds for the warm-up and then did about 1900 yards for the workout, in an hour. I know that's not that good - I was definitely the SLOWEST person in the pool with the exception of the 90 year old guy who was sharing lane 1 with me (he took the R side of the lane and I the L and that was perfect!). But, I got a good workout and though it was a bit boring, it was satisfying to be able to get my cardio in. We're going to go again on Friday.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow - most likely some time on the bike trainer.


Oh, and the food is going very well :). Yay! I'm quite pleased. I'm on a roll, and hopefully it will continue. Tomorrow I am going to allow myself a little of whatever my SIL makes for dessert, since it's highly unlikely I'll binge on that. But no other junk will pass by my lips!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We arrived in Davis, CA, at my brother's home about 2 hours ago, after a 9.5 hour drive. I'm pretty tired now and hoping for a good night's sleep. But we got over Donner Pass no problem, and the road was dry. Good thing we left a day early; supposed to snow there tomorrow.

Stationary bike

Not my favorite, but it doesn't bother my IT band. I did 40 min this morning and then stretching (foam roller) & ice. Sitting here w/some ice for a few more minutes and then we'll be loading up the car to get on the road.


Yesterday was a pretty good food day. Still totally off the junk. Hopefully I can keep the momentum through the next week and a half.

Monday, December 22, 2008

a little down

I'm a little down. Not too bad, but definitely missing my walking. I took a rest day yesterday and iced my leg and took ibuprofen. Today I did some stationary biking and went to weight training but avoided squats or anything with bent knees. I did some calf raises, some adductor and abductor cable pulls, and some hip exercises to strengthen my gluteus medius (read about these the other day). But it wasn't walking :( and I'm sad. It was warm this morning (37) before the storm which is now here and though it was windy I know I would have liked being out there.


My eating has been pretty good, though. I did eat a lot at the party on Saturday, but it wasn't junk stuff, and I've been doing better overall and am still pleased with my progress.

Tomorrow we are going to visit my brother and SIL in California, and I'm hoping that the food there will be pretty healthy. My brother and SIL are pretty good about cooking healthy, though, so I think it will be OK.

The good news is that my SIL will give me a few swimming pointers while we're there, and I'm going to do some serious swimming I hope. I bought a pair of goggles today (a pair she recommended - Speedo Vanquisher), and she has a suit I can borrow. I did try on some suits today at Dick's Sporting Goods, but the only one I really really liked was $80. I don't think so! There was one that was decent for $50 but Erica (my SIL) says I can do better, and I believe her (I called her from the store!). So I'm going to borrow a suit from her and then order one online and have it shipped to my house so it's waiting when I get back. I am hoping I'll be able to walk again soon and won't need it too much, but suspect this might be a longer term problem.

My knee has been bothering me today even while standing and regular walking - not all the time, just sometimes. It's always there, in the back of my mind. And it makes me pretty bummed.

I'm tired but didn't nap. Probably should have. And now I'm rambling and procrastinating and I need to be packing and cleaning my house.

Off to get some work done. It will make me feel better.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Saturday, again...

Photo: Me and Starr, one of the runners on our team. I went about 4 miles with her today.

The team met in Draper to do the Porter Rockwell Trail this morning. Thankfully, it did not snow much last night, and someone had plowed the trail fairly recently. There was anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow on most of the trail, though. With my YakTrax Pro, I had pretty secure footing though, and it wasn't too terribly cold (18F; -8C) and it was not windy except for a mile or so past the second water stop. Because of the weather we had a very low turnout, which we expected. I sent an e-mail yesterday telling everyone that if they wanted to work out indoors at the Olympic Oval or on their personal treadmill that we would be OK with that, because if the snow was really awful I didn't want people to feel like they had to come to the team workout.

