Tuesday, May 31, 2016

8K w/5x200@85%; 10K kickdown

Yesterday: 8K w/5x200m @85%. Legs felt tired from all the weekend landscaping/home improvement. Got out there anyway and did the workout. Weather was amazing at 13.9C (57F) and calm and clear. Calvin came with me (yay!) and regaled me with snippets of funny YouTube videos. We brought the dogs, but regretted bringing Powder, as she was totally lagging. She did that last time too...I guess she's not a distance dog. We are both so annoyed with her that she might be relegated to casual walks.

Other than that, the walk went well. I did 6:25/km for 51:22 with ave HR 142. Then I did the 200s. Calvin did them too :). I did them a bit harder than 85%. It took me 5:28 to do all 5, which was decent I guess. Calvin did his in 3:59!!! He's getting to be a good runner.

Garmin data here and here.

Today: I woke up with tired legs. I think they were tired from the weekend's yard work/house work plus from yesterday's walk, especially the 200s. I was apprehensive and definitely thinking too much. Calvin volunteered to come along to encourage me; he was worried I'd go too fast for him but I told him that even my fastest would not be a challenge for him and that was true. At least the weather was very, very nice. It was 12.2C (54F) and calm and clear. Perfect.

I started off and my Garmin was off on the first 500m, as it sometimes is. Annoying! It had me down for 3:45 and I am sure it was more like 3:15 pace. No matter. I kept going and though my legs were slow to warm up, I did the first 2.5km in 16:56 (though I'm guessing it was really more like 16:30...darn the track for being closed!).  Then next 2.5km was in 15:59, and I wondered how I'd go faster - thought my legs were pretty dead. But I turned off my brain and found another gear. Calvin encouraged me a lot especially on the last 2.5km :) :) :). The next 2.5km was in 15:32 and the last in 15:08. OK, that's kinda slow, but we're starting where we are starting, and that's what came out. I was working SO hard and my HR was 168 at the end, so I was really burning it. Total time was a very slow 63:33 (63:03???? Not sure about that first 500m) but hey, I got it done. Next time it'll be easier.

Hamstring: felt good except afterward I walked the dogs, and Powder stopped suddenly to sniff a dead bird; I fell over and pulled it a bit :( :( :(. It was sore at work but not too awful and I think it'll be OK. I am really annoyed because I made it through the whole weekend of yard work keeping it safe. Oh well.

Garmin data here. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

6K, 16.5K

Yesterday: 6K in 6:26/km with ave HR 144. Then a very vigorous PT session working on glutes, quads, calves, lots of core, and more...fun! But tiring. Then 7 hr of yard work shoveling heavy rocks (seriously ---- we got 5000 lb of rocks delivered!) and planting our strip. Plus laying some pavers. Yeah...I was SO tired after that. Oh, and my hamstring hurt a little for the 6K, probably 1/10.

Today: 20K was on the agenda, but I knew after yesterday I might not make it, and I was OK with that. This was the only chance I had to do that much yard work, and I took a day off to do it, so...yeah. But I did OK today considering. I made it 16.5km, with the last 6km pretty hilly, and though I stopped pretty frequently it went all right. And yeah, I was slowish, at 6:38/km, but considering how tired my legs were I think that's not bad. They were pretty much toast at 13.5km but I cranked out another 3km so I'm happy with it. Garmin data here.  Best of all: NO pain in hamstring! YAY!

And I did more yard work today - no pics from today though.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

5x878m at indoor track

Yesterday: Cross training; elliptical + PT.

Today: Went to the indoor track since the outdoor one is closed for resurfacing. I warmed up for 5 laps (~1500m) and felt horridly sluggish to start and was concerned; also felt a bit nauseated, but that subsided. By the 3rd lap I felt a bit better and was good to go.

I started in on the intervals, and felt OK. I focused a lot on technique, thinking about all that my coach and my PT have been telling me to fix. After the first two intervals went pretty well, I pushed a little harder for the last 3 and was rewarded with slightly increasing speed. This was MUCH better than last week when I slowed down a lot. My intervals were 5:07-5:03 which works out to 5:50-5:45/km. Not fast, but not so awful as it has been, and not too bad for my second speed workout this week. And guess what???? Best of all, NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Garmin data here.


