Monday, November 26, 2007

Reunion weekend - more details

Photos and more stuff about the reunion weekend and our Thanksgiving Day festivities.
Reunion weekend
Reunion party
More Reunion weekend photos (mostly of my old neighbor
hood/school/house etc.)

I enjoyed eating 3 things I can't get here in Utah:
1) a great cheesesteak

2) Tastykakes (actually didn't eat them, just bought them to take home)

3) Friendly's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sundae

AND because I walked a LOT I was able to stay within my points and only use half of my points allowance for the week. Yeah!!! I'm going to have a great week in spite of the big weekend.

It was the neatest thing walking around my old neighborhood - brought back some amazing memories. I walked around my elementary school, my junior high, my house, and more. Stuff I hadn't thought of in years came flooding back. I think I've tried to deny how formative those PA years were, and distance myself from the East, but I realized that it's a
big part of who I am, and I think I'm coming to terms with that in a good way .

I intend to blog a bit more about this later if I have time.... but now I really really need to hit the sack!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reunion weekend

Had an amazing time in Pennsylvania for my 20th high school reunion. I am totally exhausted now that I'm home, and bed is calling... so I'm just posting to tell you all that I will write more later.

It was a good weekend, food and exercise-wise. I stayed within my points, ate about 15 of my flex points (not bad!) and walked 1 hr 20 min on Saturday and 1 hr today (just easy walks). It was awesome walking where I used to live, and seeing how things have changed/stayed the same. Will post more tomorrow, when I am able to think a bit more clearly.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A toast to the chef

OK, so I was the chef :). Except for the turkey - Loren brined it last night and smoked it all day today. It was FABULOUS! The rest of the food was equally wonderful, and the pecan pie still awaits... so I'd better stop blogging and hang out w/the family!!!

On the menu: turkey, gravy, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes caramelized with brown sugar and butter (I went real easy on these!), cranberry relish, green bean bake, and stuffing. All the traditional yummies. I ate 19 points (including the wine), so not too bad. The pie will be 12 more... but I have saved all week for today and tomorrow, so no problem!
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Cold Turkey Race

I did the Cold Turkey 6K today. Goal: 36 minutes. Reality: 38:21. Sigh...

The good news - I finished first in the Women's walking division :)! The Wasatch Walkers took places 1-3. I was first, Nancy was 2nd, and Diane took 3rd.

Factors leading to a disappointing time for me:
1. Very hilly course (I knew this going in, but figured I could do it that fast anyway... wrong!).
2. Training - didn't put in enough lactate threshold workouts, knew I didn't, and didn't care (I hate them!). In the future, I will not neglect these for important races. I decided I didn't care as much about my time for this race, after the hard effort I put in for the half marathon on Oct 21st.
3. Form - I have FINALLY got my right knee really straight! Yeah! I think I've really got it! The bad part is that this has temporarily slowed me down a little. I do believe w/a little practice I'll get faster again. I just am not so good at getting quite as good a toe push-off with my right leg a little bent as I am with it straight - YET. I will master this and eventually I'll be faster for it. Plus, I won't get DQ'd!!!
4. Upper respiratory problem - incipient cold? I was breathing really hard for what was a slower effort. At the end of the race I was coughing and hacking with a little blood taste. Not sure what the deal is, but my husband suggested that either I had a little exercise-induced asthma today, or possibly I am coming down with something. I have had a bit of a runny nose, and my pinkeye is better but eyes are still a little goopy in the morning. Maybe I'm not over the last cold?

OK, excuses are over. On the good side, I am SO thrilled that I actually wanted to go for a 6K racewalk on T-giving morning instead of slugging on the couch in front of a football game, like I used to do in the old days. In fact, in the old days, I'd have a plate (or two) of cheese and crackers WHILE I slugged on the couch. I am a totally different person, and I rejoice in the transformation and will not be disappointed by a very successful outing! It was a really fun day :) and next time I'll be faster... you just wait and see.