In some ways it was nicer than last week, because it wasn't snowing in my face for half of the workout. However, maybe due to the unevenness of the ground with the snow on it, my IT band started acting up around mile 4.25 or so :(. I was able to stretch and rest it a lot intermittently, since there weren't many team members out there today, and that helped. I made it back to about 0.6 miles from the parking lot and then asked Te Koi (the running coach) for a ride. He was driving around because he's resting and nursing some injuries for a couple weeks. Anyway, my IT band didn't hurt as much as it did a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't great either. I am going to have to rest it more, ice it more, take more ibuprofen, etc. I'm thinking about what the rest is going to look like. I would just take 2 weeks off from walking entirely, but I am going to visit my brother for Christmas and not sure what kind of exercise I can do while I visit him. I think I can probably bike at his house during the day - it shouldn't be too cold if I bundle up, and they don't get snow there (Northern California - Davis). I really have to take the time off, I think, so I am going to figure it out. Hey, maybe I can swim some. My SIL Erica is a great Master's swimmer and maybe she can teach me some moves :). There's a cheery thought!

could be worse

The snow could be worse. It didn't accumulate much more last night. Still, there's about a foot (30cm) out there. Off to my workout :) and hoping that the trail has been used a little so that we're not totally slogging through the snow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nice day to be inside with a cup of tea

It's snowing very hard outside, and it's definitely nice to be inside today. I think I'll have a cup of vanilla caramel tea and read the paper, as soon as I get Calvin down for his quiet time (I just put Michelle down for her nap). It was very windy this morning, and it was actually warmish at 35 degrees. But now it's 27 and the temps are falling as the front comes through. Tomorrow's TNT workout should be interesting - snow on the ground, and very very cold. But I'm sure we'll have a good time, regardless. Hopefully my IT band won't give me any trouble.

Today I went to my weight training class and then did 30 min on my treadmill later in the morning. We had to take one of our cars in to get the windshield wiper repaired (it fell off! It's a '91 Buick Century, so hey, things will go wrong w/it) and a few other items (driver front tire leaking air, oil level sensor malfunction), so I had to get home from class quickly to take the car in and take Loren to work. The kids came along for the ride, and we did an errand afterward for some homemade Christmas presents I'm working on. All this to say that I was very grateful for my treadmill this morning, because I wouldn't have been able to racewalk for 30 min w/o it. Pop in a video or some Wii for the kids for 30 min, and I can get in a little time :). I am generally not in favor of videos for babysitting and try to use them judiciously (limit of 30 min per day), but when I am in the same room doing something else (usually cooking or working out) it can be very helpful.

Food - still doing very well, and on my 3rd day of no-junk-until-Epiphany. There are plenty of good options for great taste, so I'm feeling good. This is much less stressful than trying to manage the treats. A friend brought over a bag of homemade goodies, and my first thought was that it was going to be a lot easier just not eating any of them at all. I'm happy that the kids and Loren can enjoy them for me :). Last night I had another baked apple (leftover) and some popcorn after dinner. Tonight I think I'll have more fruit for dessert.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday treadmill hills; food update

Today I thought briefly about going to Liberty Park for a hard tempo walk; it was 23 so not terribly cold, and it wasn't snowing yet (it has snowed a few inches since then though!). However, my left knee gave me a few suspicious twinges, so I decided to baby it for another couple of days so that hopefully I'll be feeling all right for Saturday's Team in Training workout. With all that in mind, I climbed onto the treadmill and warmed up for 10 min at 5.3 mph w/0.5% incline. Then I paused the treadmill and stretched my left IT band with the foam roller (this was GREAT and one of the many advantages of using the treadmill). I got back on and started some hills: 4% incline and 5.3 mph for 1 min, then 1% incline 5.3 mph for 30 sec recovery. I repeated that until 30:30 on the timer, then cooled down until 41:00. Total of 3.53 miles or so of hills :). My IT band didn't give me any trouble, and I did stretch thoroughly afterward. Maybe it would have been OK outside, but I'm glad I played it conservatively. I do get a bit bored on the treadmill, but watching the news on TV and doing the hills keeps it from being stultifying.


Food update: Day 2 of no-junk-until-Epiphany is going great. Day 1 was fabulous, and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you all for your helpful comments and e-mails. I appreciate each one of you for your support :). I will need it as I continue this journey, for sure. I digress. Day 2 is good so far. I have been playing around with, which is an awesome way to track your food intake. I usually just track Weight Watchers Points, but I decided I wanted to know how much protein, carbs, and fat I am eating. Besides, it has a neat tracker that tells you about how many calories to eat to get to a goal weight by a certain date. For me, I want to be at 140 lb by October 4, 2009 for the Portland Marathon :). It's certainly a do-able goal, if I set my mind to it. And I have.

