Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 2. Never Give Up.

I'm still here - game face at left needed for this week. It's been a completely insane week at work (summer, lots of new people in lab, people who can help new people on vacation, etc) and at church (search committee stuff wrapping up but lots of details) and at home (house guest) and with family (dad still sick though much better) and the usual amount of kid drama/kid stuff (violin lessons, soccer meetings & registration for new team, the missed piano lesson due to busyness).

Now I know these are minor things in the big picture - but it's just been a lot of, well, stuff. Too much stuff = stress and anxiety. I need a personal life declutterer. Haha. But just saying that makes me realize that I am my own personal life declutterer, and I've been neglecting simplification. Sometimes you can't simplify, and this may be one of those times, but I need to try. A practical step is probably going to involve scheduling in some "me" time on my calendar. Not sure where, but it's going in.

All that to say that though I overslept on Thursday and had to postpone a workout to Friday, I still did all of my workouts. HA!

Sunday: rest
Monday: 6K at 6:50/km (slow but done)
Tuesday: 4K  at 6:39/km (indoor track - pouring rain and I was wimpy), plus 3x200 @85% (which I did at more like 100% because I was in a mood!) in 1:01, 1:02, 1:00
Wednesday: elliptical - 30 min (at the gym)
Thursday: overslept
Friday: warm-up (10:45 for 4 laps - slow), 3K fartlek in 19:23 (slow and heavy legs but DONE anyway)
Saturday: 12K at 6:54/km - hilly route! Calvin and dogs did 6K with me.

I'm in need of more speed but otherwise I'm doing OK. My legs felt fine when I was done with 12K again so at least the endurance is better than last week, when the last 3km of 10km was not optimal, leg-wise.

My eating wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. I did lose 2 lb. Home scale says 166.0, WW scale 167.2 (down 2.2 at WW). Keeping on track enough. For this week, am going to do better at menu planning and scheduling me time. I'm on it right now.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

This time I really mean it. Resuming training, yet again. PTC training - week 1. Weight Watchers Summer - week 1.

My last post was entitled "Resuming Training". Um, yeah. That went well (not).

Fatigue has continued to be an issue, but at least in the last month I know it's because I was totally burning the candle at both ends with our pastoral search committee work for church. I made the deliberate choice to take another break and try again starting this week. Then my dad got really, really sick (bad bad bad GI bug) and my mom is vacationing in Spain, and yeah, that was stressful. I mentioned all this to my family doc, who has tried in the past to find answers to my fatigue, and she said we should try upping my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds - could be related to depression. OK, sure, why not? I will do anything. I just want to feel better.

I did all my workouts this week. They were slow, but whatever. I am telling myself that I am just happy to be out there at this point, which is (mostly) true.

Sunday: 6K trail run (not on the schedule, just did it with Calvin)
Monday: 6K 6:44/km
Tuesday: 4K 6:55/km plus 3x200m @85% in 3:21
Wednesday: elliptical 40 min
Thursday: 3K fartlek (19:34; legs like concrete; warm at 22.8C)
Friday: elliptical 40 min
Saturday: 10K 6:50/km (photo above - me & boy-o and dogs)

I also went to Weight Watchers today. Weight - an ugly 169.4. (At home - 168.0). That has to be down to about 160 by August or I might die of embarrassment when staying with my very fit friend Katie.

OK, have got my work cut out for me. Onward.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

resuming training

I took a week off racewalking after the SLC Half, because my coach let me :). That was good - I think I needed it.

I *did* do some weight training (2 days) including glute and hammy exercises (walking lunges, nordic hammys, bridges) and core stuff (planks mostly), and some arm stuff (lateral raises, bench press with dumbbells). That made me a bit sore but it was fine (!) yay! Happy about that since I had to give up weight training because of my weird muscle pain a few years ago and have been a bit afraid to resume. But it's good now! So far. I also did a lot of elliptical and a lot of casual walking. No racewalking.

And I've been watching my diet more, though it's still not quite where it needs to be; still, in a couple weeks I lost 4.5lb of the 6lb I gained. So that's something.

