Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Whew. Today's spin workout was tough. Jen is a good instructor who knows how to get the most out of a class. Seriously, I don't think I've had my HR this high spinning in a long time (on one of the intervals it was about 165 for a few minutes). Usually in spinning my perceived exertion is much higher for the same HR as it is for racewalking, oddly. But today it felt more similar, or even like I wasn't working THAT hard, but my HR was a lot higher than I thought. That hardly ever happens while spinning. I usually think my HR must be super high, and then I look and it's not. Whatever.... just odd...

On the down side, after the workout I felt pretty tired, and I'm also a bit lightheaded/dizzy. And my right anterior tibialis muscle is giving me grief. Maybe I pushed it too hard?

Garmin data here. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

tired 8K

My legs felt decent this morning before my walk, but they were definitely tired, and I wore out pretty quickly during the walk. I was to do 8K plus 5x200m, and let's just say that 1) I woke up a bit late, and didn't have time for the 200s, AND 2) it's probably better that I didn't do them because my legs were feeling this workout later today. I had a slight bit of soreness upon sitting today, and driving just a little bit made it a bit worse. Nothing serious or anything to worry about, but I definitely am not recovering as well as I would have liked from the race.

So, this morning's walk was 8K in 51:39 for 6:27/km. Not very impressive. Glad that coach changed it as originally he was thinking to have me do 5x1km intervals! Eeek!

Garmin data here.

Edited to add: oh, and it was cold and dark :(. It almost froze this morning; my iPhone said 34F but Garmin says 36F (2.2C). Not unseasonably cold, but I'm just really NOT ready for winter. Ugh.

Monday, October 27, 2014

race weekend

I went to Sacramento to race this weekend... in brief:

Saturday: 20 min with strides. Felt a bit sluggish and awkward to start but warmed up well and did 5:59/km for the 20 min with four strides; I did 3.35km. Legs felt good afterwards. Walked around the Davis farmer's market with my brother and his family and Grace (who came with me, but didn't end up doing the race).

Sunday: Race day! I was about 40 min from the park where the race was, so Grace and I left Davis about 6:25am, and arrived just after 7am at William Pond park. This was a USATF Pacific Association 20K race with a concurrent 5K, so the 20K was the main event. I will do the 20K next time, I hope :).

I warmed up for just 1km; I was a bit nervous about my legs holding up. Turns out I needn't have worried, but better safe than sorry as long as I was warmed up. I did strides after that in the parking lot near the finish line. I felt good but wasn't sure of myself at all. I talked with my friend Alex Price, and he said that he, Mark Green, and Adrian Zamudio all planned on going out at 29 min 5K pace for their 20K, with a goal of a 1:56 finish. Perfect! I could just go with them and have help with pacing. Turns out I didn't need it too much; I stuck with Adrian for about 4K then he pulled ahead. Mark and Alex were just behind me but because I felt good and was a little under 29 min pace, I didn't worry about that. There was a cone marking the 500m mark on this 1km out-and-back course, so it was super easy to get my splits.

Turns out I paced things pretty well with the guys - here are my splits: 5:43, 5:44, 5:46, 5:50, 5:47. That's pretty darn good. Seriously, I felt really good for the whole race (maybe it was the sea level altitude?); on the 4th km I eased back just a touch to make sure I had enough, but probably didn't need to - it was nerves? I dunno, but I am super happy with the outcome. Yeah, not nearly as fast as I used to be, but that will come back with time and training and losing a bit of weight, IF I continue to feel good. That's a big IF, but I'm hoping and hoping it will be true.

Photos: me with Grace, me with Robyn Stevens (winner of 20K in 1:46:xx), me with my award.

Edited to add: race temps were chilly at 48F (8.9C) but it was just perfect, actually! I warmed up with gloves on but ditched them and was perfectly comfortable in short sleeved shirt and shorts, with the sun warming us gently.

Garmin data here for race. 

Today: recovery day - 20 min elliptical, bike to work (it was cold! my toes got chilly! I think it was about 41 this morning (5C)).

Friday, October 24, 2014

x-train; easy 5K

Yesterday: spinning class. I worked it hard, as we did some good hill climbing. I was feeling that a bit in my glutes this morning!