Last night after dinner I did want to eat a snack (I always do). So I found some great non-junk choices: some air popped popcorn, a Fresca (I love Fresca!) and a baked apple (I did put in a little brown sugar Splenda, a small amount of light margarine, and a few chopped walnuts (homegrown! anyone want some?)). This is my no-junk-until-Epiphany rule, and I deemed (and still do today) that that was not a junky dessert. I do have my rules, though - no ice cream, no Fiber One bars (the chocolate is deadly...), no candy of any kind (not even mints), no chocolate. I will permit one cup of sugar-free hot chocolate per evening though, but NO marshmallows. Basically, I'm cutting out anything likely to trigger any kind of binge eating. I feel so much more in control this way, for now. Sometimes I can eat that stuff w/o any trouble, but sometimes I just can't. I guess you just have to know yourself.

This morning I weighed 148.8, FYI (oh, and I am 5'8"). Y'know what? It's really awesome to be able to post my weight and not feel embarrassed about it at all. I know I have been pretty down about my eating lately, and have felt disempowered (just made that word up; the spell checker is rejecting it!), but if I think about how far I have come, I am cheered up a lot. In February 2005 if you would have told me I'd weigh under 150 lb one day, I would have rejoiced like nobody's business. Perspective is a good thing!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rest day from walking; food trouble

Rested my IT band today. I did a good hard weight workout (dead lifts, upright rows, chest flys, leg extensions, adductor cable pulls, lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep skull crushers) interspersed with stationary biking. When I got home, I biked for 20 more minutes.


Food trouble. Despite my bet with Nancy, I have not been doing well. The treats are getting the best of me. If I eat one bite, I feel like I have to have 20, and it's all over. I'm not really sure what to do at this point, but I know that it's NOT making me happy. I am almost afraid to write this, because if I don't do it I'll feel bad, but honestly, I want to be DONE with junk food until Epiphany (Jan 6). Why then? Well, I had the epiphany that it was controlling me, and I do not like it. I know it's the holidays, and there is going to be lots around, so I'm crazy for doing this. But the fact is that I am out of control and sometimes a little fast from what is controlling you is a good option. So far today I am feeling great about this decision. The hard part is the evening, though, but I am so disgusted with the way I've been eating that I am really looking forward to freedom from the junk food. Seriously! That is the mindset that got me through the first few months on WW, so I am thinking I'm in the right place. I hope. And that's all one can do is to keep hoping, sometimes, isn't it?

I will be sure to keep you updated on how I'm doing, readers, because hey, that's some serious accountability!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday in the snow

Yeah, I'm a couple days behind. The kids are all outside playing more or less happily in the snow so I am trying to catch up :).

This is 1500 East on Sunday morning when I walked on it in the snow. There was about 1-2 inches on most of the roads and more everywhere else. My YakTrax performed superbly and I had a great walk :). The toe push is not quite as good in the snow, so my HR was a bit higher than usual for my time of about 41 minutes, but it was beautiful and enjoyable.


Monday: Weights, including one legged squats and adductor exercises to strengthen L leg. Then 30' easy on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 45' on treadmill - 20' easy, then 5' hard (HR 160-165) then 1' easy, repeated 3x. I was going to do that 5x, but then my IT band started acting up again and I had to quit. It wasn't too bad, though, and I stretched it out really well and it seems fine now. I think it might have been the one legged squats from yesterday. I'm going to stop doing those for now and see if that helps. Meanwhile, I will rest it tomorrow and walk on Thursday.

Got to go - kids sound unhappy :(. Sigh.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Southern Utah, here we come!

Guess what? The Wasatch Walkers got BOTH of our groups into the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon in the lottery!!! That means that TEN of us are all going to Moab on March 21st for the race!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

Snowy yet super Saturday!

Here's a photo of me after the workout, outside in the snow :).

