Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday: elliptical 30 min; then stationary bike for 7-8 min. I woke up late (again… dratted DST!) and that's the time I had. Almost got the kids to school late, but we made it. Iced foot frequently and it felt good.

Today: 5x1km was the workout. I woke up a bit later than I intended, and felt lousy. Still not used to DST. Why can't we just leave the clocks alone? Now it's darker and colder for my workouts…grumble, whine, moan. That was my mood this morning, and I really did NOT want to do the track workout. Just didn't care. But I know that I am competing in the 15K in May, so I really do want to get back in shape. I made myself go, and it went well.

Warm-up - truncated to 1200m with strides because of the time. 7:18 or so, and I felt pretty good.

Weather: average for this time of year, but chillier than it has been. 34F (1C) and a very slight breeze. I wore my new warm jacket and my new headband that my mom gave me for my birthday, so at least I looked stylish haha. There was only 1 other person at the track the whole time I was there, and it was dark, so stylish hardly mattered. I was concerned the track might be icy, as it snowed and rained a bit yesterday, but it was dry.

Edited to add the selfie I took with my new headband.

Workout: I felt pretty good and was consistent on all of the 1k intervals. Each one was naturally a bit harder, but I had something left for the last one. My foot did not bother me at all, but I concentrated a LOT on keeping it aligned properly to avoid tweaking it more. In fact, I worked on my technique a lot. At first I thought "technique over speed" and then I thought, no, "technique IS speed" and repeated that  over and over to myself to make sure I held my posture, used my hips, kept my foot aligned, and used my left glutes more.

Times: 5:41.0, 5:44.0, 5:43.5, 5:43.9, 5:42.9. HR was up to 170 max, and averaged over 165 on the last 500s of the last 2K, so I know I was working hard.

Garmin data here.

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