Yesterday I resumed training. I did 6K and was supposed to do 5x200m @85% effort, but I did 3x200m at a hard effort (in 3:16; getting a little faster), and on the last one a nagging pull I've had (minor - very minor) in my lower left abs became a bit more nagging, so I stopped. I think it's fine, but will keep an eye on it. It bothered me a teensy bit when starting my 8K today. My 6K time was 39:27 for 6:34/km and I forgot my HR monitor (oops). Yesterday's weather was great - 10C (50F) and sunny and calm. Nice.

Today I did 8K in a light rain, and same temp 10C (50F). It was actually pretty nice out despite the light rain, which was refreshing. Plus my legs felt really good! I did the 8K in 51:48 for 6:29/km with ave HR 149. I'm starting to get back on track. Now to stay healthy.

I've been too busy (still) but I think the worst busyness of the pulpit committee may be over soon - we are moving deeper with some candidates so that requires less initial screening in large #s. Whew. That will help. But I need to get a bit more sleep, which will help with the weight loss too. All in good time. Trying to be patient with myself as I work through each day, and trying to tuck in some rest/relaxation points during the day.

Cross-training tomorrow!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

SLC Half Marathon - 2017 edition

Friday: rest day, with some gentle hiking with my friend Lois in Red Butte Garden. Awesome.

Saturday: Salt Lake City Half Marathon!

I woke ready to go and feeling pretty good. Had a banana and grabbed my stuff, but forgot my Garmin. At least I have my fitbit, but I can't do splits on it. Oh well! I didn't mind too much as I was doing this just as a training race. I was excited to get out there and enjoy the camaraderie, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Started off low 40s (~5C) and sunny and calm, and ended at probably 50F (10C).

Took it easy for the first 5 miles (a couple small steep uphills but mostly gentle downhill), and then through mile 6.5 it's a relentless though gentle uphill. That takes a lot out of you, but I took it easy and it was OK. A little more downhill and then one more difficult uphill (hard to racewalk legally near the top) before coasting down to mile 8-9. The kids were supposed to greet me at mile 8.5 but didn't :/ ah well.

I still felt pretty good in miles 8-10; legs got pretty tired around mile 10 but I took a gel and that seemed to revive me a bit (or it was just a coincidence!). Either way, I was able to do the last couple miles pushing it just a little (moderate-moderately hard) and I felt very good - tired, but good. After crossing the finish line I felt fine and recovered well the rest of the day, although it was a bit of a crazy schedule. Church stuff has been super busy with being on the search committee for a new pastor, and we had a lot of stuff to do this weekend, so that made recovery harder, but I am hoping to sleep well tonight.

Oh, and my time? A reasonably respectable 2:21:37 - for out of shape and just enough training to go the distance, I will take that. Fitbit data here. 

I'm definitely sore today, probably from the hills and the extra effort the last couple miles, but it's a good kind of sore. Hoping to hit the gym for some weights this week and do a lot of cross-training. Onward! Need to get ready for Portland to Coast in August, and then still setting my sights on WMA in Malaga, Spain in 2018.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

elliptical; 3K fartlek

Tulips from this morning, at left. So beautiful around our neighborhood!

Yesterday: elliptical for 30 min, plus walking a lot around campus (errands).

Today: 3K fartlek. I woke up feeling really good, for the first time in a while. It wasn't that I got that much sleep, because I didn't (7 hr?), but I guess I slept well? I did have a very relaxing evening with our small group from church, and some good conversation with Loren before bed; Calvin drove me a bit crazy with piano practicing issues, but otherwise things were peaceful. I can't say why I felt good, but I did. Go figure.

I was actually kind of excited to go to the track. It was 8.9C (48F) which is pretty average or slightly warmer than usual for this time of year in the morning, and I wore capris and a long sleeved shirt but forgot my gloves. That was OK, though as it was borderline whether I needed them. It was a bit breezy so I was chilled to start but then after the warm-up was fine.

My warm-up was a lot faster than the last 2 weeks for the same thing - 10:09 this week vs 10:33 and 10:34 for the last 2 weeks. I felt good. The workout followed and was good - I was happy because all my fast 500s were back under 3 min, where they belong :). My medium 500s are still slowish but that's fitness and it will return.

Garmin data here. 

