Thursday, March 20, 2014

tired not-quite-12km

My legs were tired this morning. That about sums up today's workout. After the hard effort I gave the 5x1km yesterday, I was a bit sore and didn't recover well.

This morning the weather was cooperative at 39F (4C), though I will say it felt a bit cooler than that to me. Anyway, it wasn't a factor. I started off and right away my legs were very heavy. I really had to talk myself through this whole walk. By 3km I was tired, and by 7km my legs were VERY tired and I was wondering if I'd make it to 12km. I fully intended to try, but by 10km it was increasingly difficult to hold my form, and my muscles felt weak. My right piriformis had been bothering me a little yesterday, and as my form deteriorated today, it began to bother me more. I decided to call it a day rather than injuring something.

Believe me, I gave this a lot of effort. It was mentally very taxing and I did not decide to stop early lightly. I think it was wise given how I was feeling. Sometimes you need to respect how your body is feeling, and you need to know when to push and when not to.

Totals: 10.83km in 1:11:07 for 6:34/km with ave HR 140.

Garmin data here.

My foot is slightly achy now (at lunch) but mostly OK, and my piriformis feels totally fine. I'm still glad I stopped.

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