Thursday, July 02, 2015

YES! Back to normal!!! 3x878m

SO EXCITED! My heart rate is back to normal. I don't know why, but it is; perhaps it was the stress of planning the 50th anniversary weekend events, and now that it's over I'm better? Or maybe stress plus the underlying mystery illness? I have no idea. I just know that I am better.

I went to the indoor track and warmed up. I wasn't feeling super energetic or motivated and was slow to start (1:56-1:57 laps (292.6m/lap)), but after a few laps I felt better and finished with a 1:44 lap, accelerating on the straights. My coach wanted me to do 3x1km, and the closest to that on this track is 3x878m, so that's what I did. My times were 5:03.1, 4:59.7, and 4:58.9 for a 1km equivalent of 5:45.3, 5:41.4, and 5:40.5. The times are good, though not great, but the heart rate was wonderful. Average was in the low 150s for the first interval, then it got down to 101 (!!! YES !!!) during my 2 min rest. Then the next one the average was mid-upper 150s, then 104 during the 2 min recovery :). Finally, on the last one the average was upper 150s-low 160s, then 109 during 2 min of recovery. Perfect. Compare that to the workout I did on May 25 (an interval workout, with longer intervals) and you can see the vast difference in the recovery HR. That workout had recovery HRs in the 130s (yikes!), and that totally cued me that something was wrong, as even during a very long and hard interval workout my HR usually recovers into the upper 110s or low 120s at the very most.

I'm really hoping this holds and that things are going to be back to normal. Oh, and my fitbit is showing resting HR at 56 average (including daytime) vs. 60 earlier in the week.

After my workout I biked to summer camp with the kids and then to work. Legs feel good. I'm a bit sleepy, but I didn't get enough sleep last night because we have houseguests, so that's not surprising.

Garmin data here.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


I was supposed to do 3x1km today. I felt OK, but I'm still recovering from the weekend and woke up late and grouchy. I managed to do the elliptical for 20 min instead, and also biked to work. Overall my fatigue levels are much better, and my resting HR appears to be trending down, according to my fitbit, but I'm just being cautious. I will do the 3x1km tomorrow and then I have a 5K race on Saturday to get in some more speed work.

My motivation has been low - I'm afraid of feeling worse, and heck, even when I'm feeling good, I'm not that good. Of course I tend to compare myself to the best women my age in the world. But I know some of them, so it's hard not to. I'm trying to just feel my way back right now. Today, the elliptical was all I had the mental energy for (kids were horrid this morning...there was a party last night, which always wears me out...etc.). But I haven't given up.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hot 6K

By many standards it wasn't hot this morning. But it sure felt hot to me. It was 27.2C (81F) at 6:30am. Yep. I think that's the hottest morning I can ever remember here; the cloud cover last night prevented it from cooling off much. Add in 39% humidity (quite high for here; cloud cover again) and it was pretty miserable. I'm sure it slowed me a little, but not too much I don't think. More significant might be my tired legs from yesterday's hike. They didn't feel too awful, but were definitely a bit heavy.

Add in tired pooches and it gets more interesting. As usual, Powder was lollygagging and I was practically dragging her at a few points. I might have to give up on taking her on training walks. I hate to do that as she needs the exercise, but she has to learn to keep up or she'll be relegated to slow walks with me or the kids or Loren later in the day.

I also messed up my Garmin when stopping in the park to pick up after Powder, who decided that the park sidewalk would be a nice place to do her business. Sugar is never that untidy. Sigh... but I lost about 2.5 minutes that way. My total time was approximately 39:30 for the 6K, which isn't too bad at 6:35/km, considering the conditions and my slightly heavy legs.

The fatigue overall seems to be a bit better and now that the big anniversary weekend is over, I'm hoping that I can get back to training hard, if my body will let me. We will see.

Garmin data here (for what it's worth, given the error).

Monday, June 29, 2015

cross-training bonanza!

Sunday: rest day

Monday: elliptical 30 min, then hiking! Took the day off work (will work Friday instead; Friday is the observed Independence Day holiday) and hiked with my uncle, his wife, and my mom. Awesome. We hiked from Alta ski resort base up to Secret Lake, which is at 3011m (9878ft) by my Garmin; the start of the hike was at 2647m (8684ft), so while it wasn't a huge elevation change, it was a good amount. We did go very slowly, since I am the youngest by 17 years! We saw amazing scenery, a mama moose and her baby, lots of wildflowers, and of course the lake. Total distance was about 8.4km.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday: was going to cross-train, but family activities and stuff I had to do for my parent's 50th anniversary celebration this weekend kind of took over. In addition, I played a wedding in the morning - fun way to celebrate our own 22nd anniversary (yes, we got married on my parents' 28th anniversary). Busy day.

