Wednesday, February 17, 2016

10K with little pain :)

This morning I did 10K. With little pain :). And not just any 10K, but a HILLY 10K. I wasn't trying to challenge myself, but I did have to check in on a friend's house and bring in their newspaper and feed the cats, so I did a different route so I could swing by while I was out. It's a route I did a lot when I was healthier and fitter, so it was fun to go that way again.

I went slowly up the hills and kept my form well in check, and the result was that my pain was 1/10 at most. I brought Sugar with me (but not Powder, who drives me a bit crazy with her skittishness and vehicle paranoia), and took some fun pics in SugarHouse Park; note that the pond is still FROZEN solid. The weather was decent for February at 2.8C (37F), but I did wish I'd worn thicker tights. Still, I didn't get too cold, and enjoyed the warmer than usual weather.

It wasn't even dark when I finished :). Of course, I started a bit late.

Total time was 1:06:32 for 6:39/km with ave HR 145. With those hills, I'm pleased with the workout. The total elevation change (up) was 95m (311ft) so it wasn't trivial.

This afternoon I am going to do yoga, and tomorrow I will cross-train in the morning and then have PT in the afternoon. Still hoping to do 12km on Saturday; I felt good today on the 10km so I think that's very likely assuming nothing changes between now and then.

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