Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I did 45 min on the elliptical with 8x2 min of hard intervals again. It felt lousy - for some reason I felt I was working harder than my HR showed; 155 felt like 165 today. Some days are just like that.

I started off on an elliptical that was a different model than I usually use. The angle was different for the foot pedals and it made my shin ache; only a little bit, but it was aching after a few intervals, so I eventually switched back to my regular model and it felt better. That was good, but I wish it hadn't bothered me at all :(. I'm hoping to be able to racewalk again midweek next week when Jim arrives.

We finally had some nice weather today, too, which made me really want to racewalk. That plus not enough sleep or rest last weekend combined to make me a bit moody today. I'm nervous that there's not enough time to get back in shape before Sacramento. Really, there's not, but I'm going to have to make do. My coach thinks it will be OK, maybe, but I won't be able to taper before the 5K and I'm cutting it a bit close. I'm definitely not going to be in optimal shape. Well, nothing I can do about that except do the best I can and try to just have a good time w/friends regardless! I'm trying to talk myself into a better mood but it's not working. Better just get some sleep.

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