Monday, March 17, 2014

12K w/3x3' bursts

Sunday: rest day. I felt good - a very tiny bit of the weird soreness while sitting at the piano at church for an extended period, but other than that no problems. I had some normal post-race delayed onset muscle soreness, especially in my shins, trapezoids, and deltoids. Odd to have so much soreness in my upper body, but I haven't been diligent about weight training, so I guess that's not surprising. Time to hit the gym again now that I am pretty sure the muscle thing is 95% better.


Today: 12k w/3x3' bursts. I was a bit sore today too, but didn't think it'd impact my workout much. At about 7k, my legs got quite tired and I definitely slowed down, but I still did a respectable 1:16:55 for 6:25/km with ave HR of 146. The three bursts were 2:57, 3:01, and 2:57 - slower than last week, but I didn't try to go all-out, just at 10K effort, which was slower today due to race recovery.

The weather has been freaky. 57F this morning (14C) - so warm - and windy, with 11mph wind, as a storm front was blowing in. Not as windy as on Saturday at the race by any means, but still noticeable and a bit annoying. Later in the day it cooled down to about 43F and was snowing on and off, but still super windy, so it was snowing sideways. I had to do a bunch of errands with the kids after work (shoe store, grocery store, thrift store) and it was not pleasant. Add in just plain tiredness from not enough sleep and I am grumpy now and ready for bed.

Oh yeah, and I got 2 blisters from the race - one on my right toe #3, and one on my right heel, where I've never had one. The toe blister is no biggie, but the heel one was really bothering me this morning and then all day walking around work and during errands. Glad to get off my feet.

Garmin data here.

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