Today's TNT workout was a lot of fun. It was very windy at the start, and pretty darn warm (45!) but only because the cold front was blowing in. Within about an hour, it was cold and snowing HARD. The team did very well, and all of them finished their 6 or 8 miles despite the weather. Everyone seemed prepared for the weather, and it didn't seem like anyone got too terribly cold or uncomfortable.

I walked at high intensity for 1 hr 20 min, according to my heart rate monitor, and at moderate intensity for the rest of the time (about another hour or hour and a half?). I am guessing that I probably did about 9-10 miles total, between walking back and forth with all the groups, but I'm really not sure. It might have been only 8. I wish I had a Garmin. My Nike+ sensor has a dead battery and I could get another, but Christmas is close and I don't want to buy anything right now.

One of the best things about today, besides great conversations with the team? I had NO IT BAND TROUBLE AT ALL!!!!!!! YAY!

Here's my new favorite piece of gear - my Yak Trax Pro. They allowed me to racewalk FAST through snow, no problem!!! It was great. I am very excited about these.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday miscellany

I'm feeling pretty good now! My IT band is lots better thanks to stretching and resting, and yesterday morning I was able to do 45 min on the treadmill. Then I knew I was going out for pizza at night, so I did another 45 min during nap time. I had no problems at all, and even did some hills (3% incline intervals of 30 seconds). One thing I really like about the treadmill is that I can do a slight incline all the time, which does feel better for my IT band.

Today I went to my weight training workout and did 30 min on the treadmill. I took a little video which I might post later if I have time.


I've been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas, so haven't been keeping up with posting and reading other people's blogs very well. Sorry! I will try to do a little better but no guarantees.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still on the mend; first aid/CPR class

Yesterday I biked on the trainer for 30 min and then did 8 min of racewalking on the treadmill w/o incident or pain.

Today I did 22 minutes of racewalking on the treadmill before heading to my weight training class. I made sure I stretched my IT band a lot on the foam roller, and my instructor stretched it for me as well. It felt fine while walking, though a bit tight (no pain :)!!!), so that is progress in the right direction. During weight training, I worked on my adductors (the muscles that oppose the IT band) to strengthen them, as well as working on my left quads and glutes too (one legged squats, etc.). I am sure that part of my problem is that my left leg has been weaker than my right leg ever since 1993, when I tore my left ACL and had surgery to reconstruct it. I rehabbed it a lot, but my left quads have never been quite the same since.

Between taking it easy and all the stretching, I think it's getting better. I hope. I'm going to continue taking it easy and see how it goes. I want to walk Sugar House Park tomorrow, but I think that is probably not a good idea - if I get out there and it hurts, I'll still have to walk home. So, I think I'll do the treadmill again, and if it starts to bug me, I can stop and stretch w/the foam roller and then do some biking (as long as that is pain-free).


Today I took a First Aid/CPR class at the Red Cross. I am required as a TNT coach to be certified, which is very important, I think! I took the kids to day care and then went to the class. The instructor was great - very knowledgeable and entertaining as well. I thought it might be a boring day, but it wasn't. The only downer were the 2 Roto-Rooter plumber guys sitting behind me making rather immature comments the whole morning; thankfully, they left after the CPR part in the morning (I guess they didn't need the First Aid class). The guy sitting next to me was quite interested in Team in Training and gave me his address so we could send him a brochure, which was pretty cool.

So, now I feel ready for just about any emergency that might arise during a team workout. Hopefully I won't need to use any of that information, and all of our runners and walkers will stay healthy & happy.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Thought I would never see this again

$1.52. Wow.

Treadmill adventures, part 2

Thankfully, this wasn't too much of an adventure. It wasn't too hard to get it down the stairs, and we didn't even have to take the door off of the hinges. We set it up, and it's working great. We did have a moment of anxiety due to our low ceilings - I stood on it and had plenty of head clearance, but I was worried about Loren (who is 6'2"). But he got on it and had several inches to spare while walking, so it turned out to be fine.

Now I just wish that I could do some walking on it. The streets are fairly slippery tonight but probably navigable in the morning; still, my IT band is not up to any walking yet, at least not racewalking. I will probably bike on Loren's bike trainer (next to the treadmill in the photo) instead. That will do for tomorrow's workout :).