Split Time Avg HR Max HR 878m 1k equivalent
1 01:40.8 133 151
2 01:43.5 150 151
3 01:42.9 153 156 05:07.2 05:49.9
4 02:00.1 115 156
5 01:39.4 139 154
6 01:44.1 155 157
7 01:42.1 157 160 05:05.6 05:48.1
8 02:00.2 128 160
9 01:40.8 140 155
10 01:42.3 157 160
11 01:42.1 160 162 05:05.2 05:47.6
12 02:00.4 126 162
13 01:39.9 144 157
14 01:42.5 159 161
15 01:41.2 163 165 05:03.6 05:45.8
16 02:00.4 131 165
17 01:40.4 143 161
18 01:43.1 160 162
19 01:40.3 163 166 05:03.8 05:46.0
20 02:46.4 124 166
 Summary 36:12.7 143 166
28:57.4  (5K equivalent)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

8K fartlek

Today was a little too interesting. I planned to go to the track at 6:10am with Calvin. At 6:08, Calvin reported dog poop upstairs. Oh yay! Even better, when I investigated, it was 5 puddles of diarrhea. Even more oh yay! So I got out the carpet cleaner (2 dogs + 2 kids = a necessity), and cleaned up. Of course, by that time it was 6:30 and too late for C to come along. Just as well, since when I arrived at the track I saw this:

The bottom photo has a sign that says "Track Closed For Resurfacing". It needs it badly, but it sure would have been nice if they had given some warning to the public, and I have no idea how long it'll be closed. Oh yay again. 

So I went home, and executed plan B. Go to work, start my experiments, then go work out, and go back and finish up. Plus the late-night part where I get to go in tonight because there's more to do. 

I ended up at the indoor track by 8:45 am, and did my 8K fartlek: 3 laps hard, then 2 medium/2 hard until lap 27 = 7900.4m. It went about as well as it probably could have, which is the very good news. I was very consistent and paced it better than I thought possible at this point. My splits were pretty good - see below - fasts were 500m equivalent of 2:56-3:00 and mediums were 3:09-3:15, which is lots better than the last couple weeks. Total was 48:27 which works out to 49:03 for the full 8km had I been on the outdoor track, with the typical average HR of 160. I was pushing very hard at the end and it averaged 170 on the last split. Not bad.

Hamstring? Very little pain. Mostly no pain, but some intervals it was 1/10. No foot pain. My legs did get pretty tired but I was able to keep the pace. I'll take it for now. Still slow, but improving. 

Time Cumulative Time Avg HR Max HR 878/585m 1k/500m equivalent
1 01:40.0 01:40.0 137 153
2 01:44.0 03:24.0 153 156
3 01:43.9 05:07.8 157 159 05:07.9 05:50.7
4 01:50.9 06:58.7 155 159
5 01:50.2 08:48.9 155 156 03:41.1 03:09.0
6 01:43.9 10:33 160 163
7 01:45.0 12:18 163 164 03:28.9 02:58.5
8 01:52.2 14:10 159 162
9 01:53.3 16:03 155 156 03:45.5 03:12.7
10 01:43.9 17:47 160 165
11 01:44.6 19:32 166 167 03:28.5 02:58.2
12 01:51.9 21:24 160 167
13 01:51.6 23:15 159 161 03:43.5 03:11.0
14 01:43.4 24:59:00 165 168
15 01:43.3 26:42:00 168 170 03:26.7 02:56.7
16 01:50.2 28:32:00 159 170
17 01:53.0 30:25:00 162 163 03:43.2 03:10.8
18 01:44.2 32:09:00 166 170
19 01:45.9 33:55:00 168 170 03:30.1 02:59.6
20 01:53.4 35:48:00 162 168
21 01:52.7 37:41:00 162 163 03:46.1 03:13.2
22 01:46.4 39:28:00 166 169
23 01:44.3 41:12:00 169 171 03:30.7 03:00.1
24 01:53.3 43:05:00 160 169
25 01:54.6 45:00:00 161 163 03:47.9 03:14.8
26 01:44.9 46:45:00 166 169
27 01:42.7 48:27:00 170 172 03:27.6 02:57.4
Summary 48:27:00 48:27:00 160 172 49:03:39

Monday, May 23, 2016

rest day; 10K w/3x3' @10K race pace

Yesterday: much needed rest day. My hamstring was pretty sore while playing the piano for church; not sure why - maybe because of the PT on Friday? I might eliminate the one exercise I think is the problem and see if that helps. I was SO tired yesterday. Weirdly tired.