Splits Time Cumulative Time Avg HR Max HR
1 02:57.2 02:57.2 149 157
2 02:59.8 05:57.0 161 164
3 03:13.4 09:10.4 158 164
4 02:59.9 12:10 164 167
5 03:17.7 15:28 160 167
6 02:59.2 18:27 165 169
Summary 18:27 18:27 159 169

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

elliptical; 6K w/3x200 @85%

Yesterday: elliptical, but only for 25 minutes...I was tired, and busy. Something is better than nothing though!

Today: Had a bit of trouble getting out of bed so I was running late. I managed my 6K with my dog Sugar just fine; my legs were a little tired when I got out of bed but felt fine on my walk :). Did 6:39/km for 39:55 with ave HR 144. Then rushed home to walk Calvin to school - I like the hangout time with him; he can walk himself but it's good to spend the time with him. On the way back, with my dog Powder, I did some 200s - but only had time/distance for 3 before getting to our street. As it was I still missed my regular bus and took a little later one. The 200s were slow but I expected that. Whatever. I'm training.


It's hard to train right and eat right at the same time. It takes energy to train, and takes energy (quite a lot actually) to eat right. I am trying to sleep more, but that's tricky too, as I'm serving on the search committee at our church to find a new pastor (our previous pastor had a great job opportunity open up in New York City, and after 16 years here we miss him but it was good for him to take the opportunity). The search committee is a lot of work, but I'm glad I'm doing it. Add in the usual kid stuff and work stuff and it gets a little crazy - no, a LOT crazy. I'm learning to say no to other things to make all this work, but I don't want to stay this busy all the time and am glad this is just for a season. Meanwhile, it's challenging.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Yesterday: I was supposed to do the 12K yesterday, but I woke up feeling unbelievably tired and decided there was no way it was going to happen. I'd been sleep deprived for a couple days and it wasn't good at all. I don't think it was the mystery fatigue, but I'm watching for that. I've had a few times this week when I felt like I could possibly be getting a touch of the fatigue so I'm watching it. I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP (yelling at myself). Anyway, by noon I felt better, despite going to Weight Watchers and gaining 6 lb in 2 weeks (yeah, I knew I was eating poorly, but geez!). I'm back at it again, needless to say. Spent the afternoon doing a lot of fairly heavy-ish yard work because we had to --- I was tired and didn't want to, but the problem is that we need to get it done, and it keeps raining on the weekend. This was the first weekend in a bit we've had a chance to work on it, and we wanted to take advantage. A few more good weekends and we should have most of it done, but here in SLC if we don't do it now then it just gets WAY too hot to do it. Spring is unpredictable though, so it's hard to find the right window to do yard work when it's sunny and it's the weekend!

Today: Got up and was a bit sore from the yard work, plus had to prep for having people over for Easter dinner today. Got the ham in the smoker, and made a Jell-O salad, and put candy for the kids in eggs for our Easter egg hunt, and then I had to run off to church to be there at 8:30 for music practice - I love playing for Easter so that was pretty awesome - some great piano and organ stuff. Needless to say, the 12k didn't happen until we got home from church, I made 2 pies, and then we did the Easter egg hunt. Then I could finally go racewalking, and though it was warm outside (not hot, but nicely warm - a bit warm for RW this early in the season for me) at 17.8C (64F) I actually had a decent walk. OK, it was slow, but I did a hilly route AND my legs were tired from yard work AND it was warm outside, so I think given all that I did a really good job. Photo of how GORGEOUS it was outside today above at left - SugarHouse Park was so fabulous.

After getting home I finished making dinner, entertained until 8pm (see photo above with our friends!), cleaned up until 9pm, and now ... I'm TIRED!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

elliptical; 3K fartlek

Yesterday: elliptical for 45 min. I felt very, very tired yesterday and after 30 min I thought about stopping, and maybe I should have, but I thought, "It's just the elliptical...I only have 15 more minutes". I ended up taking a nap for ~25 min when I got home from work, which helped. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

Today: 3K fartlek. I am a little sore from something - but just a little (very minor), all over - shoulders, arms, abs, legs. Otherwise, feeling good, and the weather was amazing this morning at 16C (61F), calm, and clear. I did a warm-up with strides, and it felt OK. Not great, not bad, but OK. Then I did some dynamic stretching and started my workout. After the first 1km (kinda slowish, even a little slower than last week) I felt pretty tired and had no gas in the tank. Legs were heavy and not moving well, but I felt good mentally, telling myself "no judgment" and "relax" which helped. I finished about 14 sec slower than last week but that seems fine given how I was feeling. I worked hard and got a good workout in, which is what matters at this point.

