Thursday, August 01, 2013

3K fartlek

I felt surprisingly recovered today. My legs were a little sore after yesterday's 10K, but pretty good compared to how they have been sometimes lately.

It was warm again. Yesterday it was 75F, today 74F (23-24C). Still, beats cold & rainy, and the sprinklers at the track were on and giving me a little respite shower now and then.

Briefly: warm-up 1600m in 9:34 with 2x100m strides on the last 400m. Felt good. Dynamic drills. Then I got started and I felt fast today. I pushed pretty hard aerobically because my legs felt like they were responding for once. 1K fast: 2:41.4, 2:45.5, 500m medium 2:59.8, 500m fast 2:44.5, 500m medium 3:02.6, 500m fast 2:43.9 (I sprinted that last 100m in about 30 seconds flat!). Average HR a pretty high 163, max 175. Good hard workout.

Then I went to the gym and cooled down with 20 min elliptical.

Garmin data here. 

EDITED to add: Total time was 16:57. Oops...sorry coach...forgot to put it on here.

Tomorrow: hiking! We are doing Pfeifferhorn! 

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