Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rest day; doctor visit

Today ended up being a rest day. I just could not get out of bed at 4:30 am...sigh...

I went to the doc and she says she thinks it's either a tear in my anterior tibialis or a stress fracture in my tibia. The treatment for each is quite different - PT or rest/immobilization, respectively. So, I really need to have an MRI to see which it is. Oh yay. It's scheduled for 7 am tomorrow.

My shin still hurts. It bugged me walking out to the car on the way to my appointment. Of course I was walking fast because I was on the edge of being late, and Loren was counting on me for a ride to the doc too, as he had an appt at the same time in the same building for an injection in his back for his disc problem. He is feeling much better now :). Me? Not so much. Hoping to squeeze in a quick nap before the U2 concert tonight.

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