Sunday, November 23, 2014

ouch :(

I hurt my toe this morning; stubbed it really hard on the leg of a bookcase in our room. I am quite clumsy (which is why I don't ski!).

I think I'm off RW for a little bit. If I'm lucky it'll just hurt for a few days and I can train again. If not, and it's broken (which I think it might be, judging by amount of pain and bruising), then it might be 4 weeks or more.

No sense worrying. Can't change it.

I think I'll try spinning tomorrow and see if I can do that. Walking (even casual walking) is impossible right now.

Edited to add: darn it. My legs are good today - I am recovering very well from the 1hr postal, which means if this hadn't happened I might be able to train hard again. Bummer.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

1hr postal

Today was the Utah Association USATF 1 hr postal racewalk. Basically, walk as far as you can in 1 hr (judged) and compete against racewalkers all over the country in the event via mail (hence, "postal").

Coming off a relapse of the mystery illness and a bad head cold, I knew this was going to not be ideal. However, I had hopes of maybe getting 10K? If I'd felt good the last few weeks this might have been attainable, given that I did a 28:50 5K at the end of October. But, I didn't feel good, and it wasn't attainable. That's the bad news. The other bad news is that I was hoping for 22 laps of the Olympic Oval (442m/lap) as a secondary goal, and I didn't reach that either. Almost... I was at 409.8m of the 442m, so I missed my secondary goal by only 32m. Oh well.

The good news is that I had no weird soreness in my legs at all until about 45 min into the race, and even then it was quite mild. Afterward at breakfast, sitting didn't hurt much at all! I'd say very slight discomfort (1 of 10?), and it's hardly hurt at all the rest of the day, though I have been doing housework, cooking, etc. Saturday chores!

So while I am disappointed at not reaching my goals, I am very happy that I'm feeling better, because that means that maybe I will be able to reach my goals next year. And maybe I can train again. Besides all that, I enjoyed time with my friends and I was able to do a very hard 1 hr workout for the first time in a long time. That's all good.

My lap times gradually got slower as I went, despite my best efforts to the contrary. I tried to keep a 2:39 per lap pace (6 min km) but after only about 7 laps it was clear that wasn't going to happen. Then I focused on my secondary goal, and at about the 6K mark I knew that was going to be close as well. However, I worked VERY VERY hard the whole race - my average HR was a whopping 168! That's very high for me for a (basically) 10K race. So I know I gave it my all. My all just wasn't very fast today. But like I said, I'm OK with this, because my mystery illness relapses seem to be farther in-between and less severe and shorter. I'm thankful for that.

Oh, I almost forgot to post my total distance: 9691.8m. It hurts to type that, but I am hoping for better in the long term.

Garmin data here.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

3K fartlek!

I actually did a whole workout. Haha, so it was only a 3K fartlek...I did it.

The bad: it was quite slow, and I felt like I was breathing through a straw. Thank you very much, upper respiratory infection.

The good: I finished it, and my legs have hardly hurt at all today. Only a tiny bit of weird soreness (1 of 10 maybe?) even with sitting in lab meeting. I am a little sore, but it's the good kind of soreness.

I was snuggled up in my warm bed this morning, and I really did NOT want to go do the workout, because I was sure I'd be physically punished for doing it. In addition, it was dark and cold, though as it turns out, it wasn't too dark by the time I got to the track around 7 am, and it wasn't that cold either, at 31F (-0.6C), with no wind at all. It was lots warmer than it has been in the mornings lately. (Though it's supposed to get cold and snow Sunday & Monday, and then get really cold on Thanksgiving next Thursday).

As usual, I'm glad I did the workout, though it didn't feel that good. At least I wasn't punished for it with leg pain all day. I'm grateful for that.

Total time was a slow 17:50, with a high average HR of 164. I was pushing and breathing but it just felt so hard to catch my breath :(. The medium effort 500s were 3:11 (slow!!!), and the fast 500s were slow too at 2:49, 2:53, 2:55, and 2:52 (managed to work the last one - not sure how - felt I was falling apart totally). But hey, it's done.

Now on to the 1 hr postal walk on Saturday. Hahahahaha that'll be interesting.

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

rest days (sick); 5K plus 3x200m

Sunday & Monday: rest days. I planned to rest on Sunday, so that was fine, but noticed I had a cold. The cold got worse (despite lots of rest this weekend), and Monday I woke feeling awful. My legs had some of the weird soreness on Sunday & Monday, but not too much. Anyway, I decided that it would be stupid to try and push things and walk on Monday, given that I felt just terrible and wasn't even sure I could get through my work day. I did manage, but went to bed early.


