Wednesday, March 05, 2014

4x1km w/2' rest

Yesterday: 30 min elliptical, 30 min stationary bike (trying to rest my foot more). Started taking some Aleve (naprosyn) to try and help the foot recover a bit faster. I think it's helping.


Today: 4x1km with 2' rest. I drove to the track, and it was 35F (1.7C) and calm and clear. Unfortunately, it was just cold enough on the track surface to be icy…and it rained a bit last night. So the track was waaaaay too slippery for racewalking. Irritating! Next I drove to 800E and parked and just did my workout there.

It went well. I started off very slowly and then accelerated throughout my warm-up, throwing in some strides and focusing a lot on technique. 10:10 for 1600m, by my Garmin.

After my dynamic drills, I got started on the workout. It is not perfectly flat, but the best I can get --- I think it's slightly downhill-ish on the first km and slightly uphill-ish on the 2nd km. I did two out-and-backs for my 4km.

My km times were 5:42, 5:45, 5:39, 5:48. I guess I took the 3rd one a bit hard - my legs were pretty much screaming on the 4th one and it was slower. Oops! HR was up to ave 169 on the last 500 (max 171 on that same 500).

I actually felt good and strong though. These were faster than last week's, and I did more of them and had less recovery. Good job! :)

I am still sooooooo happy to be feeling better!

My foot has hardly bothered me at all today. It's doing a lot better, too. The combination of 1) technique vigilance, 2) new shoes, 3) naprosyn seems to be working.

Garmin data here.

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