Saturday, July 19, 2014

cross training; 14K

This week has been insane. It's amazing I got anything at all done in the workout department. I ate poorly too :(. Gained back a couple pounds, but I am motivated and I am not letting a small setback stop me from getting back in shape, at least that's what I am telling myself. At least today was a good food day :).

Thursday: legs still very tired, and couldn't risk the 5K fartlek :(. So I rode my bike a lot instead. Rode to IHOP for breakfast with dad, rode to work, rode to sign kids up for afterschool, rode home. About 35K total! I felt a bit drained on the last ride home but was fine once I hydrated a bit more.

Friday: legs felt decent. Rode bike to gym, did elliptical for ~20 min, rode home. Then rode to work and back.

Today: 14K was scheduled. I was operating on 4.5 hours of sleep Friday night, and only 6 hr sleep Thursday night. Not good. I started off slowly and carefully, doing about 6:40 for the first km. I sped up a bit toward the middle of the workout, but overall my pace was slow and steady, which I think was good. My legs were tired but not awful, and I never got ridiculously slow. Starting about 11.5km they were very tired, but then I only had 2.5km, so it was an effort to finish but not too bad. Total time was 1:32:42 for 6:35/km (Garmin got screwed up for the last 500m so if you look at that it's wrong) with average HR 142. Obviously was taking it very easy, but I think that was wise. Best part? After sitting in the car the rest of the day my legs feel totally fine :). Oh, and my hip flexor bothered me just the teensiest bit. It seems to be improving! My left foot is hurting a bit tonight but I wonder if it's cramping up from being in an awkward position in the car? Not sure. Babying it now and hoping it's 100% tomorrow. I think it's just a muscle spasm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5K fartlek? NOPE 6K

Yesterday: tired very heavy legs, and I was mentally worn out too. I took a rest day, except for walking about a mile downhill with the kids to pick up the car. Had to get a new radiator :(. Arrrrgh! Anyway, that made me pretty tired, possibly because it's been so very, very hot. It was 103 (39.4C) on Monday and I think it was about 102 (38.8C) yesterday.  

Today: woke still not feeling recovered. Much cooler this morning at about 70F (21C). Went to the track anyway, but drove instead of biking, even though I'm doing the Clear the Air Challenge. I was just too tired and didn't want to ruin my chances at the 5K fartlek. I met Adriana there and we racewalked 1600m to warm up, with strides on the last lap. I wasn't slow at 10:12, but my legs felt heavy and tired and I was really concerned about possibly causing a relapse. I thought about switching to a 3K fartlek, or trying the 5K and stopping if needed, and also thought about just doing easy miles but wasn't sure what to do. So I called Jim and he said to just do easy miles and maybe try the fartlek tomorrow. OK. That made sense. I guess I could have figured that out myself but for some reason it was hard to think clearly - I don't want to jeopardize everything for just one workout, so I have to be careful! He gave good advice. 

So Adriana and I went and did another 4.4km together around the neighborhood, which is fairly hilly. We picked flatter streets but still uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back. We took it easy, though, and I felt decent when we finished. But later, at work, I was sitting a fair amount and got quite stiff. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I really want to do the 5K fartlek tomorrow but only if my legs feel better. Today they've been quite tired, but a good rest tonight might help enough. We'll see. If I feel crappy, then I'll just go cross-train at the gym.

Total time: 38:35 for 6:26/km with ave HR in the low-mid 140s (combining the 2 segments on my watch). 

Monday, July 14, 2014


In brief: very hot for morning here - hottest I think it's ever been so early (6:30am). It was 81F (27C), but at least it wasn't humid. The heat got me though. My legs were heavy and after 6K very very slow. In addition, I got GI cramping that was pretty bad through the last few km. Loren had some GI bug so maybe I got it?

It didn't feel good today. I was going OK through 5K but never felt fantastic. My legs are fine though - no weird soreness, nothing wrong that a bit of heat and a GI bug doesn't explain.

Total was 52:46 for 6:36/km with ave HR 150. Garmin data here. 

Hip flexor felt much better but had some pain more medial almost in the groin area in same leg (right). It wasn't bad, but with the heat and GI issues it added to the fun today.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I wasn't sure how my hip flexor would hold up this morning, but there's nothing like going out and giving it a try to see what will happen. I waited until 7:30 am to go out, reveling in the luxury of a Saturday morning without kids (they were at my parents' house). I probably should have gone earlier, as it was rather hot when I finished, at 77F (25C) and humid for here at 50% humidity. Icky! But I don't think the weather slowed me down. I did very well this morning, finishing the 12K in 1:15:50 for 6:19/km with ave HR 150. Awesome! I'm on my way back!

My hip flexor did bug me a bit, but because of the weather I had to stop several times to get water for myself and the dog, so every time I stopped I massaged it. That helped a lot. It never got really bad, and was merely annoying at times.