After the workout I felt great, and I feel pretty good now too. Hoping the tired thing isn't a trend. I have been thinking that if I can train again and lose some weight that I really want to try to go to Spain in Sept 2018 for World Masters. My family wants to go to Spain (kids are in Spanish immersion) too, so it would be a win-win. Now to stay healthy and uninjured. Haha.

Splits  Time Cumulative Time Avg HR Max HR
1 03:00.1 03:00.1 145 157
2 03:03.9 06:04.0 158 161
3 03:20.4 09:24.4 154 161
4 03:04.1 12:29 160 163
5 03:22.6 15:51 156 163
6 03:03.8 18:55 161 166
Summary 18:55 18:55 155 166

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8K w/3x3' @10K race pace

Today: Legs a bit tired from yesterday, and I had some trouble getting out of bed :/ but I realized that I'd feel better if I did my workout, so out I went. It was lovely out this morning - calm, clear, 40F (3.9C).

My legs felt pretty tired and heavy, and after the 2nd faster 500m, they felt a bit shaky/Jell-O-like, which I think is totally expected given my lack of training. But they held up fine and I completed the workout without incident, and my 500s were a bit faster than last week at 2:59, 3:05, 3:03 for similar segments (slight downhill, slight uphill, slight downhill).

Total time was 52:21 for 6:32/km with ave HR 147. The HR is lots better than last week and the trace on Garmin connect looks like I'd expect for this workout. I can tell that even just in my second week of training that things are clicking in a bit. I know it's going to take months, but it's nice to have things looking up even a little.

Now if I could just get my diet a bit more under control. The chocolate has been winning, and that has to stop. I need to relocate my motivation --- not just in racewaking but also in life and what I really want my life to look like. Time for some thought (and I need to not be too busy to reflect). It's spring break for the kids and I'm going to take Thursday & Friday off work so that'll help.

Monday, April 10, 2017


yesterday: rest day, complete with nap

today: 6K

I didn't go first thing in the morning 'cause I needed to get to work and get some stuff done. But once at work I was able to carve out 40 min for a racewalk. It's slightly hilly here but I have a flatter-ish course that I can do, and it was much nicer later in the morning than it was earlier. It snowed yesterday and was still a bit cold this morning so late morning was perfect. It was about 0C (32F) when I woke up but it was a balmy 7.8C (46F) when I walked.

I pushed the pace a bit and my HR was in the upper 150s a lot, but I felt good and the sunshine made me happy :). So there.

Garmin data here. 38:14 for 6:22/km with ave HR 154. 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

18K at the Oval

Yesterday: ~35 min elliptical, plus did some hiking at Red Butte Garden (~30 min) very, very easy with a friend (she's in her mid-60s and a little frail for her age). 

Today: 18K on tap, and with it raining (hard) and 40F (4C), I opted for the indoor comfort of the Olympic Oval. It was odd today as there was no ice (!) just concrete where the 400m speed skating track usually is; I guess they have to redo the ice occasionally. So, no long track speed skaters to watch, though there were a few short track skaters on the two hockey rinks in the center of the oval. The track is 442m and so for me 6:30-6:45/km would be about 2:53-2:59 per lap. I was hoping to stay in that range, and I did overall, though there were a number of slower laps. Sigh. My legs were kind of tired by 10k, but not terrible; still, I wasn't feeling strong today. I also didn't feel awful, so I will take it :). No GI distress at all, which is great. Last week after my 16K I had problems, and also had some trouble after the 14K the week before, so no trouble is good news. 
I was slow, getting to 5K about 33 min and change, 10K about 1:06 and change, 15K in 1:40:40 or so, and 18K in 2:01:17. My pace overall was 6:44/km, which is a lot slower than I'd like to be, but my HR was mostly in the low to mid 150s (average was 149, but that reflects short stops for gel/water 4 times during the workout, I think) and I felt I was pushing the pace a little. The reality is that after not training for a long time, and increasing in age, I'm not going to be fast. But I'm glad I could train and prep some more for the half marathon in a few weeks. It will be slow, but at least I can do it, which is the main thing. 