I'm going to take a little training respite for the next month or two, and just focus on staying fit and not gaining weight through the holidays. I will still racewalk, but I'm just going to do easy walking for enjoyment only - no racing, no stressing, no evil workouts. Lots of cross-training and lots of just enjoying life!!!

Below, me with Calvin after the race!

The Wasatch Walkers at the race!

Nancy, Dorthy, Diane, Madeline, and Tammy
Not pictured: Kat and Carol

Monday, November 19, 2007

This boy can SWING!

He has a slightly unorthodox technique - always goes on his stomach, and runs with his legs to propel himself upwards. Hey, whatever works!

Cross-training/easy day/kid stuff

Today I went to weight training and did the usual Monday routine there. Bench press, lunges, dead lifts, upright rows, calf raises, overhead press, abs.

Then I went to the Wasatch Walkers workout. It's always fun walking w/the ladies and talking, but we don't go very fast. That was OK, since I have a race Thursday. I did about 3 miles with them, and then took the kids to the playground since we were already at the park. Michelle threw up all over herself in the stroller, and I only had 3 wipes with me (!what was I thinking!), but managed to clean her up enough I guess. She still smelled bad, but we were outside, and the weather was gorgeous. It's super warm today (high of 72 according to my thermometer - that is 22C for my Canadian friends) and got to be breaking records. Tomorrow it's supposed to SNOW and not get above the 30s (3-4C) all day, though, so it was good we could enjoy it today.

Later we went to Payless to get shoes for the kids. Calvin needed new sneakers badly, as his old ones were way too small. I also got snow boots for both kids. Ouch. My pocketbook is hurting... I bought a pair of shoes for myself, too (only $23, and they are nice & furry for winter, and perfect for wearing to the lab - super comfy). The total was $100. Kids' shoes are SO expensive. Next time I'm going to Kid-to-Kid first to see what they have. I hate spending that much on teeny little shoes!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

easy day; recital; grocery woes

Today I did an easy walk for 1 hour. I'm not sure how far I went, because I really didn't measure it (edited to add: just measured it on MapIt and it was 5.5 miles, for 10:54 per mile; about 8.8 km, for 6:48 per km). I just took it easy, and enjoyed myself. I have a race Thursday, so I didn't go as long as I usually would for a long easy day.

This afternoon I attended a trombone recital by my friend Matt. It was outstanding, and I particularly loved the Schumann and the last piece "T-bone Concerto", that had movements entitled "Rare", "Medium", and "Well Done". I have to say that I really miss being in a serious musical environment. I never even get to practice any more. Sigh.

After dinner I needed to do some grocery shopping so that I can enjoy a walk with my racewalking friends at the park tomorrow (usually I grocery shop Monday mornings, but the walk is nicer!). The kids go along in the stroller, and I'm fast enough that I can keep up, even with the stroller. Anyway, the grocery shopping was heinous. The store (Harmon's, which I usually adore) was actually OUT of frozen green beans. Completely OUT. I wanted French cut, but would have settled for anything, any brand. But they had nothing. I asked the assistant mgr for help, and he looked in vain in the back. Very frustrating. They were also out of the small cans of 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup, and they only had very $$$$ organic pecans. Come on, guys... I know that Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and you had a busy weekend at the store, but don't you plan for these kinds of things? You know people are going to buy lots of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and pecans, don't you? Well, now another grocery store is going to get more business from me later in the week. Arrrgh. Not only do I have to make another trip, but I'll have to take the kids with me, more likely than not. How frustrating!

Despite taking an hour nap before the recital, I am totally exhausted now. It's late, considering that I have to get up at 5:45 to get to my weight training class. Ugh. Good-night!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Date night

Tonight we went to the Gateway and tried Z'Tejas, a Tex-Mex place. We thought it was good, but not remarkable. We enjoyed our dinner, though, and then walked around and shopped. We got some fun kitchen stuff at Sur La Table, browsed The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works, checked out Christopher & Banks (tried on 2 pr pants but no dice), bought a cool slick-bottomed sled at Dick's Sporting Goods, and got some printer ink and some stationary for our Christmas letter at Office Depot. It was great to walk around and shop w/o the kids, and just hang out together. Babysitters are a wonderful thing!