Today: I woke up feeling very rested (!), and ready to do today's workout, which was 10K w/3x3' @10K race pace. The weather was lovely, and much nicer than the rain on Saturday! It was 45F (7.2C) and calm and clear, and very beautiful in Liberty Park. The workout went really well, too! Calvin and the dogs joined me and I felt very good on my fast 500s - I have no idea what 10K race pace is these days, but I just went by effort, and those were great. 2:58, 2:53, 2:57, and they didn't feel too hard. My GPS was very off for the first 500m (by probably 20-30 seconds under - had me at 2:48 for easy pace - ummmmm, NOT!) but otherwise seemed fine. Total time was 1:03:57 for 6:24/km with ave HR 145. I like that! I liked even more that my hamstring had mostly ZERO pain and some 1/10 but only on the fast intervals and only part of the time, not the whole interval. Doing better for sure.

I'm taking anti-inflammatories again to try to get the hammy feeling 100%. Hoping it helps, since it was so sore on the weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yesterday: elliptical and PT. Got new eccentric hamstring exercises. Yay! Hammies are a little sore today but feeling ok.

Today: Coach said 12-15km. It was a very wet morning. Very, very wet. We're in a desert here, so we are a bunch of rain wimps. It started off raining lightly but soon became moderate, steady, soaking rain. Oh yay. It kept that up for my entire workout. When I turned around at 6k (reasoning that I could do 3k more when I got back to the car if I felt OK) the rain was in my face. Yay. I had forgotten my baseball cap and my waterproof jacket, so I was pretty miserable. My injured hamstring started to complain a bit at about 6km, and I double-checked my technique. It never hurt more than 2/10 and was mostly 1-2, but it was still a bit annoying, and between that and the rain, and the fact that I was a bit late (and had to get to work for a bit), I decided 12km would be enough today.

Total time: 1:18:58 for 6:35/km with ave HR 148.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I woke up late with a start, after a series of bad dreams. Then I was quite apprehensive about going to the track. I made myself stop thinking about it and went anyway. The weather was great and only a bit windy, with nice temps in the mid-50s.

The workout started well but I guess I went too fast on the first one because I couldn't hold it. I was hoping I'd do better, but I think I'm still a bit tired from the weekend? Or I just suck right now. Either way, it wasn't good. I'll keep trying. See below.

My hamstring hurt about 1/10, mostly in the last two intervals, but not too bad. Foot was fine.

Garmin data here. 

Time Cumulative Time Avg HR Max HR Total for 1km
1 02:52.9 02:52.9 151 160
2 02:55.9 05:48.8 163 167 05:48.8
3 01:59.4 07:48.1 132 167
4 02:54.1 10:42 156 166
5 02:57.3 13:39 167 171 05:51.4
6 02:00.6 15:40 139 172
7 02:55.9 18:36 159 168
8 02:58.4 21:34 169 174 05:54.3
9 02:00.4 23:35 143 174
10 02:59.9 26:35:00 159 168
11 02:58.3 29:33:00 170 175 05:58.2
Summary 29:33:00 29:33:00 156 175

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

15K national championships

As you might expect, given my lack of conditioning, I was slow. But I didn't think I'd be *THIS* slow. I figured I could at least manage 6:25/km. Nope. About 8km in I was hurting, and slow, and chafing, and I started to cry when Karen S (>60yo, very fast, but still...much older than me) passed me...and I couldn't see Marianne M (>65yo, also very fast) either. Neither of them has ever beaten me before. I could hardly breathe for a while because I was crying while walking :(. I mean, I should have known, but it was just hard to see how truly awful I've become.

Coach assures me that with speed work more regularly and longer, that in 3-4 months I'll be better. That's a long time. Not good enough to make plans for Perth WMA, so I'm probably not going. Better to save $ for Spain in 2018 and take the family with me, since the kids are learning Spanish in school (dual immersion program).

The nice thing about the 15K was the girlfriends' weekend (though poor Diane was very, very sick and we had to take her to the ER on the way down; she's doing better now and will be OK), getting away and relaxing, seeing RW friends, and best of all, walking a lap with some very good American racewalkers from the past - Curt Clausen and Susan Armenta. That was pretty fun - I even have pics of me with them. If I'd been in shape I could've kept up with them easily and that would've been even more fun, but as it was, I couldn't hold even that pace.

The other good thing? Hammy and foot didn't bother me much; pain at most 1/10.

My time was about 1:38:12. Ughhhhh. I was 7th overall so didn't even get an open medal (they give them for 1-6). I did get first in my age group, but I was the only one...geez.... :(


Monday - rest day after the race; drove all the way home. Hammy didn't like that, but after a night's sleep it recovered.

Tuesday - 6K easy with Calvin and the dogs, in ~39:15 (watch was waaaay off the first 500m so this is a guesstimate) for 6:32/km. Not too bad. Nothing hurt much; hammy a little sore at times, but mostly 0-1/10.