I was extremely sweaty when I returned and I wonder if I could have wrung out my sports bra? The cool shower felt amazing, except for the chafing on my back from my heart rate monitor that I was blissfully unaware of until I stepped in the shower. Ouch! Oh well… small price to pay. It was great to be out there today.

Garmin data here. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

6K, rest day

Yesterday I did 6K. I've had a bothersome right hip flexor for several days now - I first noticed on Monday's 6K, and noticed more during my 3K fartlek, and also during the 6K yesterday. It's not terrible, and I'm not sure if it's from racewalking or from cycling, but it's definitely annoying. I suspect it's probably from cycling, so today I took the day off from any hard cycling - did 2 easy rides, no big hills, just for commuting for the Clear the Air contest.

Yesterday's 6K went well considering that it was the day after a 3K fartlek. Other than the hip flexor, it was totally fine. I didn't push at all and took it a bit easy, since it was a recovery day. My Garmin battery died (left Garmin running after my last bike ride) and with a minimal charge when I noticed in the morning, it didn't last the whole 6K. My phone timed the rest, and the 6K is approximate, but I did about 6K in 39:11 for about 6:32/km. I was doing 6:25/km before the battery died, so I'm not sure that last bit was that slow… dunno… but it went fine. Garmin data here.

I feel decent tonight after resting up today, though I can tell the hip flexor is still a bit sore and probably will be for a few more days even if I take it easy. I'm doing 12K in the morning and hopefully that won't aggravate it too much.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Happy dance! Bicycling; 3K fartlek.

Yesterday: biked to the gym, did 25 min elliptical, biked home. Pretty easy cross-training day. I felt good though.


Today: biked to the track (bicycling more for the Clear the Air challenge), which is only about 2.5km. Uphill, but still only 2.5km. Nice warm-up. Then did a racewalking warm-up of 1600m w/strides in 10:03. I met Adrianna at the track, who I've mentioned before. She's 18, almost 19, and is reasonably talented but hasn't had much time to train. We last trained together in the fall, but I was so sick, and she got busy with school, so it's been a while.

I was to do a 3K fartlek. I suggested she do 400m hard, then alternate 200m medium 200m hard until she got to 2K, then walk easy for a cool-down. She's been running but no RW so her shins and flutes were burning (heehee!). She went out really fast and I didn't pass her until the last lap or so, and then she re-passed me on her fast 200m. I think she has a lot of potential given that she did 11:15ish without much RW training at all.

Anyway I digress. I felt AWESOME today. I started off reasonably fast and held it pretty well, doing 2:47 and 2:48 for 5:35 for my first 1km. My legs felt GOOD and my wind was my limit for once. Super! I kept up really well and finished in 17:26 with ave HR 160. I am very happy with that. I felt strong and just felt so good to be out there working hard - so unlike how I've felt for the last 15-16 months. Happy dance!

Garmin data and the rest of my splits here. 

Oh, and I biked up to work afterward. I feel fine now. Awesome, even.

Monday, July 07, 2014

cycling recovery; 6K

My coach told me to take it easy this weekend after the 5K race. I did…sorta :). I didn't racewalk, and on Saturday I rode my bike slowly 10K with Calvin to Costco and Lowe's, then 6K to the pool and back.

Our lab is taking part in the "Clear the Air Challenge", to see how many non-single-occupant-vehicle trips we can complete. I'm basically trying to go everywhere by bike, which has been interesting (some trips on a bike are challenging - the city needs to work on being more bike-friendly in some areas) but mostly good.

Anyway, back to Saturday. While at the pool, I did 30 min of lap swimming in the very awesome outdoor 50m pool for some good cardio, since bicycling with Calvin is more of a moderate activity. Someday I'm sure he will be able to totally kick my butt, but for now, it's a bit sedate.

Sunday I opted for lots of cycling. Biked up up up uphill to church, which is 4.5k (almost 3 miles) from our house. Didn't know that, since I always drive there. Our church is now meeting on Foothill Drive, in a Seventh Day Adventist building. Quite convenient to share, since their worship is on Saturday. After church, I biked home and grabbed a quick snack then biked to Weight Watchers. Hadn't done that before. Turns out it's also about 10K round-trip (6.2 miles) from our house. Weight Watchers is one of the few places I've visited lately that doesn't have a bike rack. I gave my leader a hard time about that, since they are trying to encourage activity, right? Finally, I biked with Calvin and Grace to the pool and cooled off with a leisurely swim (I did NOT do laps).

My legs felt good all weekend. No weird soreness and not even any delayed onset muscle soreness from the 5K! In fact, I think I am really feeling about 100% normal again! Very happy about that. So, this morning I went out for a 6K walk and it went just fine. I took it easy, with ave HR 142, and still pulled off a pace of 6:24/km for 38:23 total time. Legs felt good; a bit tired on the last uphill but nothing more. I am sure I could have gone farther but glad I didn't as I was in a time crunch to get the kids to summer camp and myself to work. We bicycled, of course :).

Currently our lab is in 29th place for # of trips by team in the state, and I am in 24th place for individuals.

Garmin data here.