Saturday workout

This morning I was going to do about 8K easy, but then I decided I needed some speed work, so I did 2K warm up, 4K fartleks (1' on 1' off) and 2K cool down. Total time about 56 minutes. Was a bit slow, I thought, for where my heart rate was. I think I'm still getting over the cold/pinkeye, though I feel fine when I'm not racewalking.

Tomorrow I am going to do a long-ish easy walk. Not too long, since I have a race Thursday. I might do 6 miles? 7 miles? We'll see what time I get up :) and then I'll decide.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still got it

Pinkeye, that is.... fun fun. Now it's in BOTH eyes. My right eye is getting better, but now the left eye is getting worse.

In other news, I did 2K racewalking, easy, as a warm up for weight training this morning. I had a great weight training session. I did squats, dumbbell flys, lat pull-downs, calf raises, hamstring ball curls, heel walking, lateral raises (front to side), push-ups, tricep pull-downs, and all sorts of ab exercises. It was a great workout.

Tomorrow, I plan to do about 8K easy racewalking.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rest day

Had a very nasty bout of pinkeye that started yesterday, accompanied by a runny nose, headache, and general malaise. I love my children, but I swear that I get more stinking lousy colds, flus, whatevers because of them. When I woke up this morning I could NOT open my right eye until I put a hot compress on it for a while, because it was glued shut with gunk. Ugh.

So, last night before bed, I knew I needed to have a rest day. I do have a race next Thursday, and today was going to be my last hard workout before then, but oh well. I may not have a very good finishing time, but that's just the way it is. It's actually not a great race for walkers, because it is pretty hilly, but it will be a lot of fun doing the race on Thanksgiving. My MIL is going to be visiting and says she wants to come cheer me on at the finish.

Speaking of races, Ollie has a big one this weekend. Good luck, Ollie!!! We are all cheering you on!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Easier day

Today I lifted weights but didn't do much cardio at all - just a few minutes of easy racewalking to warm up. My left leg is a little tired today after yesterday's intervals, so I decided to take it easy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More workouts

I did about 6.5-6.8ish miles (depending on whose Garmin you trust) at a nice leisurely pace (1:22 for the workout) with the Wasatch Walkers on Sunday afternoon. It was rainy, but not too bad, and it was actually a decent day to be out, despite how it looked.

Monday morning I did 15 min of easy walking on the track and then went to my weight training class. Then I met the WW again at Liberty Park and did an easy 3.5 miles with them, pushing the stroller w/the kids (50+ pounds!) before Calvin had had enough and we went to the playground for a little fun.

Today I met the walkers yet again at the U of U field house, at the indoor track. It's a decent track, though small at 211m for one circuit. We did a pretty evil pyramid interval workout after our warm-up and drills. 1 lap at 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 1.5 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 2 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 2.5 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 3 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 2.5 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, 2 laps 5K pace, 1 lap easy, etc. down to 1 lap hard 1 lap easy. Total distance including w/u and cool down was just over 8K (maybe 8.4? My iPod was acting up a bit). I was pretty draggy tonight - I vastly prefer morning workouts and feel so sluggish at night!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New dress!

OK, I went nuts and spent $$$ on a new dress. But it is totally fabulous, and my 20th high school reunion is in less than 2 weeks, so I just had to have it.

Now, I'd like your input - for those of you who are fashion-minded - what jewelry should I get to go w/this? I was thinking a chunky black & white necklace and matching earrings & bracelet. Is that too much? What would YOU get?

By the way, it is a size FOUR! I tried the size 6, and was feeling like it wasn't going to stay up! I have NEVER EVER in my life worn a size so small and it's amazing!!!


