Friday, May 13, 2011

sore again :(

I went to spinning class this morning. The front of my ankle, or a few inches above it, was a little sore, but not too bad, so I kept spinning. It felt better as class went on. After class, I couldn't resist trying a few min on the treadmill. I got on and set it for 4mph, a brisk walk. Then I gradually increased it over several minutes up to race pace, 6.2mph. I made it to 4 min w/o much discomfort, but felt a few twinges and got off before it could do more than that. I felt good at this point - it seemed like things were improving.

However, later on today it was quite painful to drive - this time, not when dorsiflexing, but with plantar flexion. Grrrr. I drove quite a bit, as the weather was nice and I took the kids down to a jog-a-thon at a friend's daughter's school (Calvin was IMPRESSIVE - he ran for 20 min straight, and made it about 1.9 miles in that time, way outclassing the other kindergarteners! Glad I enrolled him in the track club this summer!) and then took them to Red Butte Garden to enjoy the sunshine. I was driving for at least an hour, and then later tonight went to the grocery store and briefly to work, and it hurt quite a bit again. So I iced it when I got home. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try 20 min racewalking, at the coach's suggestion, with some strides. I'm hoping it will be OK. If not, well, my plane ticket has a ridiculous change fee, so I'm still going to the race and starting. If I DNF, I DNF. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish though, and finish well.

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Tammy, I hope it goes well.