Saturday, March 22, 2014

Running of the Leopards 5K

Yesterday: elliptical

5K race! First race since last October's horrid 29:56 effort at the 5K Nationals in Kingsport.

Calvin is bugging me to get going… so this will have to be quick!

Warm-up - did 1.4km with some strides around the parking lot. Felt antsy. Right hip a bit irritated from Thursday (piriformis). Weather was about 40F (4C) and breezy, but it was a tailwind for the race. Pretty nice out, actually!

Race: Billed as "The Fastest 5K in Utah" and it probably is :). Nice descent of about 300ft (100m) with just a small uphill in the first mile (in the 2nd km). I felt pretty good initially, but my legs just didn't have the turnover I wanted; probably my fast-twitch muscles are just not there yet. Not surprising. Also, I just didn't have that little extra push I needed - was a bit afraid to go really hard because I don't trust my fitness just yet. I did a nice fast 4th km (5:32, my 2nd fastest) but on the 5th km though I worked harder (see my HR increase! Averaged 169 on 5th km, but max was 174 - working hard!), I didn't go any faster. Admittedly I was slowed down a bit by about 5m of sand on the track entrance and then the fact that the last 300m was flat, on the track.

So - I wasn't as fast as I'd hoped - was hoping to break 28 min on this nice downhill - but it's a good start to my season. Time 28:19, with splits of 5:24 (biggest downhill), 5:56 (the uphill was here), 5:46, 5:32, 5:39. Average HR for the whole race was just 161, so I think there was more room to push there. With time and some fast workouts, this will improve.

Garmin data here.


Calvin was just AWESOME this morning in his race. He did a flying fast 24:10. That's really good for a 9-year-old, I think!!! He got 2nd in his age group (under 11) and had a great time. We'll be doing more races together I'm sure!


Harriet said...

24:10 for your kid? He'd embarrass the heck out of me.

Your time wasn't that bad either.

Tammy said...

Thanks, Ollie. Calvin was pleased to embarrass a number of people this morning, including me :). I am pretty sure I cannot run that fast. Of course, since I never run, I don't really know… but I'm pretty sure.