Thursday, December 18, 2014


Today: Spinning - Jeannie's class. It was decent. I took it a bit easy after yesterday's tough class with Jen, and before tomorrow's 12 Days of Christmas class with Kit.

Mood: not been good. Stupid seasonal affective thing bothering me? Or just the seasonal busyness? Been a bit anxious/depressed. Some situational stuff may be contributing; i.e. not being able to RW, some other personal stuff. I've been worse, but I've been better too. Maybe time to drag out the blue light again. Also need to eat better. Keep saying that but hard to do right now for some reason. I know I need to, though, for my mood. A bit of a conundrum.

Toe: still sore.

Garmin data here. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

catching up again

Sorry...'tis the season. I'm trying NOT to be too busy, but it's catching up to me anyway.

Sunday: rest day.

Monday: woke up late but still managed 30 min elliptical.

Tuesday: 1 hr spin class with Kit; good endurance ride.

Wednesday: 90 min spin class with Jen; pushed *really* hard. Tough climb with at least 10 min of HR>160. Garmin data here.  Though I pushed very hard, and my legs were tired later, there was no weird soreness. As for fatigue, yeah, I have that, but I suspect most of it is seasonal doing-too-much rather than the mystery illness.

Tomorrow: I plan to go spinning again but not push too hard.

Friday: Spinning is the 12 days of Christmas class, which I'm looking forward to a lot. Calvin has volunteered to be an "elf" for the class, handing out door prizes, etc. He will have to get up early to go with me (class starts at 5:30 am, since it's a 90 min class) but he's excited to do it.


Toe update: still hurts to put on socks and to walk. Hurts a lot if I'm on my feet too much, and then I have to ice it and take ibuprofen or naproxen. Wheeee. I'm getting another x-ray on Tuesday. I can't tell that it's improved at all.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Enjoyable day

Started out the day with a 7-8am spinning class, and got my HR about as high as I've ever seen it spinning. We did about a 30-min warm-up (haha...more like a 5 min warmup and 25 min workout!) and then a 20-min time trial. Ouch! The time trial is pretty tough. 5 min "flat road", 80-90rpm but with your power output reasonably high. I started with my HR about 150, because I figured that was a good place to start for a hard 20 min. Then, we had a 2 min "run" (standing, fast pedaling), which always gets my HR up, followed by a 2 min climb (increase resistance, sitting), and then a 1 min standing climb. Then, repeat the whole thing. On the last 1 min climb, my HR pegged at 168. Granted, it gets higher racewalking (I've seen it as high as 180 in a 5K, at the end of the race), but still...yeah...hard effort for cycling. Notes to self about the time trial: bike #26, ave rpm 79, ave power 211 watts, distance 7.8. Not sure I'll be able to get that same bike again, and they are quite different, but at least that is something. The instructor plans to do the time trial again in a month to see if we've improved. Oh yay!

After the spin class I went home for a quick shower and change, and then took Calvin with me to breakfast with my friend Kelly. She's leaving for California for a couple months before moving to Idaho for a job. I'll miss her a lot, so we had to do breakfast one last time. Of course, she got Eggs Benedict, her favorite :).

Then Calvin and I did a bit of shopping for ingredients for our holiday baking frenzy today. It was pretty fun --- and then we did our baking! We made a couple batches of caramels, which need to be chocolate dipped sometime soon (tomorrow???), and also some caramel nut popcorn. We are still going to make some peanut butter balls coated in chocolate ("buckhorns"), and some white chocolate espresso macadamia nut bark. We also played Monopoly for a little while, and Calvin totally killed me! He did really well; for a while it was neck-and-neck but then he pulled ahead. Good game. Finally, we had a couple from church over for dinner; she plays the cello, so after dinner she and I played some music together. After they left, I played my clarinet and the piano for a little to scratch the music itch a bit more.

It was a good day :).

