Sunday, January 31, 2016

feeling better; 6K

I'm feeling better mentally & physically. Mentally, because I'm working on the stuff I need to work on to get ready for Perth. Weight management, doctor visit, getting organized so others can help around the house, etc. Physically, because for whatever reason my pain in the butt is feeling better.

I did 6K today was icy. I'd have been slow anyway, but the ice slowed me down probably another 10-15 seconds/km. It wasn't icy everywhere but over maybe 10-20% of the route it was dicey. It was beautiful though, and I took a bunch of photos in Liberty Park and a few from our front porch when I got home. It snowed about an inch or two last night and it was just gorgeous on the trees. I'm not a fan of winter, but I'm trying to enjoy the parts that are nice, and it IS beautiful.

6K at 7:04/km with ave HR 137, pain in the butt only 0-1/10, some slight pain in left knee (3rd day of this; better today than Friday) on the medial side when extending the knee (it kind of "pops" a little and hurts, not all the time, but sometimes).

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