Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soul searching

Saturday, after the PT on Friday, my hammy really hurt. A lot. Like 2-3, maybe 4 at times, while racewalking 8k on the Jordan River Parkway. Ugh. It was terrible. I wanted to do 20K, then realized it was gonna be 10-12K, then had to stop at 8K.

Sunday night I picked up the pianist (and his mom, and two teachers) that we are hosting for the Gina Bachauer Junior Competition this week. Things got busier from there. I did take a rest day on Sunday, but it was busy getting ready for our guests.

Monday morning I went out for 6K, and it felt OK. But I was slow, and tired. Every time I pull my hamstring it shortens up my stride because I get paranoid about hurting it, and then I lose my toe-off, and then I'm really slow. I did 6:37/km. Oh yay.

Tuesday I was supposed to do 8K, but I was up late Monday night for the piano competition opening gala, and I was way too tired to get up and walk. So I didn't. I was angry about the hammy and frustrated and tired.

Wednesday I did the 8K, and it went OK; better than Monday but still sluggish. I did 6:32/km. I was talking with friends Wednesday night and journaling some and realizing that something has to give in my life. I'm too busy and it's not good for me or the kids or Loren or work or RW or anything else. But I don't know what to give up.

Today I was to do a 5K fartlek. I woke up tired with a sore throat and just looked in the mirror and said "I don't have to do this any more. Maybe I need to give competitive racewalking a rest." So I went to the gym and did the elliptical and did my PT - including all of the eccentric exercises. It felt OK during, but later, at work, my hammy hurt annoyingly any time I sat more than 15 minutes.

So, right now I'm thinking that I need to consider carefully whether I need a break or not. I'm thinking a break might help my hamstring to recover, though when I e-mailed my PT about that he said he thought I could continue training, albeit at a reduced volume.

I just don't know what to do.

But hey, at the moment I'm enjoying a Chopin Etude, courtesy of my 13-year-old guest prodigy. That's awesome at least.

Friday, June 10, 2016


I racewalked today. It went OK. I was slow and cautious because of my hamstring, but it actually didn't hurt too much. Maybe 1-2/10, and mostly 1 with the occasional 2. I guess that's all right. 40:16 for slow 6:44/km with ave HR 142.

Then I had PT, and my PT was dismayed about my tweaking my hammy again :(. But he thought it might not be too bad. He is pushing me to do some more eccentric hamstring exercises daily, even if they hurt a little. The latest research shows that some eccentric load helps tendons heal faster. Seems to make sense. He had me do some exercises and they hurt 2-3/10; the ones that were 3 we stopped before they could get worse. I am feeling OK now, in the afternoon.

I might try a longer walk tomorrow. I don't know. I'm still tired and discouraged and trying to figure things out. I still need to stay in shape, and I still want to RW. But I wonder if I am pushing too hard for something that can't happen right now. My PT and coach don't seem to think so, so maybe I should believe them?
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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

more problems

First, I should catch up on workouts that I was actually able to do.

Friday: 6K, felt good; 6:25/km with ave HR 147.

Saturday: Was camping with Grace at Wasatch Mountain State Park and did 20K at altitude (1700m instead of my usual 1300m), in heat (started late-ish, and finished at about 10 was 70 and sunny at the end, which I'm not used to), with hills...lots of hills. My legs were toast by 14km and hamstring got very whiny about the hills; 14.5km in I wondered if I should keep going but worked a lot on my posture and the pain didn't increase. Despite all that I managed 6:45/km for 2:15 which seems pretty good for that workout. Had a LOT of muscle soreness afterward - Sunday, and Monday too.

Sunday: rest day.

Monday: was to do 8K with 3x3' at 10K race pace, but my legs were DEAD. So I did 6K and called it good (or terrible, actually). So slow. 6:58/km, with HR only 133, so you can see the problem was my legs. Sigh...

To make matters worse, that afternoon while parking my bike in the garage (biking kids to summer camp these days now that school is out) I tripped over a pile of rocks we had delivered for our backyard, and caught myself poorly, skidding forward on my bad leg. My hamstring screamed in protest, and so did I. It hurt a LOT for 30-45 minutes, despite ice + acetominophen + naproxen. Oh yay.

