Saturday, August 24, 2013


Yesterday: cross-training - 40 min elliptical plus ~23 min ride to work. The bike ride might have been a mistake. Haven't ridden my bike in a bit and I think it made my legs a bit tired? Felt OK at the time but my RW today suffered from something.


Today: 12K on Jordan River Trail with Stevie and Kathy from Wasatch Walkers. It was rough - I won't lie. By 3K I was wondering if I'd finish because my right shin and right glutes were bothering me. Oddly, they never got worse and if anything they improved as I went. I did focus a lot on technique so maybe that was it? Or maybe I just needed to relax and settle in a bit? Still, I felt tired, though it never got really horrible. It was never a death march, but I was definitely slow. Slow or not, I finished. Interestingly, it was faster than last Saturday, but that was only because I walked slower for Stevie last Saturday. Today if anything he walked slower for me. Hopefully we will both be faster next week.

I'm not a patient person. This is getting old. My glutes are quite sore now, about 12 hrs later. Ridiculous! 12K is a nothing, a short walk, a lark...normally. But not now. At least I have hope that eventually this will get better.

Only 6 weeks until 5K national masters race in Tennessee. I am still hoping to feel better before then. Maybe I'm delusional?

Garmin data here. 1:18:46 for 12km for 6:34/km with ave HR 144.

Got some video too on my iPhone, of both me and Stevie, but have to figure out how to get it from phone to my computer 1st. It's a new phone so I haven't taken the time to figure stuff like that out just yet. Can't be too hard. Anyway, the video looks pretty decent. I'm slow but form seems all right.

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