Friday, February 12, 2016


Wednesday afternoon: I did my "Yoga For Runners" DVD. It's awesome but challenging. It really works your postural muscles - back, abs, glutes - and left me sore in a good way (I'm still sore today). I plan to keep doing this on Wednesday and on the weekend. Twice a week to stay strong! I'll add in a Pilates video too, soon I hope.

Thursday: elliptical for 40 min.

Today: Thankful for the small things: I did 8K today with pain of only 1/10, and felt really solid about my posture. Things clicked really well today. I was slow, but at least I was focused even though I was outside (in the icky murky polluted air - we've had the worst air quality in the US the past few days - ughhh!). I felt a moment of peace about things while I was out there, when the technique was clicking well, and I thought "hey, everything is going to be OK". I don't know if this is true or not, obviously, but it made me feel better to think it, so I'm going with it. I still have the Perth 2016 poster up on my fridge at home and at my desk at work to keep me motivated. The hardest part right now is mental.

Both dogs came along and so there were a few distractions, but that was OK. They entertain me and I always get a lot of looks with two big white dogs in tow.

8K in 54:53 for 6:51/km. Yeah, that's slow, but it is what it is. I am not giving up even if feel lousy. Must. Keep. Going. Garmin data here. 

Tomorrow I'll walk again. Maybe I can make it 10K? Not worried about pace, just good posture, good form, and getting my hamstring better ASAP. I can tell it's better than it was a couple weeks ago because the sciatica is gone. No more confusing referred piriformis pain :). So, that's something. I'm choosing to think that is progress.

Weight Watchers is tomorrow. I have had a decent food week; not sure if the scale will move, but eventually it will if I keep on track. It will be good to attend the meeting anyway.

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