Friday - stationary bike hard for 15 min then 30 min of vigorous weight training.
Saturday - walked 6K with about 4K of 1 min on/1 min off fartleks. Was short on time to get to my Weight Watchers meeting or would have done 8K.

Planning to meet the Wasatch Walkers for a 7 mile race tomorrow for World Run Day.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Interval workout

Haven't done one of these in a few weeks, as I was resting after the half marathon on Oct 21st. I have a race in a couple weeks, though, and would like to do decently at it.

I've been working on my form a lot the past few weeks - just slowing down and concentrating on getting my right knee straight. I can feel now when I am not doing it, so that is a big improvement on what I was doing before.

So this morning, I decided it was time for a little speed work. Since it's been a while, I planned a workout that wouldn't be too impossibly tough. Warm-up, drills, then 8x400 (or in this case, 422m since I'm on the indoor track right now) at 5K pace. 5K pace is 2:18 for 400 or 2:25 for 422. I did them in: 2:22, 2:24, 2:26, 2:28, 2:23, 2:24, 2:25, 2:25. Not too shabby. I felt pretty horrible, though - was breathing really hard to get them under 2:25 (and couldn't quite do it on two of them). I think I'm feeling badly for 2 reasons: 1) I'm still getting over my illness from Sunday & Monday, and 2) I'm not as efficient (yet!) with my right knee all the way straight. Eventually I should be faster with correct technique, but I may be a little slower until I get it figured out enough to get a good push off with my toes and keep the knee straight too. Short term pain, long term gain.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Feeling better

I'm feeling better today. The sore throat is gone and I'm not quite so tired. Still, I should probably get some sleep soon.

Did manage to get in a good walk today. Walked to Liberty Park and did one loop at lactate threshold pace, in 14:00, then walked home. Total time just under 42:00. Not too shabby considering that I'm probably still recovering from my cold/whatever it is. Have a race in just over 2 weeks (the Cold Turkey 6K). Not sure how hard I want to push it, given that I've not been training very hard since the 1/2 marathon on Oct 21st, but we'll see how I feel over the next week or so.

Hated the traffic today. It was just awful. Don't know why, but Foothill Blvd is much worse than usual this fall. Driving on it pains me. Wish that our day care was closer, but the kids love it so I'm not going to switch now.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday walk

This morning I did an easy walk of Liberty and SugarHouse parks, for about 7.65 miles (it was 12.4 km on my iPod, which is about 7.75 miles - pretty close!). It was clear and cold - just under 40 degrees F (4-5 degrees C I think) but I was OK in my 2 long sleeve shirts and long pants and of course my earmuffs! I took Copper with me, and we enjoyed a good walk together. It took me 1 hr 25 min for about 6:50/km over the distance. I felt a bit sluggish - my heart rate was a little higher than it should have been for how fast I was going.

This was all explained later in the day when I realized I don't feel so great. I think I'm coming down with something. I have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, body aches, and a good headache. I'm drinking some nice caramel truffle black tea right now and that's helping, along with 2 extra strength Tylenol.

Hopefully it won't get much worse. I'd like to do some weights tomorrow morning!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today was much better, thankfully.

Walking - took a rest day. I needed it.

Work - started a new experiment, hoping that the latest idea will bear fruit. Upbeat about the possibilities.

Kids - much happier today. They liked the taco soup I made for dinner. Especially the chips :)! Calvin did well on the potty - yeah!

Husband - also happier today. Big relief.

Tomorrow... going to be busy. Work out (weights, some walking or maybe elliptical), come home and shower and get the kids dressed and take them to day care. Go to the doctor for my lovely annual exam. Then go get the kids from day care and take them to Kindermusik. Take them back to day care. Go to work for the afternoon. Pick up kids from day care, and get a Papa Murphy's pizza on the way home (a Friday tradition, only Loren usually gets the pizza, but he will be at Kung Fu tomorrow night). Feed kids, put them to bed, then relax. Maybe another bath. The one last night did me a lot of good - I love our jacuzzi tub.