So, yesterday & today I did elliptical. I did racewalk 3 laps on the indoor track today and it wasn't too awful. It hurt, but not horribly so. My last lap was 1:51 (6:15/km pace) and that felt OK-ish. But sitting at work today has been brutal (had a lot of time on the microscopes, confocal and compound) and I think I need one more day of cross-training. Maybe on Friday I can try 6km again and then Saturday longer assuming the hammy does OK.

I'm really bummed out. I am seriously considering finding a different sport. I have no idea what I'd do but I'm just done with this right now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

8K w/5x200@85%; 10K kickdown

Yesterday: 8K w/5x200m @85%. Legs felt tired from all the weekend landscaping/home improvement. Got out there anyway and did the workout. Weather was amazing at 13.9C (57F) and calm and clear. Calvin came with me (yay!) and regaled me with snippets of funny YouTube videos. We brought the dogs, but regretted bringing Powder, as she was totally lagging. She did that last time too...I guess she's not a distance dog. We are both so annoyed with her that she might be relegated to casual walks.

Other than that, the walk went well. I did 6:25/km for 51:22 with ave HR 142. Then I did the 200s. Calvin did them too :). I did them a bit harder than 85%. It took me 5:28 to do all 5, which was decent I guess. Calvin did his in 3:59!!! He's getting to be a good runner.

Garmin data here and here.

Today: I woke up with tired legs. I think they were tired from the weekend's yard work/house work plus from yesterday's walk, especially the 200s. I was apprehensive and definitely thinking too much. Calvin volunteered to come along to encourage me; he was worried I'd go too fast for him but I told him that even my fastest would not be a challenge for him and that was true. At least the weather was very, very nice. It was 12.2C (54F) and calm and clear. Perfect.

I started off and my Garmin was off on the first 500m, as it sometimes is. Annoying! It had me down for 3:45 and I am sure it was more like 3:15 pace. No matter. I kept going and though my legs were slow to warm up, I did the first 2.5km in 16:56 (though I'm guessing it was really more like 16:30...darn the track for being closed!).  Then next 2.5km was in 15:59, and I wondered how I'd go faster - thought my legs were pretty dead. But I turned off my brain and found another gear. Calvin encouraged me a lot especially on the last 2.5km :) :) :). The next 2.5km was in 15:32 and the last in 15:08. OK, that's kinda slow, but we're starting where we are starting, and that's what came out. I was working SO hard and my HR was 168 at the end, so I was really burning it. Total time was a very slow 63:33 (63:03???? Not sure about that first 500m) but hey, I got it done. Next time it'll be easier.

Hamstring: felt good except afterward I walked the dogs, and Powder stopped suddenly to sniff a dead bird; I fell over and pulled it a bit :( :( :(. It was sore at work but not too awful and I think it'll be OK. I am really annoyed because I made it through the whole weekend of yard work keeping it safe. Oh well.

Garmin data here. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

6K, 16.5K

Yesterday: 6K in 6:26/km with ave HR 144. Then a very vigorous PT session working on glutes, quads, calves, lots of core, and! But tiring. Then 7 hr of yard work shoveling heavy rocks (seriously ---- we got 5000 lb of rocks delivered!) and planting our strip. Plus laying some pavers. Yeah...I was SO tired after that. Oh, and my hamstring hurt a little for the 6K, probably 1/10.

Today: 20K was on the agenda, but I knew after yesterday I might not make it, and I was OK with that. This was the only chance I had to do that much yard work, and I took a day off to do it, so...yeah. But I did OK today considering. I made it 16.5km, with the last 6km pretty hilly, and though I stopped pretty frequently it went all right. And yeah, I was slowish, at 6:38/km, but considering how tired my legs were I think that's not bad. They were pretty much toast at 13.5km but I cranked out another 3km so I'm happy with it. Garmin data here.  Best of all: NO pain in hamstring! YAY!

And I did more yard work today - no pics from today though.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

5x878m at indoor track

Yesterday: Cross training; elliptical + PT.

Today: Went to the indoor track since the outdoor one is closed for resurfacing. I warmed up for 5 laps (~1500m) and felt horridly sluggish to start and was concerned; also felt a bit nauseated, but that subsided. By the 3rd lap I felt a bit better and was good to go.

I started in on the intervals, and felt OK. I focused a lot on technique, thinking about all that my coach and my PT have been telling me to fix. After the first two intervals went pretty well, I pushed a little harder for the last 3 and was rewarded with slightly increasing speed. This was MUCH better than last week when I slowed down a lot. My intervals were 5:07-5:03 which works out to 5:50-5:45/km. Not fast, but not so awful as it has been, and not too bad for my second speed workout this week. And guess what???? Best of all, NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Garmin data here.