Yup, it's snowing pretty hard out there. It's really pretty, and not too cold (0.6C, 33F) so not too bad. It is December, after all.

Treadmill adventures, part 1

OK, we did it. We got a treadmill (see photo above, in our car). I found it on Craig's list; it was a little less than 1/2 the retail price and the people that had it had only had it for 6 months and had used it maybe 20 times. They have to move and because they pay by the pound to move stuff, it wasn't worth it to them to move an inexpensive treadmill. Yes, I decided to get a lower-end model, because I probably won't use it heavily (I prefer to be outside if at all possible, and even in the winter I can usually be outside), and Loren won't either. He plans to walk on it at a brisk pace, but doesn't really care to run or racewalk. So, this way, we can see if we like having one, and if we do, and if this one doesn't last more than a few years, then we will upgrade to a better one. And if we don't use it much, well, then we didn't spend a lot of $ on it.

The adventure so far was going to get it. It is snowing here now, and the roads are OK in the valley, but this treadmill was in Suncrest, in Draper. That's 1000 feet or so higher than our house, up a curvy road, in the fog, and the snow. Yup, fog - it is not foggy down here, but it was nasty up there. I was pretty petrified driving up there, even though I do have 4-wheel drive. I got there just fine, thankfully. I was able to try out the treadmill and my knee was OK for the short time it took to rev it up to 6 mph and put it through its paces. For a lower-end treadmill, it was not too bad - the belt is pretty wide (20") which is great, and it seemed to take the racewalking motion decently; it shook a little, but not bad. Loading the treadmill in the car was surprisingly easy. It folds, and I folded one of the rear seats down so it would fit sideways. Michelle could still sit in the back next to the treadmill, and Calvin moved up to the front seat. Our car has a sensor which turns off the airbag for the front passenger if it's a child; it's still not optimal, but it will do in a pinch. I didn't have a sitter, and NO WAY was I going to drive back up there tonight with Loren with the weather the way it is, so we went with it. Anyway, the guy who sold it to me was very nice and we were able to pull my car up behind his house and load it in from his basement patio door. Together it was no problem to lift it into my car, though I have to say I'm glad I've been weight training, as it weighs 176 lb.

I drove home w/o incident (though I did go very very slowly down the hill from Suncrest), and now the treadmill is still in the car, waiting for Loren to get home so we can get it into the house. That's why this post is labeled part 1 - because part 2 is to follow when we get it inside.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

IT band problems

Ummm, yeah, I'm still having IT band problems. Not good. I was better all week with no trouble at all, and then I did a hard weight training workout on Friday with lots of squats (no pain, but I wonder if this contributed?) followed by some running and lots of walking at the TNT workout on Saturday. I actually ran really hard for a bit trying to catch up with some participants, and I think this was a BAD idea. The pain started after that and it continued with racewalking. I stretched it a lot yesterday during and after my workout, and it felt fine this morning. So then I went for an easy walk this morning, and the first 2 miles were great. I was thinking everything was fine, and then it started to hurt. I still had to get home somehow so I kept walking fast. I think that was a mistake. It started to hurt worse, despite stopping several times to stretch.

So, now I have ice packs on it and I've plopped myself down in front of the 49ers game and am trying to do nothing. Not easy. But I need to get better. I'm going to avoid walking or running for several days, take ibuprofen, use ice and my foam roller, and hope and pray that it gets better. I love walking so much. I was literally crying with frustration (and pain) while out on my walk this morning, and I know I have to get back to it somehow. If it's not doing better later in the week I think I will make an appointment w/a doctor and/or physical therapist.

Any advice is welcome.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Great deal

Forgot to post about this. I got a 20% off coupon from Dick's Sporting Goods in the mail, and I needed a pair of warm pants to go over my tights for team workouts. So I found a pair of Reebok microfleece pants, originally $50, on sale for $33. Then I got an additional 20% off :)! While I was there I bought a foam roller for my IT band as I've been having problems and need to stretch it more, and they applied the 20% off coupon to that too (though it was only supposed to be for apparel). So I got both the roller and the pants for $50 :). I love a great deal.