Tuesday: felt better this morning when I woke up, so decided to go do 5K with 5x200m as Jim had suggested. I was slow but got it done no problem. Only a bit of weird soreness in my legs, which got worse as I was doing the 200m intervals, which is why I stopped at 3 of them. It wasn't bad, though - I was just being cautious. My breathing was a bit of a problem too, especially on the 200m, probably because of the cold. Hopefully I will feel better soon.

It was very cold this morning at 19F (-7.2C), and though my dog Sugar didn't seem to mind, I did. My legs were too cold in my warm pair of tights, so I have to remember to wear some long underwear underneath them when it's this cold. This is more like January weather...sigh...we are paying now for the nice fall we had? The rest of me wasn't cold with gloves, hat, long-sleeved shirt, and warm running jacket.

Total time for 5K 33:14 for 6:37/km (slow! but I am being nice to myself about this) with ave HR 146. Garmin data here. 

The three 200s that I did do were slowish at about 1:05-1:06 for 3:17 total. I felt like I was going really fast, too...this cold is a killer. Garmin data here. 

Leg soreness report as of 1:25pm: mild soreness on prolonged (>15min) sitting and none after standing. Feels decent.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

cross-training; 6K

I've been taking it really easy, to try and rest up and start feeling better.

Thursday: 35 min elliptical, and felt OK. My legs were still sore, but the elliptical didn't seem to make it worse (or better, for that matter).

Friday: 30 min elliptical, and my legs felt a bit tired after, but OK. I had to sit and inject fly embryos at work for quite a while, and sitting still was quite painful. It starts as a slight ache and builds in intensity until it's painful achy - hard to explain - and I get relief only by standing up or shifting position, which is hard to do when you're looking under the microscope.

My coach called me on Thursday, and that was really super of him. I know he's concerned, and I really appreciate that. He basically said that I need to relax, as the stress can only make it worse. He's right of course, and I am taking his advice to try to relax and not worry about it as much as is possible.

All that being said, a number of people in various spheres of my life are all saying the same thing - they are telling me that the stress is to blame, which is a bit difficult to deal with for several reasons. 1) There is some organic cause for this, and perhaps the stress does make it worse, but the stress is not the root culprit, I don't think. 2) Saying that the stress is the cause places the blame on me for my illness, and while I'm sure that's not what people mean to do, it's how it feels. I know it's a contributing factor, and I acknowledge that, but it's hard enough to navigate this without the additional guilt.

Still, I do need to deal with this appropriately, and I am trying. I really have been more relaxed the past few days, because there isn't anything I can do to fix it.

Today: I wanted to racewalk, and so I did. I went out for an easy 6K, and though my legs (naturally) didn't feel good, I did it in 39:31 for 6:35/km with ave HR 147. My legs don't feel any worse now (mid afternoon) than they did yesterday, so I am hopeful that means an easy walk didn't make things worse.

Garmin data here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

coffee with Kelly

I went to the track to do a 3K fartlek. It seemed windy when I left home, and my legs were sore going up the stairs from our basement. I should have paid attention to both.

I arrived at the track and it was SO windy that my car door blew open forcefully when I opened it a few inches. Not a good sign. Plus, it was only 23F (-5C). It was really, really cold. And windy. And you guessed it... I knew the 3K fartlek was impossible, so I went to have coffee with Kelly.

Despite the rest day, my legs still hurt this morning when I was sitting at work for even 15 minutes straight in one position (looking in the microscope). I am demoralized, fatigued, and tired of this whole thing.

I had a pity party eating fest last night that only succeeded in making me feel worse (DUH!). Not sure how to proceed other than that I have to get back up and keep going somehow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Sunday: rest day. Legs very achy and painful upon sitting.


Monday: coach said to do 5K plus 5x200m. I went out and got going and my legs were hurting within the first km. I did 5K and I was DONE. No 200s for me. The 5K was all right; slowish at 32:02 but OK otherwise. Legs were really annoying the rest of the day - just dull aches and sore. Garmin data here. 


Tuesday: spinning class with Kelly. I took it really easy, but I think it might have been too much. Legs bothering me a bit all day; achy and sore. Tonight after dinner I am super fatigued and just want to go to sleep early. I think I will.