Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Riverside ... But hurting

I'm in Riverside, CA now for the 15k. But I'm hurting. I went to the track this morning to do 20 min plus strides, and got all of 100m into it and knew it was not good. I did one km with not too much pain, but then it was starting to but in my shin, about mid-calf level. I tried strides for about 5 sec and knew I was done. My plane ticket had a $150 change fee, so here I am. My plan? To start the race and see what happens, and DNF if the pain is too much.


Anonymous said...

Tammy: obviously I have no idea how it will go. But I do know that injuries hurt more if one is tense and anxious.

Is there anything you can do to become serene and accepting tonight? That will probably give you your best chance of getting through it.

Good luck; I'll send some lucky vibes your way!

Nyle said...

I agree with Ollie....try to relax....and remember ... the adrenaline from the start is the best painkiller known to man kind.

Thinking of you and I cant wait to read about how the race goes.

All the very best.