Tuesday, May 02, 2017

resuming training

I took a week off racewalking after the SLC Half, because my coach let me :). That was good - I think I needed it.

I *did* do some weight training (2 days) including glute and hammy exercises (walking lunges, nordic hammys, bridges) and core stuff (planks mostly), and some arm stuff (lateral raises, bench press with dumbbells). That made me a bit sore but it was fine (!) yay! Happy about that since I had to give up weight training because of my weird muscle pain a few years ago and have been a bit afraid to resume. But it's good now! So far. I also did a lot of elliptical and a lot of casual walking. No racewalking.

And I've been watching my diet more, though it's still not quite where it needs to be; still, in a couple weeks I lost 4.5lb of the 6lb I gained. So that's something.

Yesterday I resumed training. I did 6K and was supposed to do 5x200m @85% effort, but I did 3x200m at a hard effort (in 3:16; getting a little faster), and on the last one a nagging pull I've had (minor - very minor) in my lower left abs became a bit more nagging, so I stopped. I think it's fine, but will keep an eye on it. It bothered me a teensy bit when starting my 8K today. My 6K time was 39:27 for 6:34/km and I forgot my HR monitor (oops). Yesterday's weather was great - 10C (50F) and sunny and calm. Nice.

Today I did 8K in a light rain, and same temp 10C (50F). It was actually pretty nice out despite the light rain, which was refreshing. Plus my legs felt really good! I did the 8K in 51:48 for 6:29/km with ave HR 149. I'm starting to get back on track. Now to stay healthy.

I've been too busy (still) but I think the worst busyness of the pulpit committee may be over soon - we are moving deeper with some candidates so that requires less initial screening in large #s. Whew. That will help. But I need to get a bit more sleep, which will help with the weight loss too. All in good time. Trying to be patient with myself as I work through each day, and trying to tuck in some rest/relaxation points during the day.

Cross-training tomorrow!