Thursday, October 20, 2011

10K fartlek PR

It remains seasonably nice here. The days are beautiful, with highs around 65-70 (about 18-20C), and the fall colors are in full display. It was 43F (6C) this morning when I went to the track, and of course it was still pitch black out. But it was calm and really pretty nice. I wore gloves, tights, and a long-sleeved shirt, but ditched the gloves at about 6 or 7k into the fartlek.

I warmed up with 1600m in 9:53, with a few strides, followed by some dynamic stretching. I felt a bit sluggish on the warm-up, and that continued through the workout. My muscles are a bit sore from yesterday's rowing/weights/etc. but I'm not sure that's why I didn't feel 100%. Regardless, I never felt strong like I did last week, but I felt good enough to get it done and set a new PR. My legs felt quite tired even at 5K, and it was a hard effort to keep the pace, but I (mostly) succeeded. All my fast 500m intervals were 2:48-2:52, and my medium 500m intervals were 2:59-3:05 with one 3:07 (the last one). I screwed up my watch during the 6th km - forgot to push lap on time for my fast interval, and then pushed STOP when I realized my mistake and somehow didn't start it again until about 300ish meters had passed. Oops. My splits read 3:18 and 1:04 for that, but assuming they were actually more like 3:05 and 2:52, then my total for the 10K fartlek was 58:46. I'm happy with that, though I know on a day when I felt a bit stronger I could go faster. Gives me something to shoot for next week, I guess!

Splits: 5:33 (1K), 2:59, 2:49, 3:02, 2:50, 3:03, 2:52, 3:04, 2:52, 3:18 (probably 3:04 or 3:05?), 1:04 (probably 2:52?), 3:04, 2:51, 3:04, 2:52, 3:05, 2:52, 3:07, 2:50.

Other notes: The Army ROTC guys showed up at the track when I was halfway through my workout; however, they did some calisthenics and then played ultimate frisbee on the field, so they weren't in my way at all. Also, my heart rate monitor is still pretty much useless, but the good news is that Garmin is sending me a brand-new one! Yay! Good customer service this time. Finally, after I cleaned up and ate breakfast, I biked uphill to work. My legs were pretty much done when I got here! I'm feeling in need of a nap now, but I have to keep working for a bit longer.

Garmin connect data here.

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