Saturday, March 08, 2014

birthday bash walk! 18K!

Yesterday: supposed to cross-train, but rested. My foot was achy and so I decided rest would be better - ice and naprosyn helped a lot :).


Today: 18K! My birthday treat to myself. I slept in until 7 am (late for me!) and enjoyed a kid-free morning courtesy of my parents. Loren slept much later, and while he slept in, I read a book for an hour, then tidied up the house, and left for my walk around 9 am. Luxurious! Thanks, mom and dad!

The weather was absolutely glorious. Our first daffodil bloomed today, in honor of my birthday. Loved it! It was 40F (4C) at the start of my walk, and about 50F (10C) at the finish. Sooooooo beautiful - sunny, warm, amazing. Just a slight breeze, but I got pretty warm in my long-sleeved shirt and capris and gloves - took off the gloves at 3K, and rolled up my sleeves above my elbow at 10K. LOTS and LOTS of runners, rollerbladers, strollers, dog-walkers at Liberty Park, all with spring fever!

The 18K went well. My foot ached a bit from 14K-18K, but I iced it afterward and paid lots of attention to my technique and that paid off. It feels good now. My legs were pretty darn tired from 15K-18K but I kept a good pace and finished well.

Total time: 1:55:22 for 6:25/km with ave HR just 144. I'm getting more fit!

Garmin data here.

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