Monday, February 15, 2016


Today it was so warm and lovely out. Haha...for me anyway, after a cold winter (which isn't over; we just had a break in the weather). It was 41F (5C) and cloudy, but the inversion has been clearing out (YAY! Clean air!). I only had to wear one pair of tights (no long underwear!) and one long-sleeved shirt (no jacket!). I even took off my gloves at about 7km because I got so nice and warm.

My legs were sore from yoga (the good kind of sore) but I figured that was a good way to make sure I was using the right muscles. I wasn't fast but also wasn't deathly slow, and best of all, my pain was 0-1/10 for the whole time. It felt pretty good! I focused a lot on posture and using my glutes, enjoyed the scenery in Liberty Park, and had a good time.

Total time: 53:07 for 6:38/km for 8k with ave HR 149. I even did about 100m at a hard effort at the very end, with no problems.

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