Tuesday, May 26, 2015

enforced rest day

Darn it.

After looking over my heart rate data from yesterday, my coach nixed my workout today. He said I could do light cross-training or rest. He's right. I'm not feeling great and pushing it does me no good.

I was very tired yesterday afternoon, and napped. And my legs were sore; a bit of the weird soreness.

Feeling sorry for myself last night, I ate a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. That wasn't a smart response...bummer. But now I can pick myself up and carry on. Eat well, rest well. It's a small relapse and I need to keep that in mind.

Monday, May 25, 2015

2K, 2x1500, 2x500

Yesterday: rest day. Legs felt well-recovered. I was very sleepy yesterday, though, and in general I have felt a bit fatigued this week. I think traveling, plus returning to work after a 4-day weekend, plus a few extra things on the docket this week have made me tired. But I'm noting it in case I have any trouble with the mystery illness.

Today (Memorial Day; photo at left with flag in our neighborhood; the Boy Scouts will put a flag in your yard on holidays, for a fee - interesting cultural tidbit for international readers): 2K, 2x1500, 2x500. The track is still not an option, so 800 East will have to do. It's straight, has relatively little traffic early in the morning, and is sort of flat. Sort of. Good enough I guess. I warmed up with ~1650m easy with strides, on a slight downhill, in 10:24 for 6:17/km. My legs felt good. I did some dynamic stretches and got going. The weather was pretty nice to start; 12.2C or 54F and overcast and calm, but pretty soon it started raining. It's been raining A LOT lately. Like every day, which for here is really weird even though May is one of our wettest months. It's still a desert, so the daily rain is unusual. At least it wasn't raining hard this morning - at worst it was a gentle rain, and mostly it was just drizzling.

I felt like I took it pretty easy on the first 2K; pushing comfortably hard to pace myself for what was to come, but in hindsight maybe it was too fast? I did well, doing the 2K in 11:33.8. But my heart rate didn't recover well, and that continued throughout the workout. By the last interval it didn't drop below 130, which is really unusual for me. Generally it gets down to 115-120 even in a hard interval workout. I am wondering what's going on and if it is significant? I will have to ask Jim, because it does have me a bit concerned. Anyway, after the fast 2K the rest of the workout wasn't very fast, but I got it done. The first 1500m was on a slight uphill (after the slight downhill of the 2K), and it was 8:49.6 (slow). And then my legs were tired, so the slight downhill 1500m that came next was also not fast at 8:50.0. I picked it up a little for the first 500m (slight downhill) at 2:52.9, but then on the last 500m (slight uphill) I could only manage 2:54.9. Edited to add: 35:01.2 for the 6K. Not terrible, but not very good either. Not as good as when I did this workout a couple weeks ago, but it's going to take some time to improve. After a long layoff like I've had, I have to be patient.

Today I was thinking about Perth (WMA 2016) and wondering if I really want to go if I don't improve my speed much. Is it worth it to go i
f I know I'm unlikely to m
edal? I think the answer is still yes, because of the opportunity to travel with Loren and also because I want to see my friends! I really want to see Nyle and David again, and I know I'd enjoy the vacation. I have to keep considering it though. I don't know what my body is going to do, and it may not continue to improve much; it's unpredictable.

After my workout I had breakfast with Kelly, her fiancé Chris, and Loren and the kids, which was wonderful. We ate at a perennial favorite, the Dodo, and enjoyed the food and the company a lot. That was my reward for a workout well-done, even if it wasn't fast.

Garmin data here. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

10K and feeling fine

Whew. I'm feeling fine after my 10K this morning. I was quite nervous yesterday because I really thought I had some of the weird soreness all day, and I was very fatigued when I got home from work. I napped from 5-7pm before we went to the symphony, which is quite uncharacteristic of me. But it seems to have helped, because the 10K went smoothly this morning.

Nice weather, same as yesterday, 11.1C (52F). It's been cool and rainy which is getting a bit old, but frankly, we need the water so I'm not complaining.

I took BOTH dogs with me this morning (at left; Powder and Sugar, who wouldn't sit still for the photo!). It was the first time I took both of them, and it was interesting. Powder is a work in progress. She was pulling a lot, and kept running in front of me at first. She got a lot better, but then at about 6km she got tired and pretty much refused to move. After a brief rest I got her going again and walked them back home. I left them home and still had 2.2km to go, so I went out alone and was much faster w/o them :). I think in a few weeks it'll be a lot easier, so it's just going to be annoying for a bit until I get her fully trained. She was pretty good about not chasing other dogs, cats, etc., though she was clearly interested in them and was ready to do so if I let up.

As for me, my legs felt fine, and I did the 10K quite easily, which honestly surprised me. I was expecting it to be a death march. Go figure! I'm happy that it went fine. Total time: 1:04:18 for 6:26/km with ave HR about 150.

Garmin data here. 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yesterday: elliptical; got up late so only 25 min :/ but I guess that's better than nothing.

Today: 5x1km. Weather: lovely for training, at 11.1C (52F) and overcast. Perfect for shorts and T-shirt. I did a 1.5km warm-up, throwing in a few strides along the way, in a quick 9:31 (slight downhill at the end). I SO wish that the track was open...I miss it...but 800 East works OK in a pinch. It's not flat, but the inclines are slight. Slight and noticeable to a racewalker. Oh well!

