Friday, February 19, 2016

8K? nope 7K

I basically ran out of time today; that, and pain a bit more than I've been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, and I decided to call it quits at 7km.

I procrastinated getting out of my warm bed. It is back to seasonal February temps in the morning (though right now it's nice and warm at 50F = 10C), and this morning it was 1.1C (34F) which isn't that cold, but it felt chilly because there was a little wind. My iPhone listed the wind chill at 21F.

Anyway, because I got up later than I should have, by the time I got to 4.5K it was a bit later than I wanted, so I turned around and called it at 7K instead of 8K. That wasn't the only reason though - yesterday at PT (which I'll discuss in a minute) I had a little pain while on the treadmill, and I also walked around a lot during the day - including in snowy slippery slush - and I think I aggravated things a bit.

In addition to all that, my Garmin couldn't find the satellites for about 1km of my walk. I stopped and waited for it for a few minutes (that I didn't have) and finally gave up, figuring I roughly know where 8km is anyway. Argh!

Total time was approximately 46:50 for approximately 7km for approximately 6:41/km. Whatever. Close enough.

Garmin data here. 


Yesterday: I had my first PT appointment at the run clinic. As usual, they were awesome. I say "as usual" because I saw this PT in 2013 when I had piriformis syndrome and he was really helpful. He actually moved away and then moved back here, and I didn't even know it! He's only been back for 2 weeks, so I was lucky to see him again.

I got on the treadmill for him and he recorded me with video and also used the analysis software on the treadmill, which records a ton of data about your gait. My anterior pelvic tilt is still there but he said it wasn't too bad. He still gave me some home exercises to do related to that. He's also concerned about 1) my stance width - my feet are too close together, though how close we aren't sure until he asks the treadmill people about how they calculate it, and 2) my cadence (too slow). So I have treadmill exercises for 1) with a mirror or video so that I can fix it with visual feedback, and am supposed to work on 2) with a metronome or my watch.

There's probably more I should mention, but I have a nasty cold (again! ugh!) and I'm tired and can't remember anything.


Oh, and on Wednesday afternoon I did yoga like I was supposed to :), but yesterday I didn't cross-train --- other than a LOT of walking. I take the bus to work, and then walked to my PT appt which was a good 20-min brisk walk in slushy snow, and then I walked back to the bus stop, which was another 10-15-min walk. I took a lot of steps, so I don't feel bad about sleeping late and not cross-training; my cold made me extra tired so I probably needed the rest.

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