Today - elliptical and PT exercises.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

4x878m @85% effort (indoor track)

Yesterday: elliptical, PT exercises.

Today: warm-up, a few PT exercises (light), then 4x878m at the indoor track. I didn't go early this morning because I was up too late reading and needed to help the kids with some stuff and do laundry this morning before work. So I went at lunch time instead, which was fine.

I pushed a little harder then 85% and was still very slow :(, slower than a couple weeks ago when I did this workout :(. But...it's data, and I'm just getting started. Don't think. Just do it. Or something like that.

Intervals were 5:07.6 (5:50.3 for 1km), 5:08.7 (5:51.6), 5:11.1 (5:54.3), 5:12.3 (5:55.7). The good part about the workout was that my foot didn't hurt and my hamstring hurt only a little, at 1/10. Afterward the hammy bothered me a little but is better now. I'm happy about that! Gotta take the little victories where I can.

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

8K fartlek

Today Jim gave me an 8K fartlek. I went into it trying not to think about the fact that I did 10K yesterday, or that my hamstring was a little sore, or that my stomach was a bit upset. I succeeded in not thinking too much :). Part of that was that I allowed myself to listen to music, which I don't usually do in my outdoor workouts, even ones at the track. I mean, I can't listen to music at a race, so why get in the habit? But I felt I needed a distraction, so I brought my headphones.

I did 1600m of warm-up with strides, did some PT exercises and some dynamic drills, and then got started. The weather was exceptionally calm (NO wind - and this track always has wind, well a breeze at least!) and cool at 6.1C (43F). It was pretty nice, actually, and that helped a lot.

I talked myself through the first 1km thinking "data" and "getting stronger", meaning that I shouldn't judge my times, just regard them as data for now because I'm just trying to get stronger. And to my surprise, I was better than last week by 45 seconds. OK, it was still pathetically slow, BUT that doesn't matter right now. The last 3km my legs were tired, but the most important thing then was watching my technique like a hawk so I wouldn't injure myself. I was SO careful! My hamstring was a bit tender at points, 1-2/10, but not bad, and it has hurt a bit since, but again, not anything to get alarmed over, and tomorrow is a cross-training day. My foot didn't bother me at all. So, I'm happy about that. The times will come, at least that is what I'm telling myself, even if I'm not sure I believe it.

Total: 50:05 with ave HR 158 (though my HR monitor was moving around a lot and the readings don't look right; I suspect it may have been a bit higher?).

Edited to add: had terrible, terrible intestinal issues afterward that have persisted ALL. DAY. LONG. Left work early because I felt too ill to do anything properly, and was thankful for my undergrad who picked up some things that I really HAD to get done. I wonder if I have some sort of stomach bug?

split time cumulative ave HR max HR
1 02:57.2 02:57.2 146 157
2 02:59.9 05:57.0 159 163
3 03:11.4 09:08.4 157 165
4 03:00.7 12:09 160 166
5 03:13.7 15:23 155 162
6 03:03.2 18:26 158 164
7 03:13.1 21:39 155 163
8 03:01.1 24:40:00 158 165
9 03:15.6 27:56:00 157 161
10 03:01.9 30:58:00 161 167
11 03:18.0 34:16:00 159 164
12 03:05.4 37:21:00 158 166
13 03:18.5 40:39:00 162 167
14 03:05.5 43:45:00 160 167
15 03:18.1 47:03:00 162 165
16 03:02.2 50:05:00 163 168
Summary 50:05:00 50:05:00 158 168

Monday, May 09, 2016


Yesterday: rest day.

Today: 10K. Took Calvin and the dogs and enjoyed a beautiful morning; the streets were wet from last night's rain and it was very humid (foggy in Liberty Park - it was cool - the fog was low to the ground, up to about 3-5 ft high) but comfortable at 11.1C (52F).

It was a pretty routine 10K. I like the sound of that! My hamstring bugged me a little bit, pain 1/10, and my foot didn't hurt at all until the last km when it was a little sore (1/10). My legs were a little tired (not sure why, as I rested a lot yesterday!), but considering that I wasn't too awfully slow. I did 6:34/km for 1:05:47 with ave HR 145.

Afterward I did PT exercises.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

cross-training; 20K

Yesterday: elliptical, PT. PT: more Graston (ouch! but good) on foot, hammy exercises.

Today: 20K. Kelly did 5K with me, and Calvin rode his bike. Then for 5K-16K Calvin ran with me, but he did 10K plus a bathroom stop during which I did 1K :). Then I did the last 4K alone, and did well. Hammy: pain minimal, at most 1/10! Foot: NO PAIN!!! Yay!!! I was still slow but not too bad. Getting a bit better.

