Friday, October 07, 2011

cross-training; 10K

Yesterday I cross-trained with 30 min on the elliptical. I would have done more, but it was a tight squeeze fitting everything in; we had parent-teacher conferences in the afternoon so I had to leave work early. Hence, I had to get to work early and that left me less time to work out. Oh well! The kids did have fun at school yesterday, though - it was crazy hair day:


Today I decided to do 10K before meeting Lisa at the gym for some core exercises. The weather was lousy yesterday (it snowed! did not stick, but it snowed), but it was much better today. It was about 40F (4C) and calm, so for the first time this season I wore gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. I got too hot, so ended up taking off the gloves and rolling up the shirt sleeves, but then I was fine. Better to have them than not to! I felt great today. Seriously great! The first 5K (contains slight downhill) was in 30:50 or so, and the 2nd 5K (slight uphill) was about 31:18 for a total of 1:02:08. Ave HR was 144 (though the HRM was spiking again so it's perhaps a couple beats lower).

Tomorrow our walking club has a 5K race. My coach said earlier in the week that he might let me do 20K on I think I'm going to do that (early) and then I have volunteered to time the race for the club. Someone has to do that, and they'll all appreciate it if I do. I'd rather do the 20K at this point than a 5K race - more in line w/my goals for the next few months (building to a 50K).

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