Wednesday, August 14, 2013

cross-training, 3K fartlek

I stayed up too late on Monday night because I thoroughly enjoyed coffee with Sarah and chatted with her until almost 9:30. Oops. I'm glad I did, but I did pay for it a bit. Tuesday I intended to do my 3K fartlek, but I was simply too tired. I did manage to drag my sorry self to the gym for 30 min of elliptical before work, so at least I did something.

Today I knew I had to do the fartlek. On the 1600m warm-up with strides I noticed that my legs were definitely not 100%. They felt maybe like 80% recovered. Sigh. So frustrating. I did the fartlek anyway, but my legs died around 2km and despite working very hard, breathing very hard, and having my HR nice and high (upper 160s), I was slow on the last km. I felt pretty terrible.

Total time: an embarrassing 17:20 with ave HR 163. Garmin data here.

I had to sit a bunch at work this morning (at the computer designing subcloning strategies all morning) and that definitely did NOT help. My legs are sore and unhappy. Pathetic. I'm very glad I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.

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Harriet said...

I am glad that you are going to the doctor. I wish you success.

And my feelings aren't TOO hurt that your "slow" 3K fartlek is still 43 seconds faster than my judged 3K PR. :-)

Yes, I know that is slow for you and that you train very hard and deserve success.