Starting off on the intervals it was a slight downhill for the first km, then slight up for 500m and flat 500m. The third km was flat then slight downhill, and the 4th km slight uphill. For the 5th I did the slight downhill. You can tell from the times!!! My legs got pretty tired by the 3rd km, and then the 4th and 5th were tough going. My heart rate was unusually high today, both on the intervals and on the recoveries. On the last recovery it was only down to about 126; usually it's at least below 120 by 2 minutes. During the intervals it was in the mid 170s by the end of the 3rd-5th intervals, and it maxed out at 177 (! my max is supposedly 191!).

My legs felt OK, except that they tired fast. I did have possibly a slight (very slight) bit of the weird soreness this morning. I'm not 100% sure but am writing it down just as data.

Times: 5:36.8, 5:42.0, 5:42.4, 5:57.1 (uphill, slightly; tired), 5:45.3 (downhill, slightly, tired). Total 28:44 for the 5K. I'm still slow compared to what I used to be pre-illness, but I am improving slowly. I'm not sure I'll ever be as fast as I was pre-illness, but I just don't know what might happen. I will expect improvement and train for it and hope for the best.

Garmin data here. 

Side note: weight this morning was 157.8. I have lost about 6 pounds since January :). I've been working hard. This week I gained one back (lazy eating), as it had been 7. I'm going to buckle back down and keep working on this to get back to <150 a="" all="" and="" as="" been="" better="" but="" care="" challenging.="" discipline="" dogs="" eat="" energy="" for="" goals.="" happen="" hard="" has="" have="" helps="" hopefully.="" house="" husband="" i="" if="" involves="" it="" kids="" left="" lot="" my="" nbsp="" of="" p="" racing="" reach="" s="" sleep="" sleeping="" some="" takes="" that="" the="" time.="" to="" train="" want="" well.="" well="" what="" work="">

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Monday & Tuesday - rest days. Monday: travelled ALL DAY LONG. Nice to hang with the girls, but not so nice to be in the car all day. Tuesday: I meant to cross-train yesterday, but I had SO much stuff to do when I got home that I needed the extra time in the morning. I had a little delayed onset muscle soreness after the race but it was very, very minor, and just in my legs.

Today: 8K. The weather was lovely at 52F (11C) and overcast. We adopted a new dog but she is not ready for racewalking with me yet - needs more training - so I just took Sugar with me. Our new dog, Powder, is at right in the photo here. They look SO much alike :).

My legs felt a bit off when I started - right shin a bit sore, and just some general malaise - but after 1km or so they felt fine, just a little heavy. That continued all the way through the workout. I'm pleased that all I had was some slight heaviness, as it shows I'm recovering better than I have been.

Total time 50:55 for 8km for 6:22/km with ave HR 144. Garmin data here. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

15K nationals in Riverside, CA

This went about as I expected. Not great, but not terrible. And I did better than the last two years; while that isn't saying much since I was super slow those two years, it reflects how I am feeling in a nutshell. BETTER! Better is good. I think what truly sums up my day today is what Yvette, another racewalker, said as I lapped her: "It's a beautiful day. We are blessed to be out here." Amen, sister.

I wanted to do a 6:10/km pace, and I did that for the first partial lap and the second lap, but I knew that wasn't in the cards for today. I worked a bit too hard to get to 5K in 30:50, then 10K in 1:02:17 (31:27), and my laps slowed down from 10:31 to 10:53 at the slowest (2nd to last lap). I had a little left in the tank for the last lap, though my HR was up into the low 170s to get a 10:38 at the end. Disappointing but not surprising, though again I am truly very happy just to be feeling better and on my way back. Total time was 1:33:49 with last 5K of 31:32, so I held on to my pace pretty well from 5-15K. Average HR 162; working hard but still out of shape. Max was 176 at the end!

Laps were 8:07 (partial), 10:31, 10:39, 10:40, 10:44, 10:51, 10:47, 10:53, 10:38.

Garmin data here.

I am having a relaxing and fun weekend with my friends Nancy and Kathy, and it's super nice to be out of town and have few responsibilities for a few days. It's a great bonus to see friends at the 15K, and I especially enjoyed talking with Alex Price and with Dave Talcott and Erin Taylor-Talcott. Haven't had a good chat with Erin in a very long time, and I very much enjoyed catching up with her. Lucky for me, Dave and Erin are staying at the same hotel as we are, and we are all going to get to have dinner tonight :).

Race results (partial, and unofficial) for those who are interested:

Rachel Seaman 1:07:47 new course record 
Miranda Melville 1:14:06
Erin Gray 1:16:58
Robyn Stephens  1:17:04
Erin Taylor-Talcott 1:20:44
Tammy Stevenson 1:33:49
Karen Stoyanowski 1:39?

Nick Christie 1:05:21
Emanuel Corvera 1:10:10
Francisco Pantoya 1:19:56
Dave Talcott 1:17:32
Mark Green 1:20.xx
Dave Swarts 1:23:01
Alex Price 1:28.xx

Adrian Zamudio 1:29.xx

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5K + 5x200

Nice weather this morning - 15C (60F) and overcast.

I felt good and recovered; yesterday my legs were tired so I took the day off. But today was better. I did a nice fast-ish 5K to see how race pace of 6:10/km would feel; it was moderate to moderately hard for 5K, so I'm not sure how Sunday's 15K will go, but ... well, it is what it is. I have trained as hard as my body would let me. The 5K was 31:15 with ave HR 150, and then I did 5x200m. The 200s were really good - I felt so fast! I do have some fast-twitch muscles left, apparently. I did them in 5:03 total for the 1km, which is the best I've done in a while, so I'm feeling good. My legs have felt great the rest of the day, so I'm recovering well. Tomorrow I'll rest or a gentle x-train, Saturday 15 min easy, Sunday RACE! :)

5K here

200s here.