Today: I was supposed to do 12K, but I woke up a bit late (stayed up late working on more 50th stuff for the big dinner tonight) and so I allowed myself to sleep a little later. Well, then it was hot. Quite hot. It's supposed to get to 102F (39C) today; it was 75-80F during my walk (24-26C). I'm not used to that at all (Nyle - insert laughter here) and so I was dragging. Plus my legs felt heavy and tired. I decided that 6K was enough given the conditions, and the fact that I want to get better again not worse. I am OK with this. Baby steps, I guess. Thanks, coach, for being patient with me for a bit as I navigate getting out of the relapse.

Totals: 39:09 for 6:31/km with ave HR 148; I did take a few water/stoplight stops and a couple other brief rests.

Garmin data here. 

Wedding photos:
My parents, married June 26, 1965

Our wedding, June 26, 1993

Thursday, June 25, 2015

cross-training; 3K fartlek

Yesterday: 25 min elliptical and bike ride up to work for 35 min hard cardio and 15 min easy.

Today: 3K fartlek. Went to the indoor track and did a 5-lap (each lap = 292.608m) warm-up. Felt really, really tired and sleepy. Ugh! Too much going on this week - it's been completely insane. But...the warm-up went OK and my legs were feeling decent, so I did the fartlek. On the indoor track I do 10 laps, 2 fast, 2 medium effort, 2 fast, 2 medium effort, 2 fast, for 2926m. I did 17:08, which converts to 17:34 for the full 3km. That's faster than my 3km race last weekend...sigh...but it is also flat, and Liberty Park is not flat. Regardless, my intervals of 2 laps convert to 500s of 2:48.7, 3:03.5, 2:49.6, 3:06.7, and 2:50.0. That seems decent enough. BUT also of note: my average HR was very high at 168 and my max was 182. Yikes! Plus, after 2 min my HR was still 136; usually it is more like 120ish after that time. Just data, but a bit alarming.

I've been very tired the rest of the day, but it's impossible to know whether this is from my breakneck pace this week or the mystery illness or both. I need some rest. Hopefully after this weekend it'll happen. Until then...well...I'm hanging on.

Garmin data here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sunday: rest day.

Monday: rest day....was up until 3:20am working on an important project. So let's just say that racewalking didn't happen yesterday. I did make it through the day at work OK, but crashed out at home for a couple hours. I know in my current state of tiredness that this was a bad idea, but I didn't really have a choice, as there was a hard deadline on this project.

Today: 8K. Stopped my Garmin to chat with a friend in the park (met Henry, who introduced me to Brant (Brent? Geez I'm bad at names!) and Norma, who I've seen before - she's a cute ~70-80yo woman who carries doggie biscuits in her pocket to hand out to canine friends at Liberty Park on her morning walk/run) and then forgot to start it again. Oops. Missed about 750m, so when I got to 7.25km on my watch I called it quits.

My walk went fine; I was nice and fast to start on the slight downhill to Liberty Park, and then evened out at about 6:30/km, but then about 4.5km Powder (new dog) got tired and I had to pull pretty hard on the leash to keep her going...needless to say, my pace slowed a lot. I stopped to let her rest for a bit at 5km, then got her going a bit farther, then had to stop again. Oddly enough, I think she knows which way home is, because when we turned for home she perked up a bit and I was able to go faster again. So my walk was a bit slow, but it would have been faster w/o the dogs (I'm guessing about 6:25-6:30/km w/o the dogs?). Hopefully I can get Powder in better shape, or I will have to circle back home mid-walk to leave her so that I can go the pace I want with Sugar, who is a good endurance doggie.

My pace was 6:36/km with ave HR 150. Garmin data (missing 0.75km) here. 

I'm feeling OK now, though I am quite sleepy. I think I'm not all the way back on my normal sleep schedule, so if I'm tired that shouldn't surprise me. Hard to say if it's the mystery illness or not. Legs feel fine, thankfully - no weird soreness. I will have a better idea of how this affects me tomorrow, I suspect. A good night's sleep tonight will be critical, so I am going to make sure I'm in bed earlier.