Thursday, April 06, 2017

elliptical, 3K fartlek

Yesterday: 45 min elliptical, in a 25-min session and a 20-min session (interrupted by walking the kids to school). I bought a cheap, used elliptical for home, and it's been great. The ones at the gym are a lot better but sometimes convenience is very important as to getting in a workout or not getting in a workout!

Today: 3K fartlek. Gorgeous weather at the track. Calm and clear, and not too cold at 8.9C (48F). Just right. I had a bunch of negative thoughts, but successfully pushed them aside both before and during the workout. I told myself there was no judgment and that I was just out here to have a good hard workout. That helped, and I got it done.

Did 1600m warm-up with strides in 10:44, and my legs felt sluggish. I got a little concerned about that but they are fine now (lunch time) and as long as the fatigue stays away we're good.

The fartlek went about how you'd expect at this point, given that I haven't done one since December. Splits are below. I'd complain that I'm slow, but actually given my fitness (not much!) this seems fine. It's somewhere to start and I'm proud of the effort.

Splits  Time Avg HR Max HR
1 02:58.8 149 156
2 03:04.7 158 161
3 03:15.8 156 161
4 03:03.1 161 164
5 03:17.6 158 163
6 03:01.3 163 167
Summary 18:41 157 167

Garmin data here.

And, you can't beat the view from the track.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

8K w/3x3' at 10K race pace

Nice but weird to be "training" again. That's in quotes only because it's very light so can hardly be called that, but at the same time I am worried I'm pushing too hard, so it's a weird thing.

I kinda didn't want to go this morning, but once I got out there I really enjoyed it. Part of that was that I thought I'd be horribly slow and I was merely a bit slow, which is a little encouraging.

At least the weather was good. It was chilly (seasonably so) at 1.1C (34F) but no wind, no rain, and no snow, which at this time of the year is fantastic, so I'll take it. Plus it's spring and the flowers are going crazy, which is lovely, and my dog Sugar is a great companion.

My 3x3' at 10K race pace (haha what IS that these days? I just did it by effort...'cause I'm slow now so pace is relative) felt fine, and at 3:02, 3:06, 3:04 for 500m were slow but not horrid. I'll take it. I did stop for about 2 min to take a phone call from Korea (from a pianist who'll be staying with us in June for a week) at about 30 min into my walk, but it wasn't in the middle of a 500 at the 10K pace, so I took the call. Other than that, my legs felt good and all was well. No fatigue (yet); keeping my fingers crossed.

Total time: 52:18 for 6:32/km with ave HR 149. 

Tomorrow: some cross-training :).

Monday, April 03, 2017

Emigration Canyon 10-miler (16K), 6K

Busy week (as usual lately - too busy - am working to change this). Not proud of it and hoping things will calm down a bit.

Saturday I did the Emigration Canyon 10 mile race (16K) and enjoyed it a lot despite being slow and getting quite sore because of the large amount of downhill. It was uphill for 2k and then downhill for 13K and then more or less flattish for 1K. Tough course but so pretty. I finished in 1:46:01 for 6:33 per km (my watch said 16.2km), which is slow for that much downhill, but I don't care right now. Just glad I did it. That afternoon I worked very hard in the yard for 3 hr, getting rid of major weed problems. Yay spring :) for flowers but :( for weed eradication and the resumption of yard work. I'm not a fan.

Sunday I cross-trained 45 min on the elliptical followed by a soak in the hot tub at the gym to ease my muscles and help me relax. It felt great.

My muscles were still quite sore today and it really hurt to start racewalking but once I'd done about 500m it felt better, and though I was slow again, at least it got done. 6K in 40:22 for 6:44/km with ave HR 143. Yeah...slow...oh well. I'm heavy and out of shape, but hey, I got out there and got it done.

Now if I can just sleep enough to keep the fatigue at bay and help with weight management. I'm still attending my Weight Watchers meetings and am down over 7lb since January but still have a ways to go.

One of the things that's keeping me really busy is that I'm on the pulpit committee at church, helping us find a new pastor (our previous pastor got a great new job at a large church in New York City; we miss him). It's a ton of work and lots of meetings, but actually has been interesting and fun. to run...lots to do :). Including SLEEP hopefully.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

14K and other stuff

What I've been up to:

Wednesday: elliptical 45 min.

