Monday, May 16, 2011


Today I thought about resting, but I woke up at 5:30 - BOING! and figured I might as well hit the gym since I was awake. I did the elliptical, since it is the only pain-free thing I can do right now. Swimming would hurt, and biking hurts (the pulling up motion in spinning or stationary biking is painful). The elliptical does not hurt at all, happily, so I did it for 45 min this morning.

Unfortunately, the pain is about the same as last night - not good. I limp when I walk, and I'm quite slow. The pain is in the front of my ankle and in my lower shin; it is sensitive to touch and feels a tiny bit swollen in front of the ankle. I'm icing it, taking anti-inflammatories, etc., but I'm at work so probably not resting it enough. And I parked in the far away parking today, figuring I'd make it. I did, but it hurt, and I was very very slow getting in today.

Still, it was worth it...continuing to savor the fun from yesterday :).


Oh, one more detail from the race. I forgot to bring my HR monitor chest strap, so I had NO HR data at all for the race, and I had to go by feel. I wonder if I would have pushed harder in the middle 5K if I'd had HR data? Or not? It was pretty annoying not knowing my HR, but I did fine anyway. I generally have a pretty good idea of where it's at, but I like having it - it helps!

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