Friday, August 09, 2013

cross-training, 3K fartlek

Yesterday: Too tired to think about racewalking. My legs were just not going to go there. So I did an hour on the elliptical instead. Why that is easier than RW is beyond me, but it is. I enjoyed reading and catching up on Runner's World magazine.


Today: 3K fartlek. My legs felt a lot better today. I warmed up in 9:38 for 1600m with strides, did my dynamic flexibility drills, and got started. The weather was lovely - felt nice and cool - about 67F (19C) and clear and dry. The fartlek went about like last week; I didn't feel as strong as I did last week, but my legs carried me through pretty well and they've felt reasonable the rest of the day so far. I did 2:46.0, 2:49.4 (fast 1km - 500m splits), 2:58.1 (medium), 2:43.5 (fast), 2:59.0 (medium), and 2:43.5 (fast) for a total of 16:59.4. Average HR was 157 and max 169.

Garmin data here.


Afterwards I cooled down at the gym with 15 min elliptical, and I also rode my bike to work for a little extra cardio (22 min, all uphill).

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