My toe is quite sore after the baking frenzy, and I did ice it, but...well...yeah, probably shouldn't be on it so much. Oh well. It is still very tender to the touch, and putting on socks, pants, standing too long, and walking hurt. Mostly just annoying, but am trying not to think about how much longer it's going to be that I can't racewalk. On the flip side, I get more rest to hopefully make the mystery illness go away for good. Yesterday at Kelly's graduation I was sitting a lot (driving, the ceremony, more driving, then dinner) and it barely bothered me at all :).

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday spinning

Today was spinning with Kit. We got a little preview of her "12 Days of Christmas" spinning class. Yes, you read that correctly. She does a class where each day is represented by a different spinning exercise: 30 sec fast cadence, 1 min job, 1 min of 5 sec jumps, etc. You repeat them just as in the song: 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc. She's going to have door prizes and everything, coming next Friday. Should be fun!

Today was a good workout, and then I went to work briefly; got to leave early to attend my friend Kelly's graduation from physical therapy school.

Garmin data here. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday spinning. Thursday spinning.

Wednesday: Spinning with Jen - 90 min class. It was hard, but I felt much better after the workout than I did last week. No weird soreness and other than being fatigued for part of the day, I was fine. I felt pretty recovered today and went spinning again.

Garmin data here. 

Today: Spinning with Jeannie - regular 60 min class. Only 2 people came, me and a guy named John, in his late 50s or early 60s? I didn't mind, as we chatted it up while we sweated (I did get a good workout, really!) and for my part I got to share a bit about neuroscience research and racewalking.

Garmin data here.


Toe update: Still sore. Still bruised a bit. Hurts to put on socks, walk (sometimes if I forget to limp and/or hit it wrong), and gets swollen after a day on my feet. Definitely not ready for racewalking yet, not that I expected it to be.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

more spinning

I felt a bit better today. I had less fatigue and not much muscle pain, and though spinning was a bit easier, it was still a great workout and could have made me tired, but didn't :). Seriously, spinning is good because it pushes me a bit more than just elliptical or riding stationary bike on my own, and yet feels easier because I'm just following the instructor's directions and there's peer pressure to do it and not quit if I feel tired. It's mentally easier, and physically harder, which is great. I was pleased to be able to do it today.

Tomorrow is Jen's killer 90-min spin class. It starts at 5:30am (gulp!). I'd better get to bed soon if I'm going to be on time. I was actually on time to Kit's class today - wow! That was nice. Jen's class is super crowded, so if I want a decent bike I do need to try to be on time... that's incentive anyway. We'll see if I make it.

In other news, yeah, my toe still hurts. No, I can't walk yet.

Garmin data here from today's class.

Monday, December 08, 2014


Went for a spin this morning. I thought I was doing well to get there at 6:03am, but I was the last person to show up (for the 6am class), and I grabbed a bike without straps for the left foot :(. I didn't want to go get another one, so I just dealt with it. The workout went fine anyway; it was Jen (the MW instructor), who gives a seriously kick-butt class. Average HR, including the cool-down and stretch and a few minutes after (forgot to turn off watch) was 141. Got my HR up to 160 on several intervals, and it was in upper 150s on a lot of the climbs.

The bad news is that I felt unusually fatigued after; some brain fog and lots of just plain tiredness. I'm not sure what's up with all that. I did nap a long time yesterday but felt like I slept OK last night anyway. I am worried it's a bit of the mystery illness. I don't have very sore muscles, but I haven't been sitting much this morning at work. I will sit a lot this afternoon, so we'll see how that is.

The thing that I really like about spinning is how I can just turn off my mind and just let my body work hard, and let the instructor push me rather than pushing myself. I don't know how to explain it, but it's therapeutic. Oddly, I don't get bored, between the music and the intervals. Plus, when you sweat that much you know you got a good workout. I needed it this morning.

My toe is still very tender. It still hurts to walk, and it hurts a lot if I touch or move it the wrong way. I was realizing today that it's only been two weeks since I broke it. Ugh. 6 more weeks, probably. Well, one day at a time.

Garmin data here.