Monday, March 10, 2014

8k after work

Yesterday: 30 min stationary bike to burn off part of my birthday dessert. Usually I take Sunday off of training but I wanted the exercise.

Today: Gotta love  daylight savings time. NOT! Overslept my alarm and missed my morning workout. Luckily for me, the kids are old enough to take with me now! I get off work in time to pick them up from school on Mondays, and after walking home we readied ourselves to go out. Wish I'd taken a photo as they were so cute. Calvin had his running shoes and his scooter and was planning on one lap of the park on the scooter (2.25k) and then 5k running. He is training for a 5k in a couple weeks and wanted to practice running non-stop and timing himself. Grace had her rollerblading and all her protective gear, and her plan was to rollerblade 8k with me.

It was warm and windy, as a storm was coming in. 60F (15C) and quite gusty at times. I hate racewalking in the afternoon, because I never feel quite right. Today was no exception. I was originally planning on 10k with bursts, but the kids and my foot (which was just not 100%) changed my mind, so I did 8k instead. I'll do the 10k on Thursday.

The kids behaved very well and had a great time, and though I was slow it was ok. My foot felt no worse during or after and I am pleased about that because I concentrated very hard on my form to avoid aggravating it.

Haven't uploaded yet but my time was 51:34 for 6:27/km with average HR a low 140. I just didn't have any oomph to push harder after work. But I was glad I went and we all enjoyed being outside. Now it's lots winder and raining and generally icky out so it's good to be done.

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