Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Met Kelly at the JRP for 6km of racewalking. Meant to do 8km, but my legs got really tired and I didn't want to risk pushing distance at all and losing form with my hamstring problem. That is SO lame. I just really suck right now :(.

It was foggy/hazy/polluted (ick!) and -2.2C (28F) but not too uncomfortable. And my hamstring was OK too; it was 0-1 on the pain scale (out of 10) but pushing 2 at some spots, and then it got better after 3-4km. It was essentially fine, but I'm so deconditioned now and quite discouraged. Well, I will just not think about it too much and keep going.

Time was slowish; 6:39/km for 39:58 for the 6km. HR averaged 147. High for how slow I was :(.

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Elliptical, sick, 5K easy RW at indoor track

Saturday: 50 min elliptical.

Sunday: sick :( didn't walk or do much of anything.

Monday: sick...still...

Today: feeling a bit better. Managed to get to the gym in time to do a short walk. It actually went OK! I did 4974m in 32:20 for 6:30/km with ave HR 147. Pain was 0-2/10. It felt really good after not RW since last Thursday, but of course the minute I started RW again it started to hurt. I was concentrating very hard on technique, which is one advantage of the indoor track: no distractions. Well, not many anyway, compared with outside. My mind wanders less at the track, because there's not much to look at. More boring, but better to maintain good form and not injure myself more. I did my glute activating exercises and I'm sure I had good posture. I can watch myself in the windows as when t's still dark out and the reflection is visible in many places on the track.

I am feeling the usual sick of winter blahs. It's cold and dark in the mornings which is just such a downer for training. But spring is coming soon, so I just have to hang in there. Being sick this week didn't help. But I've been eating a lot better for the most part, despite some home stress and one chocolate binge :(, and I lost 1.6lb last week. Hoping to lose another pound this week.

I still have to schedule in yoga/strength training sessions. I've got the household chores going pretty well with the kids and myself, and have been eating better and sleeping better. I have my diagnosis and have my PT appointment. Now all that's left is the yoga. Planning to do some this afternoon.

Garmin data here. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

MRI; cross-training; 6K

Yesterday I cross-trained on the elliptical.

In the afternoon I had my MRI and got it looked at. The U Orthopedic staff is so efficient - I had the MRI at 2:30 and was discussing it with my doc at 4pm and out by 4:30. Awesome. It's also awesome to know the results. OK, yeah, I'm injured, but at least now we know what it is: hamstring tendinitis. On the good side, my SI joint, pubic symphysis, and everything else in the pelvis seems normal.

Here are the photos. They are mirror images, so L is R and R is L. My L hamstring (at R in photo) is lighting up white in this MRI, indicating inflammation. It is a moderate to severe tendonitis, with some tearing. Oh yay. No wonder sitting hurts :/.

The doctor said that I can continue doing what I am doing, letting pain be my guide. If it hurts, back off. If I can do it with little pain, it's OK. She referred me to PT with the running clinic (hey, Shane, here I come! He was my PT before, and I'm sure he will be happy to see me again haha).

I asked her about my long-term prognosis, since hamstring injuries like this can be a real pain (pun intended) for a long time. She said that most people do recover well from them, but a minority of people will have long-lasting problems. I hope I'm not in that group. I would like to think that if I fix my technique/posture with the help of the running clinic, that I will be in the former group and will not have recurring trouble.

This morning I went out to do 6K; I thought about going longer but I had done enough sitting that I was a bit sore in general, so I thought 6K would be enough. I brought Powder and Sugar along; Powder has been behaving much better on the leash on walks, and she needs the exercise. They're so cute together, too :). I went around Liberty Park and back, and it was beautiful but cold this morning at -5C (23F). It started to snow partway into my walk, but not hard, and the sidewalks had enough salt on them that it wouldn't be slippery until we got a bit more accumulation.

I took it very easy, mindful of my injury and a bit anxious. My HR was pretty low at this pace, and I did the 6K in 42:14 for 7:02/km with ave HR 140. When I'm in shape I can do 6:05-6:10/km at that HR...sigh......but for now I am going to focus on what I *can* do. At least I can get out there, however briefly.

Oh, and I found out why the pain was masquerading as piriformis syndrome. The inflammation of my tendon is right near the sciatic nerve, which is transmitting pain signals to other places higher up, i.e. the piriformis. But the real culprit is that darn hamstring tendon.