Split Time Avg HR Max HR 878m 1k equivalent
1 01:40.8 133 151
2 01:43.5 150 151
3 01:42.9 153 156 05:07.2 05:49.9
4 02:00.1 115 156
5 01:39.4 139 154
6 01:44.1 155 157
7 01:42.1 157 160 05:05.6 05:48.1
8 02:00.2 128 160
9 01:40.8 140 155
10 01:42.3 157 160
11 01:42.1 160 162 05:05.2 05:47.6
12 02:00.4 126 162
13 01:39.9 144 157
14 01:42.5 159 161
15 01:41.2 163 165 05:03.6 05:45.8
16 02:00.4 131 165
17 01:40.4 143 161
18 01:43.1 160 162
19 01:40.3 163 166 05:03.8 05:46.0
20 02:46.4 124 166
 Summary 36:12.7 143 166
28:57.4  (5K equivalent)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

8K fartlek

Today was a little too interesting. I planned to go to the track at 6:10am with Calvin. At 6:08, Calvin reported dog poop upstairs. Oh yay! Even better, when I investigated, it was 5 puddles of diarrhea. Even more oh yay! So I got out the carpet cleaner (2 dogs + 2 kids = a necessity), and cleaned up. Of course, by that time it was 6:30 and too late for C to come along. Just as well, since when I arrived at the track I saw this:

The bottom photo has a sign that says "Track Closed For Resurfacing". It needs it badly, but it sure would have been nice if they had given some warning to the public, and I have no idea how long it'll be closed. Oh yay again. 

So I went home, and executed plan B. Go to work, start my experiments, then go work out, and go back and finish up. Plus the late-night part where I get to go in tonight because there's more to do. 

I ended up at the indoor track by 8:45 am, and did my 8K fartlek: 3 laps hard, then 2 medium/2 hard until lap 27 = 7900.4m. It went about as well as it probably could have, which is the very good news. I was very consistent and paced it better than I thought possible at this point. My splits were pretty good - see below - fasts were 500m equivalent of 2:56-3:00 and mediums were 3:09-3:15, which is lots better than the last couple weeks. Total was 48:27 which works out to 49:03 for the full 8km had I been on the outdoor track, with the typical average HR of 160. I was pushing very hard at the end and it averaged 170 on the last split. Not bad.

Hamstring? Very little pain. Mostly no pain, but some intervals it was 1/10. No foot pain. My legs did get pretty tired but I was able to keep the pace. I'll take it for now. Still slow, but improving. 

Time Cumulative Time Avg HR Max HR 878/585m 1k/500m equivalent
1 01:40.0 01:40.0 137 153
2 01:44.0 03:24.0 153 156
3 01:43.9 05:07.8 157 159 05:07.9 05:50.7
4 01:50.9 06:58.7 155 159
5 01:50.2 08:48.9 155 156 03:41.1 03:09.0
6 01:43.9 10:33 160 163
7 01:45.0 12:18 163 164 03:28.9 02:58.5
8 01:52.2 14:10 159 162
9 01:53.3 16:03 155 156 03:45.5 03:12.7
10 01:43.9 17:47 160 165
11 01:44.6 19:32 166 167 03:28.5 02:58.2
12 01:51.9 21:24 160 167
13 01:51.6 23:15 159 161 03:43.5 03:11.0
14 01:43.4 24:59:00 165 168
15 01:43.3 26:42:00 168 170 03:26.7 02:56.7
16 01:50.2 28:32:00 159 170
17 01:53.0 30:25:00 162 163 03:43.2 03:10.8
18 01:44.2 32:09:00 166 170
19 01:45.9 33:55:00 168 170 03:30.1 02:59.6
20 01:53.4 35:48:00 162 168
21 01:52.7 37:41:00 162 163 03:46.1 03:13.2
22 01:46.4 39:28:00 166 169
23 01:44.3 41:12:00 169 171 03:30.7 03:00.1
24 01:53.3 43:05:00 160 169
25 01:54.6 45:00:00 161 163 03:47.9 03:14.8
26 01:44.9 46:45:00 166 169
27 01:42.7 48:27:00 170 172 03:27.6 02:57.4
Summary 48:27:00 48:27:00 160 172 49:03:39