Wednesday, February 24, 2016

cross-training; 10K

Yesterday: cross-training, coach's orders. I did 45 min elliptical.

Today: 10K. Not even 500m into the workout I tripped (over the dog? over my own feet?) and went down, hard. I put my hands down (duh! - but in my defense it happened SO fast) but thankfully was wearing gloves (which didn't even rip - yay!) and also hit my right kneecap pretty hard. I didn't rip my tights though :) and the only residual problem is a bruise, amazingly enough. I got up and shook it off and was able to do the whole 10K, no problem.

Calvin came with me for the first 8K, as he is training for the Canyonlands 5-miler in March. I'm doing the half marathon (easy pace), assuming that my hamstring is up for it. I think it will be. I hope it will be. We brought along both dogs, and they were super well-behaved. We did have to make a pit stop for Calvin in Liberty Park, and I nearly froze waiting for him to use the porta-potty. It wasn't unusually cold, but after you've been working out for 20 min your clothes are sweaty and stopping makes you more cold! It was -2.2C (28F) with a little breeze, and my face was very cold. After you've been out a while in that weather your face muscles get a little numb and you slur your words a bit at times. It's amusing :).

A bit past 5K we found a sandwich, purchased from a store and wrapped, right in the middle of the road. Bummer for the person who lost it! The dogs thought it was super interesting and Calvin tortured Sugar a bit with it, but then I made him throw it out in a nearby trash can. Our dogs tend to get overweight so we can't feed them that much people food.

Good news: other than my knee, nothing hurt too much. My hamstring was a lot better today, and pain was 0-1/10. Sometimes it hurt a little bit, and sometimes not at all. I worked hard on my technique and continue to do my PT exercises. I thought a lot about stance width, cadence, using my glutes, and keeping my posture upright using my abs. I think it helped.

Total time 1:06:27 for 6:39/km with average HR just 144.  Not fast, but I'll take it, with the pain levels better :).

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