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

6.4km on indoor track

Woke up late :/ but did still make it to the track; it's just as well. I planned to do 8K and could've, but it might have been unwise. My pain in the butt was fine (1/10 after sitting a lot last night doing computer upgrade) but my glutes tired quickly today, perhaps because it was actually my third day in a row racewalking. That's good! But bad that I got tired. Well, we will fix that in a hurry. More workouts, better fitness, less tired.

After doing my glute activation exercises diligently and carefully, I did 22 laps on the track, stopping twice to roll on the ball (more preventative than anything; I didn't have much pain). I forgot to stop my Garmin the 2nd time so it's off a bit. Total time for 6437m was about 42:00 spot on, for 6:31/km. Hey, that's pretty good, except that my HR was quite high doing it. It was a moderately hard effort and my HR was in the upper 150s/low 160s at the end. My fitness will return if I can train, so I'm trying not to be at all concerned about that part. The good part is that I could train.

Weight Watchers is going pretty well. I am adjusting to a few changes in the program, but that's going fine. My biggest challenge (as usual) is not eating too much after dinner. I did well for a couple nights but not as well last night; still, I am within my points. I just need to watch it more carefully tonight. I can do this!

In other news, I made a house cleaning plan and the kids now have a schedule for their responsibilities, as do I. So I've done everything I set out to do almost a week ago except figure out how to fit in strength training. That schedule is coming soon, so stay tuned. But I've 1) gone to the doctor, 2) gone to Weight Watchers, and 3) made my household cleaning schedule. That's a start. I feel a lot better mentally tackling all of this rather than just feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, February 01, 2016

40 min on treadmill

It was snowy outside and too slippery to RW; because I'm just trying to regain my fitness and am a bit paranoid about the turns on the indoor track, I did the treadmill.

I did 3.65 miles (5.87 km) in 40:08, all the time I had this morning (woke up late). I started off very slow, at 5mph (7:27/km) for a few min to warm up, then increased to 5.3mph (7:02/km), which still felt easy. So after a few minutes I increased to 5.5mph (6:47/km) and that was quite comfortable for an easy pace. Geez. I've lost so much fitness...but, well, that's life and I have to go from here. After I'd been on the treadmill for about 30 min, I tried 5.7mph (6:33/km) and that was moderately hard, pushing my heart rate to about 155, so I backed off and finished the workout at 6:47/km.

I did get off twice to massage on the small, firm ball that I have for that purpose, but didn't feel like I really *had* to do it; the pain was minimal, at 0-1/10. Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow it'll be a bit better and I can go outside, though it is supposed to be very, very cold. It might be too icy after the snow today. Maybe I might just try the track at the gym, now that my injury is feeling better.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

feeling better; 6K

I'm feeling better mentally & physically. Mentally, because I'm working on the stuff I need to work on to get ready for Perth. Weight management, doctor visit, getting organized so others can help around the house, etc. Physically, because for whatever reason my pain in the butt is feeling better.

I did 6K today was icy. I'd have been slow anyway, but the ice slowed me down probably another 10-15 seconds/km. It wasn't icy everywhere but over maybe 10-20% of the route it was dicey. It was beautiful though, and I took a bunch of photos in Liberty Park and a few from our front porch when I got home. It snowed about an inch or two last night and it was just gorgeous on the trees. I'm not a fan of winter, but I'm trying to enjoy the parts that are nice, and it IS beautiful.

6K at 7:04/km with ave HR 137, pain in the butt only 0-1/10, some slight pain in left knee (3rd day of this; better today than Friday) on the medial side when extending the knee (it kind of "pops" a little and hurts, not all the time, but sometimes).

Saturday, January 30, 2016

cross-training; Weight Watchers

Today I woke up pretty sore in the hamstring - I think from sitting a lot at dinner and the symphony last night. In addition, it was snowing outside and the roads were a mess. So racewalking was pretty much out of the question. Instead, I did the elliptical for 40 min and then went to my Weight Watchers meeting, as I had outlined in my plan to get ready for Perth this October.

It was good to be back at Weight Watchers. They have changed the food plan a bit but it's simple enough to do the new points system with the app for my phone. The new meeting place in Foothill Village is very nice and quite an improvement, plus it's closer to my house. I am planning to attend weekly until I get back to my goal weight, which should only take a month or two if I am diligent. I posted the Perth 2016 poster on my fridge to motivate me and keep me out of trouble :).

In other news, we put up a basketball net for Grace (and the rest of us). I think we might have to wait a bit to use it though...snow!