Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3K fartlek

I felt fairly well-recovered from my 10K yesterday. My legs were a little sore, but not bad, and I didn't feel horribly tired. So I decided to try the 3K fartlek. I did struggle, and though subjectively it didn't feel as bad as last week, I was actually slower. I'm not too troubled by that, as I just did 10K yesterday, and last week I was coming off of a rest day instead.

What does bother me a bit is my right glutes/piriformis. They started to bug me a little on yesterday's 10K and it continued to be irritated a bit today. It's not painful outright, just perhaps somewhat inflamed. I have to watch my technique more closely (drat...thought I had been!). This sport is challenging, but that is part of why I like it.

The weather was warm, as it has been all week - mid 70s. There was a slight cooling breeze, which helped.

Splits: 2:45.4, 2:45.1, 3:01.2 (med), 2:48.0, 3:09.1 (med), 2:55.3.

Total: 17:24 for the 3K fartlek with average HR 161 and max 170 at the very end (shameful that a 170 HR only netted me a 2:55 - oh well...it's just data...I'm going to get better).

Garmin data here.

State of mind: encouraged that I am feeling a little better, but this is still very difficult. It's hard to come back. It's hard to eat right. My weight is up, still - can't quite exercise enough, and when you add in eating due to tiredness (no excuse, just explaining what is happening) it's not good. I am struggling to make this all work somehow.

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