Saturday, October 01, 2011

Feeling good again

I had a great walk this morning. I felt really good, and kept cranking out nice fast 500s along the way. I think I'm recovering well from the marathon. The chafing under my right arm is finally healing up as well. I am still enjoying the recovery walks, but think I'll be ready this week or next (whenever the coach decides) for some hard workouts again.

I decided to do 2 laps of Liberty Park today, plus the out-and-back from home. The weather is still picture-perfect; it was in the mid-50s this morning (probably 13C?) and calm and beautiful. Fall here has to be one of the nicest seasons, for sure, and this fall has been particularly spectacular for walking (except for the rain and hail during the marathon!). Loving it!

Today's totals: 8.5K in 52:34 for 6:11/km with ave HR of something less than 150. I say that because my heart rate monitor (HRM) is spiking again at the start of workouts, probably because I'm not getting it moist enough. In any case, it said the average was 150, but in reality I'd guess mid-140s.

Garmin connect data here.

Now for some serious housework - the fall decluttering, cleaning, and fix-it weekend continues.

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