5K splits: 32:34, 33:09, 33:13, 32:53. 6:35/km for 2:11:50 total. Now I just have to get 13-14 min faster by October :). I think that's possible. I should improve rapidly now that I can train again :) :) :).

Garmin data here.

Thursday, May 05, 2016


Today I had an easy 8K to recover from my 8K fartlek yesterday. That was good; my legs were tired!

I tried not to worry about the time. Yes, I was slow. BUT my foot felt fine and my hamstring had pain of just 1-2/10, the usual. It's still a bit more tender today (and was tender yesterday afternoon) since the speed work, but it's within a reasonable tolerance and I'm not concerned.

Calvin and Sugar came along, and so the conversation was lively (think 11-yo topics, though!) and the weather was sooooo nice at 17.8C (64F!). There's a storm coming so it'll cool off, but for today it was super.

Total time 53:35 for 6:42/km with ave HR 142. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

8K fartlek

It wasn't fast. In fact, it may be my slowest 8K fartlek ever. But honestly, this was one of the hardest workouts I've done, and I didn't quit, and I'm very proud of it. The last few km my legs and lungs were really tired, but I just made myself keep going. Average HR was 160, which is a very solid effort for this workout, so you can see I was working hard. I paced myself pretty well too.

I'm proud of it because 1) I didn't think too much. I just went out and did it. 2) I didn't quit even though my times were terrible. 3) I didn't beat myself up because my times were terrible. I told myself that it was just a starting place. 4) I was happy to be out there because the weather was good, and my injuries were not bothering me. 5) That makes me really a BAM today. Remember, Kelly calls me Tam-bam :), and I told myself I was a BAM and that I was gonna get through this one no matter what. 6) My pacing was good; I did slow down but not a lot. I had something left for a good hard push on the last 500m.

Weather: lovely. 12.2C (54F) with a slight breeze. I was happy to be at the outdoor track again.
Injury update: foot did fine; it was a bit warm-ish but I focused on keeping my toes turned out a bit (the remedy 5 years ago) and that did the trick. Hamstring was a bit more nagging than earlier in the week; the pain was mostly 1 with some 2/10. Now, later in the day, with sitting it's bothering me, but it's not terrible. I worked VERY hard to focus on my technique and keep it good, though I'm sure it wasn't perfect when I got tired (but I focused harder on it when I was tired, so I was trying as hard as I could to keep it solid).

Here are the (very slow) numbers, and Garmin data is here:

split time cumulative ave HR max HR
1 02:57.6 02:57.6 147 155
2 03:02.1 05:59.8 158 161
3 03:12.6 09:12.3 156 160
4 03:01.6 12:14 161 164
5 03:18.3 15:32 156 162
6 03:02.5 18:35 162 165
7 03:19.4 21:54 157 163
8 03:03.7 24:58:00 162 165
9 03:19.3 28:17:00 160 165
10 03:05.9 31:23:00 163 166
11 03:20.9 34:44:00 161 166
12 03:06.6 37:50:00 164 167
13 03:21.9 41:12:00 161 166
14 03:06.3 44:19:00 165 168
15 03:24.4 47:43:00 162 167
16 03:06.3 50:49:00 166 169
Summary 50:49:00 50:49:00 160 169

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

5K "race", rest day, 8K, cross-training

Saturday: 5K "race" with Calvin - racewalked over to SugarHouse park for the U of U Burn Camp 5K to raise $ for kids with burns to attend summer camp. Calvin was awesome and set a new 5K PR on this hilly course: 23:39! Fast little dude! I walked the dogs, slowly, stopping to pick up a pile that Powder deposited, and stopping another time because she stopped suddenly causing me to tweak my hamstring (it's fine, but I was scared for a bit). My 5K time was about 32:37-ish (~6:30/km) which for a hilly course isn't bad given my current lack of fitness. My foot was hurting a bit before and during but less during and after...typical for tendonitis. Garmin data here. Total distance ~7.5km, and then we walked (slowly, casual walking) home.

Sunday: took a much-needed rest day.

Monday: 6K easy to test out the foot. It felt much better than Saturday, and was merely warm-ish with a slight bit of pain 1/10. My hamstring was likewise mostly not painful but some 1/10 pain. Things seem to be improving. Did the 6K in 39:30 for 6:35/km despite a ridiculously strong wind.

Today: elliptical, which felt fine. Am taking naproxen again to help with the inflammation. Am hoping to do a fartlek tomorrow.