Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yesterday: physically and mentally a bit wiped. Maybe more so mentally, but I was very tired and had trouble getting up. Still dragged myself to the gym and managed a measly 20 min on the elliptical. I'm proud of that, as I was tempted to skip entirely.


Today: 5x1km intervals. I was still tired, but better than yesterday. However, my body wasn't wanting to do anything. It was cold this morning (a bit cooler than usual for late March, at 31F or -1C) with a breeze of about 10mph (16kph). It was dark. I wasn't thrilled.

My warm-up (the usual 1600m with strides) was slow and I felt sluggish. I hoped things would turn around for the 5x1km, but alas, not so. My HR was a bit low, so maybe it was just one of those mornings? My times were pretty awful, but not because I didn't try hard. In fact, I'm proud of today's workout because I didn't quit. I was sorely tempted to quit after the 3rd one, but thought, no, I can quit after the 4th if I really want. And then there was only one left, so I figured I could pull it off.

Times: 5:49.5, 5:50.0, 5:52.9, 5:52.2, 5:52.5.

As my friend Nyle would say, "blark". Not sure exactly what that means, but it's ugly. Speaking of friends, here's a shout-out to people who have kept me going through all this: Loren, Nyle, Jim (coach), Erin, Sarah, Jonna & Erica, and Ollie, among others. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

My legs felt rubbery when I was done, and they are a bit sore. Not the weird soreness, though - just the post-hard-workout-I-gave-it-my-all soreness. Am supposed to do 12k tomorrow…hahahaha that'll be interesting!

Seriously, though --- I am happy I can be out there training hard again, even if the results are not so good.

Garmin data here.

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