Monday, February 01, 2016

40 min on treadmill

It was snowy outside and too slippery to RW; because I'm just trying to regain my fitness and am a bit paranoid about the turns on the indoor track, I did the treadmill.

I did 3.65 miles (5.87 km) in 40:08, all the time I had this morning (woke up late). I started off very slow, at 5mph (7:27/km) for a few min to warm up, then increased to 5.3mph (7:02/km), which still felt easy. So after a few minutes I increased to 5.5mph (6:47/km) and that was quite comfortable for an easy pace. Geez. I've lost so much fitness...but, well, that's life and I have to go from here. After I'd been on the treadmill for about 30 min, I tried 5.7mph (6:33/km) and that was moderately hard, pushing my heart rate to about 155, so I backed off and finished the workout at 6:47/km.

I did get off twice to massage on the small, firm ball that I have for that purpose, but didn't feel like I really *had* to do it; the pain was minimal, at 0-1/10. Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow it'll be a bit better and I can go outside, though it is supposed to be very, very cold. It might be too icy after the snow today. Maybe I might just try the track at the gym, now that my injury is feeling better.

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