Friday, August 16, 2013

getting better?

I cross-trained today, taking it a bit easy with 30 min on the elliptical because I plan to try 12K tomorrow, which is the longest I've gone in quite a while. I wanted to be cautious.


I got my B12 results back. 1964! That combined with my substantial improvement on the neuropathy has my doctor feeling like 1) it really was B12 causing the problems, and 2) I am on the path to being 100% again. I definitely do not need a B12 shot, with levels that high. That's the good news - I am improving, and B12 was the problem. The bad news is that it still might take a while for me to feel like my old self. No one really knows how long it will be, but as long as there is improvement and signs that the improvement will continue, I guess I am OK with that. It will be a bit easier being patient if I know that things are on the right track. I'm to continue taking oral B12 at 1000 mcg/day.

In other health news, racewalking and eating well (most of the time!) has its rewards. My cholesterol is "very, very good" according to my doctor, with HDL 62 (that's nice and high - high enough to be a negative risk factor for heart disease) and LDL 83 (less than 100 is desirable). My triglycerides are also very good at 85.


So, projecting ahead 6 weeks, it looks like I should be feeling a lot better. I decided to take a bit of a gamble and buy plane tickets for the national 5K in Kingsport, TN on October 5th. Steve, the 14-year-old racewalker who joined me for my workout last Saturday, is going to come with me. That saves his dad having to come along and pay for yet another plane ticket. It's not cheap to fly into Kingsport, as it's a little bitty airport, so that is significant savings for them. Another good reason for me to do the race!

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