Saturday, May 21, 2011

yup, you guessed it...more cross-training

Last night and this morning I was in Ogden with my friend Sarah for the Ogden half marathon, which I was registered for but did not do. Sadly, my shin is just too sore to think about a half marathon right now. Yeah, it's only 21.1km, but right now, I can barely walk 1-2km just regular walking, never mind racewalking.

I planned to work out in the fitness room at the hotel while Sarah raced. I dropped her off at 5:30 for the bus to the start line, then drove back to the hotel. Unfortunately, they would not open the fitness room until 8 am because it's right next to a room, and they said it would bother the occupants. Grrrr. Poor design! But I actually was able to fall back asleep once I got back to our room, and I got up just before 8 to go to work out. They had a recumbent bike, a treadmill (sign "Out of Order" and written underneath "Go run a marathon!" which I thought was hilarious!), a manual stair stepper, and a very small set of weights. I got on the recumbent bike, and it had serious issues. The #6-9 didn't work on the touch pad, and so getting a reasonable level to work out at was not easy - I really wanted to use level 7-8, but was stuck with 5 or 10. I chose 10, but it was tough going, and the fastest I could bike was about 55-60 rpm. Not great, but a workout nonetheless. Of course by the time I figured all of that out I only had 35 min left to work out before I had to leave to shower quickly and go see Sarah finish the race. Annoying!

I drove to the race finish, had a hard time finding parking, and walked about 4-5 blocks to the finish area to cheer her on. She came by within 5-10 min, and she finished with a fabulous new PR of approximately 2:07 (she is a runner)!!!! WOW! Her previous PR was about 2:23 (?) so this was huge! I was really happy for her!

After checking out of the hotel, we enjoyed breakfast at CJ's, a diner-type place in Ogden off the 12th street exit, before returning home to Salt Lake and the busyness of the rest of the day, which for me meant teaching 3 piano lessons, making fruit salad & green salad for a picnic potluck, and attending said picnic with kids, husband, and parents. It was Calvin's school picnic, and a great time was had by all: food, soccer, lawn games including the limbo (! fun!), and pinatas for the kids. Awesome. But tiring.

Then I still had to mow the lawn. Luckily it was still light out, since the sun is setting nice & late these days. The lawn was ridiculously out-of-control long, because Loren threw his back out and couldn't mow last weekend when it was nice, and I was out of town racing. Then this week it literally rained daily from Mon-Fri and there was no mowing. So it HAD to be done, especially because the rain is supposed to start up again tomorrow and continue for several days. Oh joy. Anyway, by the time I mowed and edged the lawn it was almost 9 pm. Whew. My shin was hurting so I iced it while reading to Calvin.

I'm tired. Good night!

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