Thursday tempo time; random stuff

Yup, the dreaded tempo workout. I didn't dread it much today, though, because I didn't push as hard. I walked at an easy pace to Liberty Park (12:18) and brought my dog Copper with me. She can keep up the pace on my faster days, while Sahara can't. I did 2 laps of the park in 29:15 total, with an ave heart rate of 152. I started with HR of 145ish and built up to 163 by the end of the workout. It was a good effort though not as hard as some I've done; I was a bit sluggish this morning.


Yesterday I did 25 min easy racewalking and a good weight workout. I did walking lunges, dead lifts, heel walking, bench press, shoulder press, upright row, biceps, triceps, and push-ups; tried those "perfect push-up" thingies that I guess are on TV (wouldn't know because I don't watch much). My instructor bought a set and let us try them. They were good - I can normally do 10-12 guys' push-ups in a set x 3 sets, and with these, I could only do 5-6. So if you're a guy and you can do like 50 push-ups and want a challenge, they would be good. For me, not necessary since I can just do the 10-12 regular push-ups. I digress. Then we did abs and stretching.


After my workout today I took the kids to Kindermusik and then to the Gateway mall for a little shopping for Loren and for myself. The kids love going there to run around the fountain (I let them do this for a good long time) and then to run around the open-air mall (ummm, whose crazy idea was it to have an open-air mall in this climate? The kids like it but I would prefer inside!) for a while. We did go in a few stores to get 2 items, but mostly we just ran around. Then I went to Baker's Cash & Carry to pick up some goodies for making treats for friends and family for Christmas. I'm going to do a homemade Christmas this year for everyone. Not all of it is treats - I am giving people all kinds of things that I have made. More fun, cheaper, and more meaningful, I hope.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Nancy (my friend from the Wasatch Walkers; she is the one on the far right in the photo and I am on the far left) and I are having a contest in December. We are both Weight Watchers members and we are both kind of sick of the extra 3-4 lbs we've been carrying around. So, we're having a contest to get rid of it. We both set a weight goal (mine is to lose 3.4 lbs, and Nancy's is to lose about the same - not sure of her exact #) and we have until our weigh-ins on January 5th to lose the weight. If we do it, then the other person has to buy us $20 worth of goodies at our local running store. If we both win, then it still applies and we have lots of fun shopping together.

This is making me REALLY psyched to lose the weight! I know, it's the season to gain, but I am sure I can do this. I am SO ready to take on this challenge. Funny how a little competition can motivate one to get going. I had a fabulous day yesterday and am on my way to a great day today, too. I can do this! :)

Tuesday track workout

Yup, another Tuesday, another track workout. I invited the team to come and one person did show up, so it wasn't so lonely working out in the dark. There is one set of lights at the track, so we have to start our 400s in the middle because my watch isn't backlit :). But the lights are adequate to stay in the lanes, and it was pretty warm this morning (41!) so I was a happy camper.

We did 4 easy warm-up laps in about 10:30 (OK, so that wasn't really super easy, but I wanted to stay with Wendy, the runner who came) and then some dynamic stretching. Then I did 5 sets of 800m in 4:35 (?not sure as stopwatch started late?), 4:37, 4:33, 4:35, 4:33. Not too shabby, and I felt great the whole time. Yes, I was breathing pretty darn hard, but it was awesome to be out there pushing myself. I think I'm getting more used to speed work.


Oh, forgot to post about yesterday. Had a great circuit training workout and then went for 2 laps Liberty Park with Nancy, Diane, and Carol. Awesome. I was pushing the stroller and it had a flat tire on one side (Loren had fixed it but I guess it was still leaking) so I got a really good workout even though the ladies like to walk a little slower than I usually do. The stroller with 65 lb of kids in it and the flat tire made for a good handicap!

Then Nancy, Diane, and the kids & I went to breakfast to celebrate Diane's 69th birthday (Carol had to leave). We had a blast! Diane is an amazing woman - she started racewalking in her late 50s and has done TWENTY marathons. I want to be like her when I grow up :).