Sunday, May 15, 2011

15k nationals in Riverside, CA

In brief because I'm typing this on my iPod.

Iced/heated shin and ankle last night and before the race and it felt good for 3-4 k then started to hurt a bit. Did first 5k in 29:40 and felt fine, but tired in middle 5k and only did about 30:15 for 59:55 for 10k - but this was by my Garmin which showed only 14.91k at the finish, so not sure about the splits. Took se jellybeans at 9-10k and tried to pick ip the pace. Norm Frable, a very kind 65yo RWer from S Utah encouraged me the whole way but especially during the last loop. I finished strong with 5:48 pace on my last km. Total time 1:29:02 so last 5k was 29:07 but that seems too who knows. Shin was quite painful the last few k but didn't slow me down, and now it's sore but not as bad as on Mon or Tues, so seems OK.

It's a new PR since I've never raced 15k before :) but all the same I'm happy with my time, as I thought I'd do 1:29xx or maybe 1:28xx. I do wonder if I could have pushed harde on the middle 5k...but no regrets! It was great!

I finished 1st in my age group (out of 4) and 1st female masters walker, and believe it or not I was 2nd in the open division! Rachel Seaman finished 1st in 1:13xx but is Canadian so she and Lauren Forues (2nd in 1:14:14) were both awarded 1st place and gold medals. I was the next woman so I got a silver medal for 2nd place in the USA at 15k!!! I even won prize money of $50!!!!!!!

More to follow later with photos and Garmin data.


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Hunca Munca said...

HOO-RAH!!! Great job and big congratulations, Tammy! With all the shin pain, I was worried for you - but you rocked it! You just never know til you get out and do it! Now take good care of that shin so we can have fun at our race next weekend~love you

Nyle said...

So you have turned Pro on us now ay!!!!

Fantastic walk!!! I am just so rapt for you and I can see you smiling from here!!!!!!

You ROCK!!

Breathinstephen said...

Well, done! All that worrying for nothing. You're in the big leagues now. Congrats :-)