Thursday, May 26, 2011

cross-training; MRI results at last

This morning I did the elliptical for 45 minutes. It felt fine.


MRI results are here! Good news - no stress fracture. It's a tibialis anterior muscle strain, along with a little tendonitis along the junction of the tibialis anterior and its tendon. Here's the radiology report:

Treatment? My doctor says physical therapy, walking boot for 3-4 weeks when not training, and hold off training for a bit longer, though I can get back into it hopefully in the next couple of weeks. She says cross-training is perfectly fine (oh yay!). I'm glad that I will be able to do the World Masters, though I won't be as fast as I could have been. Oh well, them's the berries.

Here's my new fashion accessory:


Harriet said...

Well, if you had to wear that boot, I might be able to stay with you. :-)

Nyle said...

I think there will be a lot of people wanting you to wear the boot so they can finally beat you!! now theres a compliment from them all ay! lol

The good news and most can still RACE at Masters....two weeks will just fly by and yes x training can get "yawn" ... but at least you can do something to keep moving and keep your heart rate going.


Hunca Munca said...

yay! no stress fracture - cool pictures. Get well soon!