Thursday: 8K on the indoor track at the U at approximately 6:30-6:40/km pace. Forgot my Garmin and had a few other mishaps so not 100% sure of my time.

Friday: elliptical 45 min plus lots of walking around campus. Got almost 25,000 steps.

Today: 14K. Took Sugar with me and had a great time, though I was slowish. To be fair, I did a fairly hilly first 8km, and my legs were a bit tired from the 25000 steps yesterday, so I think it's all good. I'm just happy to have gotten it done. If I recover well, speed will come later, when I get more fit and can do speed work. For now to finish and to feel good w/o excessive fatigue is a good goal.

I beat the rain :). It was clear and upper 40s F (9C) with 10mph (16kph) breeze, and quite pleasant for a spring morning.

1:35:02 for 6:47/km. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Canyonlands 5-miler; feeling better

I've been feeling better since mid-February or so, which is great. I've been trying to get more sleep, but other than that I'm not sure what the difference is. It seems kind of random, as it has for the past 4 years, so I guess I'm just happy to be feeling better.

On Saturday (the 18th) I did the Canyonlands 5-miler. I was originally registered for the half marathon, but after the 2 weeks of fatigue in January I had to drop to the 5-miler. I was a bit bummed about that, but glad I could at least still do something. Calvin was slated for the 5-miler as was my friend Diane, so that worked well; plus, the weather was crazy warm on Saturday and the people doing the half really suffered at the end, so I guess it all worked out for the best.

I have actually been able to ramp up my long day just a little the past few weeks, from 8km to 10km, and so I decided to do 12km on race day. I did 2km out and back before the race started, and had the whole road to myself, which was absolutely stunning (at left). I got back just about 1min before the gun went off (perfect timing!) and then did the 8km of the race. My total time worked out to 6:36/km for the 12km, which was great considering how out of shape I am and also the hills and the warmth of the day, which I'm not used to yet.

Calvin and Diane had very good races and placed well in their age groups, I got Loren a couple beers at the finish line beer garden, and Grace enjoyed playing on the playground in the park, so we all had a great time. Plus add in some great food, swimming/hot tub at the hotel, and some amazing hikes (Saturday: Tower Arch; Sunday: Delicate Arch) and it was a great weekend. The only downer was the crazy 4WD road in Arches that totally tore up our car (eeek!); it was designed for high clearance vehicles but there was no sign advertising this and so we were in over our heads in our Rav4. Fortunately Loren was quite skillful so we didn't get stuck or roll the car (both very real possibilities on this crazy road) and the only damage was to our muffler. We got it fixed today for $182 so that could've been a lot worse.

More pics:
Delicate Arch

Pasta Jay's (Calvin's fave!)


Monday I did some elliptical to let my body recover.

Today I went out for a gentle 6K and my legs were still a little sore from the hiking, etc. so I wasn't surprised to be a bit slow at 6:48/km. But it felt fine and I plan on 8K on Thursday and 14K on Saturday. Fingers crossed to keep feeling good as I have a race registration for the Salt Lake Half in April and I can do it if things keep going all right.

Off to bed - I have been finding that extra sleep is very helpful with the fatigue thing.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

follow-up since St. George trip

After I got back from St. George, which was SO restful, it took about 2-3 days for me to totally crash and burn. The fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks, and I have absolutely no idea why. I didn't overload my schedule when I returned, so...? Thankfully it was only bad for about a week, and I think maybe now I'm starting to feel better?

I've done a lot of elliptical lately, since I bought a used one for my house :), and the weather has been cold and nasty with a lot of snow. Plus I'm trying to take it easy on my body, with the fatigue and all.

So....the upshot is that today was the first day I racewalked since going to St. George, and it felt like it :(. I did 5K in 33:15, with some rolling hills (~20m), which isn't bad, but I was breathing SO hard, and my HR was up in the 160s. Sigh...all fitness gone. But at least I got to walk.

In other news, I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, after not going for 8 months. Yup, it was ugly. I had gained 15lb and am up to 174.0. Dang it. Well, what can I expect? I'm a recovering food addict and I have got to stay on track. So I'm back, and have work to do. I reset my goal weight to 160lb because I'm not walking competitively right now and that's a more realistic # given my fatigue. Back on the wagon - and I'm feeling great about tracking and monitoring food intake again :).

