Monday, October 10, 2011


In brief...

Weather: 44F (6C) and calm and clear. Pretty nice out. I wore shorts but my legs got a little chilly; should have worn capris. Long-sleeved top and gloves worked out well, though.

The walk: I felt really good, and had no GI problems. I'm really trying to keep better track of what I eat exactly so that I can figure out the culprit(s). My heart rate monitor was going a bit crazy again, though it did work for a good portion of the walk. I did the 12K in 1:15:07 for 6:15/km, and I'm guessing my ave HR was in the low 140s. I forgot to bring my cable to download the watch data, though.

Post-walk: Took the kids to school, showered, ate, and took the car into the shop (oil change, front brakes). Then biked up the hill to's even steeper from the shop on 800E and 200S than from my house. Now my glutes are sore!

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