Saturday, August 17, 2013


I felt OK this morning. Not great, not awful, but OK.

I met Stevie at the Jordan River Trail for 12K. We kept the pace nice & slow on purpose, and also because Stevie isn't quite as fast as I am (yet). I figured that a slower 12K was better than no 12K, and besides, if I started out fast I was pretty sure I wouldn't finish. My legs are definitely not 100% yet. Though I have improved since June when 5K almost killed me a couple times, I'm not ready for a hard 12K for sure. I noticed my legs tiring by about 4K, and by 10K they were definitely more tired. But the nice slow pace helped, and I didn't feel dead when I finished.

In fact, after getting home, I made French toast for the kids, ate a little breakfast (oatmeal), and then went briefly to work with Calvin in tow. I had enough energy left to take him to the free wellness fair at the U, walking around for a couple hours. We had a great time, and he particularly enjoyed the magic show, the balloon animals, the giant inflatable colon (really! complete with cancers & polyps!), and the free hot dogs, fruit, and creamies. I think I might take a nap, though, now that I'm home.

Anyway, I am sure I could have gone faster today if I'd been alone - Stevie struggled to keep up, and I slowed my pace a little for him. I think I might have done 6:20/km alone (guess), but together we did 6:36/km on average for 1:19:08 total and my ave HR was just 141. Stevie was doing better early, but got leg cramps and it was rough going the last 5km for him.

I'm pleased because I haven't gone 12K in a while and I'm feeling all right. Stevie was thrilled because he'd never gone farther than 10K before. We are planning to do it again next Saturday.

Garmin data here.

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