Monday, January 16, 2017

elliptical; 8K

I feel great. This weekend away has been very rejuvenating. I'm sure by the time I'm back home for a couple days I'll be tired again, but for now, it's good. I have to address that tired at home part - have been discussing strategies with Loren so that I don't get so worn out. I'm not good at asking for help, and that's a goal for the next month or two so that I can get through the daily routine more easily.

Exercise-wise, I did the elliptical yesterday for an hour, and otherwise relaxed, read a LOT of books (I think I've read 6 books this weekend!), watched football with Loren, and colored in the adult coloring book my sister-in-law got me for Christmas.

Today, I did 8km. My shins were sore (very sore! haha!) from the 10km on Saturday, but I knew it would still feel good to get out. Obviously I haven't been walking enough (though in part the shin soreness was from the hills). The rest of me was a bit sore too - core, mostly, but even my arms were a little sore. Geez. On the plus side, it tells you what a great total-body workout racewalking is. As for the 8km, it went quite well. I picked a much flatter route through neighborhoods, which wasn't as interesting as yesterday's route but was gently rolling, a lot like my typical workout at home. Still, it is very pretty here with the red rock and snowy mountains behind it, so it's not like it was boring. My legs (except shins haha!) felt good for about 6km and then were a bit tired the last 2km, but not too bad.

I'm enjoying the thaw-out from the cold and inversion (bad air) in Salt Lake. It was chilly for St. George this morning at 33F (1C) but the high temp predicted for Salt Lake is 30 today, so obviously I'm liking the weather here. I wasn't cold at all with long-sleeve, tights, and gloves, and the gorgeous sun felt amazing. In fact, I took off the gloves near the end of the workout; I'm sure it warmed up some while I was out.

My speed was about what you'd expect right now at 6:45/km. I'll take it. Average HR was 141. Here's the fitbit data. I forgot my Garmin, remember? :)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

attempting to get back in action

It's been a month (!) since I've posted, but I really have been trying to get back in action. That was only slightly derailed by holiday company and planning, as I got exercise pretty much daily, whether 5-6km racewalking, or 30-45 min elliptical, or cross-country skiing (yay! fun!).

More problematic was the first week of January, when I 1) got a severe stomach flu, and 2) 2 days later had my tooth implant installed (previously scheduled). That did set me back a bit. But last week I felt like I was able to ease back into things, and better yet, I'm now in St. George for the weekend for some MUCH needed R&R with Loren and without the kids (left our housemate Kenzie to watch house and dogs, and my parents are watching the kids). It's excellent. I think we are going to have to do this more often. Not that I don't love my kids, but they are a lot of work, and every mom needs a break sometimes.

So yesterday I did an hour (! the luxury! to have an hour!) on the elliptical and then this morning I decided that since that had felt pretty good I'd try 10km racewalking. The 10km went pretty well, though I tracked it in two separate instances on my Fitbit because 1) I forgot my Garmin (grrr!) and 2) I misread the Fitbit and thought I was at 10km when really I'd just taken 10000 steps on my walk, which was 9.16km. So then I had to do an extra 0.84km to get the 10km, but I was motivated. I really wanted that 10km under my belt.

Keep in mind that it was VERY hilly (there's nowhere flat that's convenient here), and that I'm *very* out of shape and about 15 lb over racing weight. Therefore, I was super slow. But it's something, and I'm out there again.

Total time was 1:03:20 + 6:15 for 1:09:35 (6:58/km). Wow, that's so slow. ***MUST NOT GET DEPRESSED*** yelling to myself. ***YOU GOT OUT THERE AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS***. [end of rant]. My average HR was pretty low - the first 9.16km it was 134 according to my Fitbit, but that HR monitor is NOT as accurate as my Garmin chest strap, and that seems low for how I felt.

My legs felt good for 7km, then quite tired the last 3km, which is totally reasonable for how little I've RW lately. My left foot was a bit sore at the end of the walk, on the lateral side. Will keep an eye on that.

Here's a photo. I really did enjoy myself :). And the weather is SO much better here than in Salt Lake! It was 45F (7.2C) and overcast with an occasional slight drizzle, but that is really nice in my book --- my last walk in SLC was so icy that I was terrified. It's been as cold as 2F (-17C) at our house, so 45 feels delightful.