Friday, March 28, 2014


I thought today might be disastrous, but it wasn't. Yes, I was a bit sore, and a little slow, but it didn't feel terrible, and my legs are recovering OK. Glad I didn't have to do more than 6K today, but that actually was the perfect amount to get me moving, work on my technique (especially posture! I think I'm getting better!), and just get used to walking 3 days in a row like I'll need to in order to do 5 days per week training again.

The weather was pretty good at 40F (4C) with a slight breeze and clear. When I did my first 500m I thought it was going to be a terrible workout, as everything was quite stiff, but I loosened up after about 1.5-2km and things went OK. I had to stop and stretch my piriformis frequently, but other than that things were good. My foot didn't bother me, and though I was a little sore in general from yesterday it wasn't bad. My legs were somewhat heavy, but not horribly so. Whew. Could have been lots worse.

Like I said, I wasn't fast… but that is OK. That will come. Today was a recovery day.

Total: 6K in 39:06 for 6:31/km with ave HR 142.

Garmin data here. 

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