Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Met Kelly at the JRP for 6km of racewalking. Meant to do 8km, but my legs got really tired and I didn't want to risk pushing distance at all and losing form with my hamstring problem. That is SO lame. I just really suck right now :(.

It was foggy/hazy/polluted (ick!) and -2.2C (28F) but not too uncomfortable. And my hamstring was OK too; it was 0-1 on the pain scale (out of 10) but pushing 2 at some spots, and then it got better after 3-4km. It was essentially fine, but I'm so deconditioned now and quite discouraged. Well, I will just not think about it too much and keep going.

Time was slowish; 6:39/km for 39:58 for the 6km. HR averaged 147. High for how slow I was :(.

Garmin data here. 

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