Saturday, March 01, 2014

16.442K indoors

Yesterday: 45 min elliptical.

Today: WINDY. Very, very windy. 22mph (35kph) with gusts of 33mph (53kph), and light rain predicted (though it didn't rain much that I can tell). I hate wind. I'd rather be inside with that kind of wind. Too hard to RW effectively, and with the Olympic Oval as an option, well… inside it was. Stevie met me there, and he did 14K (I think…not sure his lap count was right). I also (happily) ran into my friends Erica and Sarah. They don't know each other (well, they do now haha) but they were there doing 12 miles and 14 miles, respectively. I had 16K (10 miles) on tap, so we decided we'd eat breakfast together after, which we did. Erica ran with me most of my workout, which was great - I love having company. Stevie is a bit faster and I just told him to go his own speed, which he did. 

I was to do 36.2 laps of 442m for the 16K. I somehow miscounted (despite my watch…hard to see the laps with my aging eyes - sad but true!) and did 37.2 laps. Oops. I never felt really awesome or strong today; I was a bit tired after 5 laps and it just stayed that way. However, my lap times were pretty consistent even as I tired. My HR was pretty low today - average of just 137 - but I think it's just the tired legs thing I've had all week. No pain or weird soreness, just have felt sluggish. I don't think anything is wrong at all though - just working through increasing distance, and I think all is well. Took a water + gel break at 8km, and then 2 more quick water/stretch breaks in the last 8km. 

My foot was warm and a bit inflamed, but not painful. I was just uber-aware of it and afterward iced it during breakfast (asked the waitress for a big glass of ice, put it in my newspaper bag as I'd grabbed the paper from my driveway and threw it in the car on my way over to the Oval, and iced away - felt SO great). It feels fine now. I just have to baby it a bit to get it back healthy after trashing it in that pair of shoes. I need to switch shoes as my current pair has about 400 miles on it (643km) and it's time… fortunately I bought a brand-new pair of NB1400s and I know that those are good for my feet as I used them for 50K training in 2012. I think I'll use those for my shorter stuff this week and if all is well will switch to them before my 18K next Saturday. 

My total time was 1:47:11 for the 16.442km, which works out to 6:31/km with ave HR 137. Note that one lap time is 43 sec long because I forgot to press stop on my watch, and a couple others I pushed 10-15 seconds late so one lap is long and the next a bit short. Otherwise it's accurate. 

Anyway, today was solid but not great, and I'm OK with that. One step at a time. It's the farthest I've walked since Jan 12, 2013 (when I did a sub-2hr 20K long walk…sigh……..), so I have something to celebrate there, through mixed emotions. Coming back is hard but good.

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