Thursday, May 05, 2016


Today I had an easy 8K to recover from my 8K fartlek yesterday. That was good; my legs were tired!

I tried not to worry about the time. Yes, I was slow. BUT my foot felt fine and my hamstring had pain of just 1-2/10, the usual. It's still a bit more tender today (and was tender yesterday afternoon) since the speed work, but it's within a reasonable tolerance and I'm not concerned.

Calvin and Sugar came along, and so the conversation was lively (think 11-yo topics, though!) and the weather was sooooo nice at 17.8C (64F!). There's a storm coming so it'll cool off, but for today it was super.

Total time 53:35 for 6:42/km with ave HR 142. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

8K fartlek

It wasn't fast. In fact, it may be my slowest 8K fartlek ever. But honestly, this was one of the hardest workouts I've done, and I didn't quit, and I'm very proud of it. The last few km my legs and lungs were really tired, but I just made myself keep going. Average HR was 160, which is a very solid effort for this workout, so you can see I was working hard. I paced myself pretty well too.

I'm proud of it because 1) I didn't think too much. I just went out and did it. 2) I didn't quit even though my times were terrible. 3) I didn't beat myself up because my times were terrible. I told myself that it was just a starting place. 4) I was happy to be out there because the weather was good, and my injuries were not bothering me. 5) That makes me really a BAM today. Remember, Kelly calls me Tam-bam :), and I told myself I was a BAM and that I was gonna get through this one no matter what. 6) My pacing was good; I did slow down but not a lot. I had something left for a good hard push on the last 500m.

Weather: lovely. 12.2C (54F) with a slight breeze. I was happy to be at the outdoor track again.
Injury update: foot did fine; it was a bit warm-ish but I focused on keeping my toes turned out a bit (the remedy 5 years ago) and that did the trick. Hamstring was a bit more nagging than earlier in the week; the pain was mostly 1 with some 2/10. Now, later in the day, with sitting it's bothering me, but it's not terrible. I worked VERY hard to focus on my technique and keep it good, though I'm sure it wasn't perfect when I got tired (but I focused harder on it when I was tired, so I was trying as hard as I could to keep it solid).

Here are the (very slow) numbers, and Garmin data is here:

split time cumulative ave HR max HR
1 02:57.6 02:57.6 147 155
2 03:02.1 05:59.8 158 161
3 03:12.6 09:12.3 156 160
4 03:01.6 12:14 161 164
5 03:18.3 15:32 156 162
6 03:02.5 18:35 162 165
7 03:19.4 21:54 157 163
8 03:03.7 24:58:00 162 165
9 03:19.3 28:17:00 160 165
10 03:05.9 31:23:00 163 166
11 03:20.9 34:44:00 161 166
12 03:06.6 37:50:00 164 167
13 03:21.9 41:12:00 161 166
14 03:06.3 44:19:00 165 168
15 03:24.4 47:43:00 162 167
16 03:06.3 50:49:00 166 169
Summary 50:49:00 50:49:00 160 169

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

5K "race", rest day, 8K, cross-training

Saturday: 5K "race" with Calvin - racewalked over to SugarHouse park for the U of U Burn Camp 5K to raise $ for kids with burns to attend summer camp. Calvin was awesome and set a new 5K PR on this hilly course: 23:39! Fast little dude! I walked the dogs, slowly, stopping to pick up a pile that Powder deposited, and stopping another time because she stopped suddenly causing me to tweak my hamstring (it's fine, but I was scared for a bit). My 5K time was about 32:37-ish (~6:30/km) which for a hilly course isn't bad given my current lack of fitness. My foot was hurting a bit before and during but less during and after...typical for tendonitis. Garmin data here. Total distance ~7.5km, and then we walked (slowly, casual walking) home.

Sunday: took a much-needed rest day.

Monday: 6K easy to test out the foot. It felt much better than Saturday, and was merely warm-ish with a slight bit of pain 1/10. My hamstring was likewise mostly not painful but some 1/10 pain. Things seem to be improving. Did the 6K in 39:30 for 6:35/km despite a ridiculously strong wind.

Today: elliptical, which felt fine. Am taking naproxen again to help with the inflammation. Am hoping to do a fartlek tomorrow.

