Saturday, August 10, 2013


This morning I had a treat - more company for my 10K! Steve, age 14 but already an accomplished racewalker (has won his age group at Junior Olympics several times), joined me. He and his family recently moved to Utah from Texas. His PRs are quite similar to mine, so I figured he'd be a good workout partner. His dad drove him to meet me for a walk on the Jordan River Parkway followed by breakfast.

My legs were a little tired today, but not too bad considering I did a short track workout yesterday. They felt much better than during my workout on Wednesday, which was a relief. I started off pretty easy, not wanting to push it at all. Steve started to get a bit tired around 4km, so at 4.5km I left him for 6 minutes, doing the last 0.5km out and back by myself and picking him up for the 4.5km back to where we started. I promised him I wouldn't tell his dad that the "old lady" beat him, and I didn't (I'm assuming his dad does not yet read my blog!). I did go a little bit slower because he was with me; I figure my total time would have been about a minute faster if I'd been walking alone, though that's hard to guess accurately. I do know I could have gone faster without pushing too much.

Total time: 1:03:52 for 6:23/km with ave HR 137. The two 500s I did alone were 2:56 and 2:57, so like I said, I'm sure I could have gone faster. But this was fast enough to accomplish its purpose.

Garmin data here.

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