Saturday, August 31, 2013


Most days now I'm not excited at all about racewalking. In fact, the opposite. I kind of dread it, because I know I will just feel sore and be slow. Today was no exception. Despite just light x-training yesterday (elliptical 45 min) and elliptical and biking to work the day before, my legs felt a bit tired and sore even before starting. Never a good sign. I did OK through about 7.5km, when my legs just got more and more tired. By 10K I was hurting more - my right hamstring at the top started to bother me a lot and I'm sure my gait was wonky as a result. Geez. I just can't catch a break.

I know, I can either live with it and have a good attitude or be a whiner. I can't change it, and I am trying oh so very hard to suck it up and have a positive outlook, with mixed results.

I kind of wish now that I wasn't signed up for the 5K in Tennessee on Oct 5th, except that maybe I can help Stevie to do better by encouraging him in his training and walking with him once a week. He beat me back to the finish line today by a minute or so, because I couldn't even manage 7 min/km the last couple km and I told him to go on ahead. I really thought I'd be feeling better by now.

Yes, I could be something else. People keep telling me that. But in all likelihood, it is the low B12, which just takes time. Yes, there's a small possibility it's something else, but it's just not as likely. And yes, if I still feel lousy after the 5K in October, I'll go to the doc again to see what he can do if anything.

Total time: 6:38/km with ave HR 143, 1:19:38.

Garmin data here.

Oh, yeah - edited to add that it was extremely humid (for Utah). I was very hot, and dripping with sweat... I'd go more into detail but it's not pretty. It was 73F (23C) and 54% humidity when I started, and about 81 (27C) and 54% humidity at the finish. Ugh.

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