Tuesday, October 04, 2011

11.26K (7 miles) on treadmill...wheeeee!

I decided yesterday that I'd do 12K today. I woke up today to rain. Icky rain. Pouring rain. I'm ashamed to say that I wimped out and went to the gym and got on the treadmill. I figured since it's still a "rest" week that I don't HAVE to brave the elements if I am not in the mood, so I didn't.

I still hate the treadmill. I had to drive to and from the gym so then I was short on time (hence the 11.26K not 12K). By the time I finished it was merely drizzling and I was thinking I really should have gone outside, rain or no rain. It's warm in the gym (probably just 70F, 21C), so I was sweating profusely. The treadmill bores me to tears, so I did have some TV shows on my iPod, which helped. However, it was still not really that great.

The treadmill is in miles, of course. I know 12K is about 7.4 miles but like I said, I couldn't quite get there time-wise after driving to the gym because I had to take the kids to school. Anyway, converting it all to km, I did the 11.26km in 1:10:30 for 6:16/km with ave HR of 144. Seems about the same as I'd probably do outside. Outside would have been nicer I think...maybe...

Oh well, it's done.

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