Friday, April 29, 2016

foot problems; trying to figure things out

Wednesday afternoon: tweaked my foot walking around. Same foot problem I had about 5 years ago, peroneus longus tendonitis at the insertion of the first metatarsal; basically, some pain in the medial side of my foot about midway between heel and toes. Oh yay. I didn't think much of it at the time and didn't even mention it to my coach because I figured it'd feel better in the morning. That was dumb, since it had been bugging me a bit on and off since the Tuesday after the Salt Lake Half Marathon. Just a little pain here and there, nothing serious, mind you, but bugging me all the same.

Yesterday: I was supposed to do a 5K fartlek. Nope. My foot hurt a lot. I drove to the track anyway, and it was raining a bit, and VERY windy. Ridiculously windy. I walked up the steps to the track, and realized I was being very stupid, so I turned around and got back in my car and was quite sad and grousing to myself. Seems like lately it is always something - hamstring getting better, now the foot, and the rain, and the wind, and...

I skipped the workout, went to my PT appointment early and did some elliptical there, plus a whole lot of PT for my foot and some for my hamstring. My PT did the Graston tools on my leg and foot (OUCH!!!!! but good...), and that seems to have helped. It's better today.

Today: I went to the indoor track and did a couple laps. My foot felt OK but my legs were just heavy and dead. I bailed and did the elliptical instead.

It's very hard right now to get over the hump of being injured and not being able to do what I want. I'm afraid to push too hard, yet feel I need to. My PT wants me to back off a bit, though. I want to go to Perth, but more and more it's looking like I'm not going to be able to get into shape. Part of it is real physical limitations right now, but part of it is mental. I can't seem to get myself back in the mental groove to really, really want this. I think a lot of that is that when you have repetitive instances of workouts that are very difficult and feel horrible that it's hard to get motivated to even try them again, and then my real physical limitations crop up and make it worse. It's a vicious cycle and I can't seem to get out.

Otherwise, life is going pretty well, so I am grateful for that, and it makes me feel like putting this all on hold until I can heal up properly might be the right decision? I don't know. Just thinking aloud.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

8K no pain :)

I was grumpy and woke up late. Still tired from the trip and the time change. BUT...all that being said, I had a good walk. NO PAIN! YAY! I would've been faster but the dogs were kind of a pain this morning - because I was later, there was a bit more traffic and more kids and dogs near the elementary schools I walk by, and I had to keep correcting the dogs. Otherwise, it was good, and I'm happy I got out. The weather (after much much much rain the past couple days) was nice this morning, though it's supposed to rain again this afternoon. It was 7.8C (46F) and calm and clear.

I did the 8K at 6:34/km with ave HR 145; total time 52:35. Good enough.

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4x1km @85% effort

I rested Sunday & Monday - long weekend trip, getting older, not bouncing back as well, I guess. Rest days were good :).

Today I opted for the indoor track because of the cold rain (about 6C with steady rainfall - ugh). I warmed up well (5 laps) then did 4x878m @ 85% effort (3 laps each). It went well! I did them in 5:04.7 (5:47.1 for 1km), 5:05.3 (5:47.8/km), 5:06.6 (5:49.3/km), and 5:09.5 (5:52.6/km), at a true 85% effort; comfortably hard. My hamstring did well, hurting 1/10 at most. 

This week we'll do 2 speed sessions :) and that was a good start. Not fast, but hey, starting somewhere.

3K fartlek - last Thursday

This is a leftover post from last week ---

On Thursday I did a 3K fartlek at the outdoor track (! it was unlocked!). But...sadly, the workout was terrible. I was really slow, felt like sludge, and my HR was low. Just one of those bad workout days. I was supposed to do 5K but quit at 3K, at 18:25 (!so slow!). HR was only 158.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

16K in Dana Point

Yesterday: elliptical/bike at hotel (the recumbent bike was NOT hamstring-friendly, so only did about 7-8 min on it) and LOTS of PT exercises. Calf raises, hip hikes, monster walks with band, planks on all sides, bridges, and NEW unweighted one-legged hamstring dead lifts (eccentric, gently --- if any pain I am to NOT do them, but it felt fine).

Kelly's wedding was great! See pics on Facebook...

Today: 16K along the beach and up a giant hill with Calvin - 8K with Calvin, then 8K alone. Including the giant hill (91 floors on my fitbit! elevation gain 195m on Garmin) I did 6:35/km for the 16K, which is very good IMO. Better yet, pain was mostly ZERO with 1/10 for the last 3-4km. HA! Happy with that. Weather was incredible - in the 50s (12.8C) and with a gentle ocean breeze. Rough life here.

Garmin data here.