Today: 5K easy. Nice! I took the dog out and just went and got it done. It was about 45F, clear, and calm, but still dark when I went out. Still a nice morning, and aside from a little soreness from the spinning I felt fine, and have continued to feel good this morning at work. Total time was 31:06 for 6:12/km with ave HR 149 (though it was probably a bit less as my HR monitor spiked for the first km or so).

Garmin data here. 

5K race Saturday morning in Sacramento :)! I'm bringing Grace with me and visiting my brother's family in Davis, CA, but Calvin and Loren are staying home and holding down the fort, and doing lots of guy stuff (i.e. watching the World Series, and rooting for the Giants all the way!).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

elliptical; 4x1km

Tuesday: elliptical 40 min. Planned to bike to work after that but 1) weather looked iffy (and I'm a fair-weather cyclist!), and 2) legs felt a little tired, so I decided to take the bus.

Wednesday: 4x1km with #2 and #4 @ 85%. Met Kelly at the track at 6:15am; it was pitch dark and 41F (5C), with a little breeze that felt pretty cold every time we came around the first 100m. Sigh...summer is definitely gone and winter is on the way. I asked Kelly, "Why are we here???" because I really wanted to be in bed reading a book all curled up. She said she'd rather be taking a hot shower. We laughed, and started warming up (she was just running while I RW, and not doing intervals, just trying to build her strength). I did a rather sluggish warm-up, but my legs felt OK; just the usual 1600m with 2x100m strides.

The workout: the first km felt not-so-great; I was tired and sluggish. I only managed a 5:45. I felt much smoother on the second one @85%, which was slower at 5:52. The third one felt better than the first one, and I did 5:43. The last one I managed another 5:52. OK, but certainly nothing to write home about.

The good news is that I felt better after working out and getting a cup of coffee :), and had a much better attitude. That counts for something. Also, my legs felt pretty decent the rest of the day and I feel like I could RW tomorrow. I'm not going to, as I have a 5K race on Sunday that I do care about, so I'm going to spin tomorrow and then do 5-6km easy on Friday and a little short workout on Saturday. That's the plan, anyway.

Garmin data here. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

rest day; 8K + 5x200

Sunday: rest day; took my mom to the opera for her birthday!


Today: woke up a little late, and was feeling tired and sluggish and a bit gloomy. I knew that I really needed to racewalk to shake off the blues. My legs felt good and I was sure that they would do well, so there wasn't too much anxiety, and besides, the weather was lovely. It was 50F (10C) and clear and calm; we've had perfect fall weather for a lot of October and I'm just soaking it in.

My workout was 8K plus 5x200m, and I took the dog and got out there. Even though I left pretty late (7:05? 7:10?) it was still dark and I had to wear my headlamp and reflective vest. Grrrr. So annoying that Daylight Savings is still going as it makes it darker in the morning for racewalking. I had a good walk anyway; 50:38 for the 8K for 6:20/km with ave HR 146, and best of all, my legs felt good and strong. Garmin data here. 

I actually succeeded in getting the dog to do the 200s with me today :). I did them in 1:02-3ish each for a total of 5:14 for the five 200s. Garmin data here. 

Tomorrow: plan to spin with Kelly.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Yup, I did 10K today after my track workout yesterday. And I feel OK! Yes, my legs were a bit sore, but they didn't crap out on me, and I made it feeling fine. I wasn't fast but wasn't exactly slow, either.

Glorious morning here with clear skies, no wind, and temps in upper 40s (46F, 7.8C). Very nice out. I did two 5K out and back segments from Kelly's apartment complex, so that I could do 10K and she could do 5K with me for the second part. That worked out really well, and we found a good way to get to the Jordan River Parkway from her new place. Awesome.

I brought the dog for a little exercise, and I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as I did. Though my legs were a bit tired and I wouldn't have wanted to do a lot more, 10K was just perfect for a morning tune-up. I'm glad the past couple weeks are behind me. Hopefully I can get some rest this weekend and be ready to train harder next week.

Total time: 1:04:23 for 6:26/km with ave HR 145. Happy with that for a nice easy day.

Garmin data here.