Tuesday, September 03, 2013

this week so far

Sunday - rest day


Monday - intended to do 8K; ended up doing 5K and then a bit later 1.5K. I was going to do 3K and then 5K with Adriana, but when I started the 3K my legs just felt icky, and I knew it was going to be bad. I decided shorter was better and just quit and waited for Adriana to come, and we did 5K together, in 33:12 (she is just learning so that was plenty fast for her...and honestly, I liked going a bit slower and didn't have enough legs to go much faster anyway). At the start of the 5K my right hamstring (or whatever it was that bothered me on Saturday) felt pretty sensitive, and I was worried, but turns out it loosened up and felt fine. Whew. When we stopped I thought I could have gone farther as long as I went slowly.

After that, Julia, a new racewalker, met us at the park to learn. I taught her the basics and did some video technique work with her and with Adriana. We had a great time, and I walked 1.5km with Julia, bringing my total to 6.5km.


Tuesday - went to the track, planning on a 3K fartlek. I did 1km of warm-up in 6:36 and my legs were not feeling it at all. Just sore and tired, and I knew I'd be wasting my time to try the fartlek, so I gave up and went to the gym, where I did 34 min on the elliptical. Then I drove home and got ready for work, and rode my bike to work. Not sure the latter was smart, but I am feeling OK now. 


I called my sports medicine doctor and made an appointment this morning. The receptionist asked what I wanted to see the doctor for. I told her fatigue and muscle soreness/weakness from racewalking. She asked which body part, and I told her that I was generally tired and it involved all my muscles. She said I was not allowed to see the doctor for more than one body part at a time. I was floored and irritated. I said that I was a competitive racewalker and that it was the exertion from my sport that was giving me the problem, and that since the doctor is a sports medicine doctor, she should be willing to see me for this! Finally she put me on hold to ask someone about it. No one could tell her anything, so she made the appt for me anyway and told me she'd call back to cancel if it wasn't OK. It's 3:30 pm and I haven't heard anything so I figure it's OK. The good news, after all that aggravation, is that the doctor has a 3:15 pm appt tomorrow! I'm not sure that there will be anything she can do that my family doc has not, but a second opinion can't hurt.

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Harriet said...

Interesting. My guess is that they are used to seeing "pulled hamstring", "strained achilles", etc.